​That awkward moment when you’re reading a sports article, scrolling down, and suddenly appears “10 movies where they really did IT!” With sponsorships and ads, one always expects these kind of stuff, but I always find it funny. Not that I’m tough to make laugh. Something as simple as “Awwwwwwww” makes me smile. This “Awwwwwwww” thing is fantastic though. So, fantastic that I’ve a joke. It’s getting old too soon, but I’ll crack it here. Hold your breath, here’s the joke:

Q.)What did the mad dog say to the man on street?

A.) Bhawwww bhawwww! 

Ain’t it an “awwwwww” inspiring joke? Letting the joke go, and being serious, I’d like to confess something. Something that I was reminded of just moments ago. Something I didn’t even have in my mind, when I started writing this post. Yes, this blog is so random. 

The confession: I met her for the last time today, or at least the second last time. The words will go unsaid. All those advises about expressing yourself, never living a life with “What IF’s,” go in vain. I have never been good with saying what I feel, and it’s unfortunate but that’s the way I am. This was probably the closest I got to what people call love, what’s even sad is that it was probably the only time I thought I would tell someone what I feel. But, life goes on, as they say. People will come and go, although I fear she’d never be replaced. The funny part is that I part with her, as unknown to her, as I was, when we met the first time even after being “friends” for so long.

This is getting a bit tough to write, so I wouldn’t describe anything, or even talk about it anymore. I wanted to confess it on the blog. To sum up, now she’s gone, gone forever. Unaware of “everything”. As this fool moves on with life.

I feel terribly sad know, even if this confession is a work of fiction. Somebody give me a tissue paper please. Have a good day friends. Waiting for your “Awwwww’s”. Thanks for reading! After this, if this is the last time you read my blog, I don’t blame you. The world is full of lies and sadistic humour. Love you all. Really. 

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VERY Personal #Confessions (T&C), this “I” in “Me”.

People love confessions, don’t they? Can’t blame anyone, ’cause nothing makes me more excited than a friend confessing that he got beaten by a mob. The reason being him behaving inadequately being drunk, or possibly a friend getting slapped by a girl in public is even more awesome, especially if he weren’t the culprate. Sadly, I have never had a friend come and tell me something like this, but I’m pretty optimistic on some people in my knowledge getting assaulted by a mob. Best wishes to ’em.

Recently, a friend of mine pretty excitedly let me know that he proposed a girl, and that doesn’t really is an interesting story, ’cause everyone of us knew of some boring stuff going on, she expectedly said ‘yes’. So, I will not let this sweet ‘true love’ story ruin my blog post.

[Side notes 1: Sorry mate!]

I have this bad habit of running away from the topic, just to make a blog post long. If you have read my posts, I will talk a hell lot about things that don’t really matter, ’cause all the stuff that do matter don’t need a lot of talking to. Anyways, I won’t do the ‘running away’ in this post. Wait!

[Side notes 2: As I have told you earlier, Duolingo is a great app, but I hate it now. Being this much busy, I still take precious time off to log into the app, and learn French, and these guys, just don’t want to increase my fluency from 3%. All of us should start a #RahulKnowsFrench trend. If Sir S Bradley Stoner is reading this, and would like to comment again in French. I was just kidding. All is well.]**

Confessions – As you would have known from the heading itself, this is a VERY personal blog post. A post where I give away a part of me. Things even my closest peeps don’t know about me. Without wasting anymore time, let’s get my heart lighter. One sec! I forgot to tell you people something.

[Side notes 3: I have published more than a dozen posts on this blog, and “Incredible People: Rahul Singh” is still by far the most popular post of mine. Thanks to all my readers who hit that post, and this blog. #IAmThankful to all you people. I know I couldn’t have had a more honest title, even if the word “incredible” falls short to describe me properly. Anyways, I’m working on my vocabulary, I will find a better word soon. And, a friend let me know, that I need to choose better pics for such posts. Maybe, I will update the picture on that post this winter after a good bath, some sleep, escaping the sun, weight gain, a smile and probably in my favourite suit (Do I have one? I have a few blazers, alright)].

Oh! Did I tell you guys, I won’t talk about anything else then confessions in this post? And I am talking ’bout everything else. This is why people can’t take me seriously. No more getting distracted from the topic. Confessions – I was a kid, and… Actually, another thing you should know first. Pardon me one last time.

[Side notes 4: The day this post has been written (not published) – Novak Djokovic lost in the first round of the Monte Carlo masters. Mark this date (Oh! What’s the date?). Things like Novak Djokovic loosing doesn’t happen everyday. [Confession: I haven’t followed Tennis with any sincerity since 2009, but I read tweets making this being noted as a really surprising event. I have watched him play at times on TV though, he’s great. His win-loss record speaks]. Anyways, for the Cricket followers – Martin Guptil finally has an #IPL contract with Mumbai Indians coming in as replacement for the injured Lendl Simmons. The #WWE fans.. Sh*t! This is a confessions post. Sighs. Sorry.]

So, once I was a kid, and then I grew up. As a kid, I played Cricket in streets, and being grown up – I still play Cricket in the streets. Then I were single. Now, I am single. Then, I didn’t care about the world, now I pretend not caring. Then, I found myself being the center of jokes. Now, I am the one whose jokes “offends” everyone. A decade ago, I still had dreams. It’s 2016, and dreams are still alive. A kid, I never said “I love you”, a grown up, I still find the 3 words difficult to use. Hey! I at least don’t lie.

I wanted to update my G+ profile in April, 2016. wanting to write: “Hey! I’m Rahul Singh. I made a lot of mistakes in the past, but I have updated myself this February. So, if you got complaints against me from before 2016. Please don’t waste my time. I have already learnt my lessons. However, complaints relating to February and henceforth are still welcome. Ah! I still use to 2G – if you want to know, why I avoid videos.”

Do let me know if these are a good few words to make a bio.

I said this thing is about confessions, but I think that this post’s long enough to make you irritated. See you in the next “therapy session“. Bye. No! 1 minute please – as usual I would be checking the stats again. So, please do share. Actually, don’t share – I don’t care about shares, but do read this post till the END. Are you reading this? If not – you know what I will say – You S*ck. But, you read it, didn’t you?

*- Meet Mr. S Bradley Stoner. He knows Engish, French, Latin, Spanish, and still working on German. A scientist too. And, he writes and blogs. One LIFE is enough.

**– My fluency in French has now rocketed to 6%. Editing the post was an option, but why edit fun written stuff!

***- Using exclamations is not considered cool by professional editors.

P.S. – Only this week the publisher for this post came to know that P.S. meant Post Scriptum.

P.S.S – I still don’t know what this stands for.

Writing tip: Don’t use so many Is. It makes your writing look flawed. However, I myself can’t stop using the Is. You should though.

Am I becoming egocentric? I have the feeling that I’m the center of ‘The Universe’. It sounds fun though. Time to take leave for now.


(Note: I promised a new image for this post, but my WordPress app is on hibernation. I have mailed the staff for the alarm. Let’s see when things work again. I can’t promise anything anymore.)

Thank you.

This post is now well above 1000 words. I made it. Yay! See you next time.