The Gurmehar Kaur Story! This nationalism debate.

​Note: The tweet embedded below is an example of how not to tweet on sensible topics.

I’d like to tell you that I am yet to see Gurmehar Kaur’s video and there’s a fair chance I wouldn’t see it in my life, I’ve not even seen Gautam Gambhir’s video in support of Freedom of Expression because that needs to be respected. I haven’t seen what ministers said on TV debates on the issue. My level of ignorance is so high I can’t even give the full forms of NSUI and AISA. I have almost stopped watching news for the last few months and I only watch a news channel when my dad takes the remote and I am present in front of the TV. But, I’ve been almost forced into following this story through Twitter and then I had to say something. [I intended to see Gurmehar’s video few minutes back but there’s a reason I haven’t and once you read this post. You’ll understand why.]

First things first: Do I have the right to speak on the issue? I can’t do an open heart surgery but I have gone to school long enough to not be called barely literate. Even if I weren’t that, it wouldn’t have made a difference, because we live in a democratic nation where everyone has the right to express what they feel is right irrespective of their educational qualifications.

What do I think about those ‘alleged’ rape threats on Gurmehar? There’s this thing. 99% of the times those people are irrelevant and barely enjoy abusing people through Social Media. If Gurmehar got those threats, I am sure Gurmehar isn’t the first person to face that sort of thing especially because it’s quite easy to get away with things when there’s no solid laws for the internet space. But, if that person is identified, he should be punished to set an example for every other abuser. 

What do I think about Celebs speaking out on these issues? I’d like to tell you that I loved Virender Sehwag’s tweet. It made me laugh. It wasn’t an attack, it wasn’t about threatening a girl, it wasn’t about ridiculing anyone! I don’t see it that way, I hope Gurmehar didn’t too because I think we live in a tense world and every attempt to non insulting humour should be applauded. Let’s be fair that wasn’t in any way an insult to Gurmehar and I feel there’s something wrong with our nation that he had to clarify things. AIB is okay, Kapil’s puns on various celebs is okay. So, why shouldn’t this be? The person is trying to bring laughter.

[Side notes: To protest against Trump allegedly creating problems for our IT industry, I’ll restart using the second “u” in humour.]

Of all other Celebs that I’ve seen speaking on the issues, everyone deemed to be on the extremes, and while I respect their opinions, I’d like to think many of ‘em should look at both sides of spectrum before commenting, many young ears listen to what they say.  But, I really love these “Stars” not shying away from issues; them speaking up does a lot to spread awareness.

Student Politics! Is it necessary?​ Do we need student unions at all? Why can’t gov have an organization that deals with student affairs from all centralized universities directly if that was the main objective of having these unions? The body can have an online presence where the students could raise their issues directly! Do we have a body like that? Ban all political activities from College campuses. From what I’ve seen in the last few years is that it’s a bane rather than a boon. I could be completely wrong here, but I would still ask is student politics necessary? I see the point of having active citizens and probably “leaders of tomorrow” but can’t we have any other way. I ask this question because of coming across a tweet from a very well respected journalist. 

I’d really like you readers to give me opinions on this by commenting below, but hey, I am not done!

Is Indian media doing a good job? From what I’ve learnt spending time on the Internet, Rajdeep Saredesai and Abhisar Sharma hate everything with “Modi” in it. Rumors (oh.. rumours) go that they don’t even like Aussie Tom Moody for obvious reasons. Arnab Goswami and Sudhir Chaudhary are the “nationalist” faces. Barkha Dutt and Rana Ayyub appears to be a great believer in the “Bad publicity is good publicity” theory. If you’ve spent time on the web, you already knew all of this. This is what the general thinking is! NDTV is referred to as pro ISI, ABP pro leftists, ZEE news – pro BJP and so on. Who is to be blamed? People? No, it’s the journalists and the channels themselves. It’s okay to be a nationalist. No love greater than that for your motherland. It’s okay to be a liberal; Freedom of Liberty is hands down THE most important fundamental of democracy! But, This tweet below by Rana Ayyub:

 You still wonder why I ask the questions I am asking? I have a blunt opinion on this, and no I don’t call most of them journalists anymore. There’s a familiar other term I call them – TROLLS!

Opinions on Gurmehar Kaur’s “after video went viral” battles: I admire her courage. Many of us can’t find that courage or just aren’t interested enough. Props to her for that. But, it ends here. 

I have complaints too. People supporting Gurmehar and Gurmehar herself has used the term “A Martyr’s daughter” on several occasions, and I object to that. You can’t be right just because your father or anyone in your family was. RT’ing tweets from specific people, meeting specific people as reported from few big media houses wouldn’t do her much support. I hope she didn’t use “I am a Martyr’s daughter and I…” rather than “I am Gurmehar Kaur and I stand against … so and so.” Again, all I think personally.

We Indians have to learn about it, our political parties need to know about it. Just because Rajiv Gandhi was great, I won’t vote for you anymore because dead men can’t change this nation. Just because Congress was corrupt you don’t have the licence to be too because we don’t live in the past anymore. I hate references or things to people from our past on any subject whether it’s criticising Nehru or Aurangzeb or anyone, reason being that they don’t affect our present anymore. History is essential to study the present, I agree, but it has NO more relevance of its own. Another startling thing to me is family references. A Don’s child is not necessarily a Don, but a martyr’s son/daughter is assumed to be a brave soldier by birth. One of the two statements needs to be false.

One can’t be paid enough for being a soldier, we will always be grateful for everyone who gives up their lives for us. It doesn’t even matter if the soldier dies in Kargil or in a Fidayeen attack, – a martyr is a martyr. However, nobody, not even his family has the right to use his martyrdom. I’ll consider it disrespectful to the soldier.

I don’t have a problem if Gurmehar Kaur joins a political party in future and gains success. I like people with ambitions. We’ve seen young, well built man riot for reservation in the past few years. We still live in a time when journalists and politicians live in 2002, 1984 and many such dates when commoners badly want to move on. We have seen leaders who want to send everyone to Pakistan. I hope for the best but I wouldn’t care less if she was to become the face of some political party. But, I also can’t disagree that she has made a difference to some extent. Made someone like me explore a topic I don’t necessarily like to. We may disagree on everything, but unlike a Kanhaiya Kumar or a Hardik Patel – She has my respect. She has handled the whole affair with class. Applaud her for that.  Time will tell what this “Gurmehar Kaur” would bring to the table. Bye.. no, wait!

Gurmehar Kaur has given us lots to talk of recently and is another example of how big Social Media is. It just takes the guts to go out of the norm and express something people want to react on, something people can’t stop themselves from getting you into their minds. This should be a lesson for all content creators on how to take up a hot topic and express your views creatively. You don’t know when you become the next “talk of the town”. Gurmehar wanted it or not, she’s the newest sensation, and here to stay for some length of time. Owns a verified Twitter account in the quickest possible time, and if she chooses too, keep your eye on your TV sets when a certain Gurmehar Kaur shows up in a news debate. This is a lesson for everyone looking for fame. Keep creating content.

Happy breathing. What do you think about this picture below? Bye! 🙂


India, Pakistan, Terrorism, War, and some Chinese talk (Opinion of an Indian Guy!)

I am myself wondering why I would write this blog post. I am in no way qualified to speak on a matter as serious as this, and I’m not going to offer any expertise anyways. No political Interest, no knowledge of foreign policies, and no knowledge of “war”. However, being on Social Media – I just couldn’t ignore the present India versus Pakistan dynamic.

India is a complicated place, as I have understood in my 22 years of life. We are united, and then we are divided. We are 1 nation, and somewhere, we are also 29 states and 7 Union Territories. We are 1.3 billion Indians, but then we also Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and everything else. It’s safe to say, that we have, or we find more reasons to have internal disputes than any other nation. But, thankfully we are a democracy, we appreciate diversity, and with all troubles, we are at all times, together. There are two things specific that unites every Indian in every stretch of imagination – Cricket and Pakistan.

In the last 10 years of myself watching news channels, I have not gone through a calendar year without a terrorist attack in India. Every time, all the investigations give results pretty much the same – just with different names. I’d be honest, I don’t really care about remembering those names either. I think I have heard it one million times at least – “The terrorists came from across the borders.”

The problem starts here. Pakistan won’t accept, and to be fair to them, it’s not something one wants to accept – being home to terrorists. But, then there are stories of I. S. I.  (Pakistan’s intelligence) organizing terrorist camps, and the Pakistani military grooming terrorists, and things are more complicated. I can’t still try to figure out: Why should a nation groom terrorists? It’s not that they don’t suffer. Terrorists kill more people in Pakistan than they can dream of in India, they won’t even spare kids. Pakistan’s economy is nuisance, and they risk being in a situation similar to that of “Syria” in the future.

I consider Pakistan a “Terrorist State”, and my problem is that we loose soldiers, and common people in attacks that are caused due to our neighbor being double faced to handling terror. Yeah, it’s pretty mind boggling that people find phrases called “good terrorism”. I understand Pakistan finds India a “soft state”, but haven’t we fought enough wars yet? Even with another war, we’ve a clear winner, but the problem is that there will be destruction on both sides. A nuclear war is the last thing the world needs to see, but it’s a thing I see Pakistani ministers talk a lot of on account of sending warnings to India on possibilities of war. I find it weird because even in that scenario, it’s easier to wipe off 180-200 million people than 1.3 billion people. That’s a gross fact to put forward, but it’s an unfortunate reality.

If you’re a neutral person reading this, I don’t know what you feel, but recently, very recently – I see genuine hate develop between the two nations. Pakistan has never been a “best friend”, but people have always had a soft side for them, easily demonstrated by some of the love their cricketers, singers, actors get here, but that’s diminishing, and in my opinion it’s Pakistan’s “terrorism” thoughts to be blamed.

I have memories of 1999 – when India fought Pakistan in Kargil – I was 5 then. I am 22 now, and not much has changed seemingly, when Indian media is going full blown on “war” mode. Every Indian on Social Media wants war with Pakistan. Going through Pakistan’s media reports on the web tells me that they sniff conspiracy against Pakistan, and things are stagnant on the issue.

How are things going to get better? Not many ideas. India and Pakistan are always going to have some issues – especially with the prospect of a war sometime, that “hate” factor wouldn’t disappear, but increase. Another problem with a war is that win or loose, everyone looses more than they gain. War is also not a solution as well, unless one of the two nations cease to exist, and if that happens, that’s a problem for everyone involved.

I’ve been an admirer of our epics, and the one thing that they teach is that war is the last option. I personally think that neither of the two nations have reached a stage where they have no other option than going into war.

What do we do now to change the Indo-Pak scenario without war?

Talk..!! Talk harsh. I don’t know if it’s possible , but get the Pakistan military involved too. From what I’ve understood Pakistani politics, the army chief has more say than Pakistan’s Prime Minister himself. Talk about POK, talk about Jammu and Kashmir too, because if terrorism from our neighbor hurts people anywhere, it’s our nationals in Kashmir. I know the idea of talking sounds cowardly, but I have got my reasons for diplomacy over war.

We have everything going right for us in terms of our economy. Our Prime Minister has spent the entire first half of his tenure trying to get more investments in India. While the western world has long time back seen its Internet boom, India still provides an ocean of opportunities in that regards. In short, if we go into a fight with Pakistan, we can’t win, because our growth will suffer regardless of what happens. 

Do I support the Surgical Strike? Hell yeah. Nothing has got me as excited in recent times than the news of Indian paratroopers killing Pakistani terrorists in Pakistan did. I’d love another one of those too, and our Commandos are good enough to do that. But, what thereafter? A 3rd strike? A 4th? Can we kill all the terrorists like that? Can we finish terrorism in Pakistan without Pakistan willing to do that? No, India has to talk.. India has to get Pakistan involved. I don’t know how the top tier works, but the Pak government, the Pak Army has to be convinced that they’re better served killing Pakistani terrorists than Indian soldiers. The former has no problems killing children at schools, the latter lives to secure an ocean of people. I have no problems saying that I personally find the United Nations “laughable” as a “democratic” world organization, and neither China, nor U. S. A. can do much in solving Indo-Pak problems, they’ve their own issues. It’s got to be solved between us, and for that both nations have to talk, and in a way they haven’t done in the last 69 years.

Should all bilateral businesses be brought to a halt till then? Should Pakistani actors not be allowed in India? Should India and Pakistan not play Cricket against each other? It’s pretty simple, when I’d fight with someone at school, we don’t know each other until the tension cease to exist. How will the tension cease to exist? We’ll have to talk our way out. 

The biggest problem with war is that missiles won’t care if there are little children – negligent of all the hate stuff, dreaming in their own worlds playing – where It’s going to go off. Indian, Pakistani or from anywhere, do those Godly creatures deserve to die? We would be fighting a war against “enemies”, but what if withIn the enemy camp exists a creature that wants peace?

There is little chance that any Pakistani will ever read this, honestly 3-4 people will read this completely (1 of ’em being myself), but if you’re from Pakistan, and you read this. Do ask yourself a question – In the most ideal circumstances for you, you beat us in war without one loss, none of us Indians exist, Kashmir is yours. What then? Would terrorism let you grow? Are your policies formidable enough to help you move forward? The answer is a resounding NO. It’s one thing adding up a nuclear weapon one after another, it’s another thing being a superpower. More importantly, will Pakistan be a “happy nation” thereafter? The answer again seems negative. Why does Pakistan need more land? Pakistan can’t really capitalize on the land it has, and fair enough to say that it has a large area for a land of 180 million or so. In fact, so much that it has “donated” land to China for something unknown to me. Dragons are naughty, aren’t they?

Coming to China. It’s reasonable that they support Pakistan in international forums like they do, even if it’s using the VITO to help a terrorist. Really, if I were China I’d be like: 

Pakistan: Hey mate, this is our dude, he’s a good guy. Stop him from being banned in the U. N. 

Me (as China): Dude, that guy is a terrorist!

Pakistan: But, we give you our land.. remember!

Me (as China): OMG! How did I forget? Silly me.. Almost done, babe.

It’s normal that many Indians hate China in this situation. Many have now made it a point to stop using Chinese products. But can we avoid everything Chinese? Impossible! At least for now. We can’t tell everyone to throw their China made phones, etc. It’s not practical. My own Micromax, an Indian company I’m writing this on, was made with Chinese parts in China earlier. I won’t throw this phone. iPhones are too expensive.

 The solution here is “Make in India”. I think every consumer has the right to buy the best product in the market, and Indian youth should take this a challenge to provide Indians with products that are a better alternative to Chinese products. It will take time, but this is the way we can solve problems. The best way to solve our current problems is to become the nation we are destined to become. India is a big nation, and India has to act as a world leader. I want to live in an India that is “terror-proof”. I want to continue being proud of the fact that India never “starts a fight”, and I want to continue living in an India, that continues building hospitals, dams, schools in countries such as Afghanistan. In our nation, we have many battles ahead – as our honourable Prime Minister has sometimes said before too – we have poverty to fight; We still have prejudices and stereotypes to fight too; We are into a stage where India grows everyday, where our nation fights the problems everyday, where people come up with solutions, until that proverbial “last person” lives a good life. It’s difficult, but possibile.

I hate to see our Soldiers die, but I am very sure that even if the most disastrous war happens, doesn’t matter if we aren’t exactly 1.3 people alive, there shall continue to exist a Hindustan, but I am one of those that wants to see on the world map – A Pakistan too, hopefully a Pakistan without the Hafeez Saeed, and many more hypocritic people who can somehow manipulate young minds to fight against people who aren’t too different. It has been said time and again that there are more happier Muslims in India than the total population of Pakistan, but “that dude” wouldn’t get it of course. 

Signing off. Do let me know your own views in the comments section. Eagerly Waiting. And yeah… whatever I said here.. keep it between us.

Social Media Struggles: FIGHTS.

A Fun Fact: I asked people through various mediums if I should share this post. The answer I got from a good percentage was “NO”. Now, the question arises if that’s because you are all tired of the nuisance talked here or you’re afraid of this post ruining your mood, and I loosing followers. As for the former, I don’t blame you. For the latter, however, a gentleman blogging for over 10 years had a good advice for me, and he said, “People don’t get offended, they choose to get offended.” True? I bet you. So, I’m hoping you’ll take the lightheartedness of this post. Now, the post.

The last few weeks have been interesting, not because of #Brexit or Messi’s retirement. I’m not even talking about WWE suspending one of it’s “faces” Roman Reigns for Wellness policy violations. I am no more going to talk about my friend as well. The friend who’s going to marry next year, but has certain obstacles, and if they aren’t removed, he might have an “ex” come 2018. Anyways, my friend doesn’t like me having fun at “their” cost, and wants me to discontinue with “marriages” being mentioned in my blog posts.

A good friend as I am, the word “marriage” is banned on this blog from this post itself. Actually not this, but from the next post onwards.

The weeks have been interesting not because something’s happened. In fact, nothing has been achieved during the period, but great thoughts. This post is to share one of them with all my readers, or teenage readers specifically.

I have noted on social media, a new way to fight, and then patch up with “friends”. All of us must have come across many duos on Social media who are “BFF” on Monday, and are both happy to get “b*tchy”, “sh*tty”, “hypocritic” double faced people out of their lives on Tuesday. For the icing on the cake, they are back together on Wednesday, and describe it as “the happiest” event of their lives.

Really? No apologies shared. No post showing the gradual slow transformation of the heart, no real signs even to show that you’re missing them. Just the Jet propelled transformation of the friend from “SOULmate to CRAP to GAWD”. This ain’t how good stories work, player.

Well, I know some of you might object to that because you know the apologies, etc do take place privately. Now a question: Shouldn’t your issues be a private thing as well? What are private messages for? Unless, you need it to get attention, or really have the desire to insult friends in public of course. Once you insult, no matter how many shout outs you give them stating that they’re BAE, and bring sunshine, and you will kill everyone who doesn’t follow. How are your followers supposed to forget the comments made earlier? Don’t they have good enough reasons to mute/ignore you?

What one writes on “their space” doesn’t represent anyone else but THEM.

This is getting harsh, but here’s a tip, if you ever come across such a situation with an internet friend, learn to ignore, for when you’re friends again, you’ll have less to regret. “Being friends again” is not a taunt, but I find it a plus, because it’s too short a life to hold grudges. However, “friends should be good and less,” always say the wise (wo)men.

I have seen enough edits saying, “When YOU and I have problems, it needs to remain between YOU and ME. No one else.” Need I say more?

The first thing my blogging mentors taught me was, “when you don’t have something nice to say, say something nice anyways.” I hate how I’m breaking the rules, but the same people don’t want me to hide my opinions within.

This post ain’t meant to offend anyone, just something I’ve noticed on G+ a lot. Quite honestly, a part of me enjoys such stuff, only if the two sides are extravagantly smart. A recent Twitter fight by two clearly witty people in my circles in fact brought out two of the best one liners. This war wasn’t brutal, but rather childish, but I liked the two lines quoted below:

My heels are higher than your standards.


My phone’s battery lasts longer than your relationships.

And, I was surfing across the web, and I came across this..

You’re so full of sh*t, you can pass for toilet.

[Side notes: Both of you whom I have anonymously quoted. I’m sorry. But, this is how it can pan out when you have a writer in your circles.]

For bonuses, please people stop doing posts with “I’m disgusting, selfish, retarded” and all that stuff written, because at some point people start taking you seriously. If that’s not enough a problem, sooner or later, your subconscious self starts taking it seriously as well, and that’s where real problems begin.

There could be better ways to talk about this topic, but as you already know “honesty is the best policy”. The last time I had advises for teens, I was attempted to be trolled by one, the post shared by half a dozen, but… I’m not an easy person to troll. Anyways, I appreciate those attempts if a link to the blog or a link to any of my S.M. accounts goes along with those posts, if anyone wants to try.

Thanks for reading, and your opinions are heartily welcomed, as I’m completely aware that I am a human, and can be wrong.



This is neither my first post, nor I’m actually welcoming you to this space. If you know me from your social media circles (which has a fair chance, nobody else appears here), you might think that I’m trying to be funny. Honestly, I’m not.

Why would I want you guys to read this? It’s a free blog on WordPress. A platform which does an awesome job of making blogging easier than buying a good pair of shoes. Although, like any other business – the primary objective is to earn money. (I know they will say differently – and most probably “consumer satisfaction” is the anonymous reply as far as businesses are concerned).

Lets not deviate from the topic too much – I was stating that makes blogging easy, but it limits its usage too. There is a restriction on space, earning and everything. This free version of WordPress has just been made to let people express, and nothing more. Then, there’s the is the best blogging platform which allows blogging with utmost professionalism, but then it needs more time and effort than any other blogging platform. Although, the platform is a heaven for those who choose to be “serious” bloggers.

Which brings me to Blogger – what more can anyone say? The once “next big thing” hasn’t evolved like it was expected too. And, it’s more like “some of this – some of that” phenomenon now. Although, it’s still popular as it still integrates well with Google, and is easier managed than a blog, allowing less (much less) limitations than a blog. It will continue to be used, until Google thinks it’s time. You never know with Google. Remember Google reader, and all the mess happening (or not happening) with Google+. We will and should continue with #FixThePlus but it’s not profitable for ’em. So, we will have to accept, whatever is served to us.

Tumblr, SquareSpace, Medium and more than 24 blogging platforms exist as well. Then vlogging is another option too. All having its limitations, all its uncertainties. Now, if you are a blogger reading this. Guys – EVOLVE is the word for you. The internet boom came, it shook the world, but it’s after a decade and a half – matters are really about to shake wild.

If you’re looking to earn from blogging. Keep an eye on ad-blockers, it’s a game changer, but then we all know how difficult earning from AdSense is. The next thing is affiliate marketing, and if you aren’t into its details, you should be.

If you’re a writer, you shouldn’t be worrying about all this, but I hate how much ignorant writers are about the alternative mediums about promoting their books. Create PPT presentation peeps, share to SlideShare, create quizzes for GoToQuiz, and really think out of the box. As good as G+, Twitter and Facebook are, they’re not the only thing you should be checking out in the mornings.

Now, if you are just another cool peep as me – #Chillax. Have fun looking at all of our fellow humans struggle their ways to make their dream space on the Web. But, we also have our problems, don’t we? Anyways, I will have fun looking at the stats for this post, and really people hitting my site does make me HAPPY. I know I said otherwise at the start, I even used “honestly” but you should always believe the “latest” word, shouldn’t you? That’s what all of us do with politicians.

If I being a novice myself have to give an advice on Social Media – It will be that don’t get STUCK to one platform. Explore your opportunities, and I’m pretty confident with what I’m saying.

Side notes: I’m 3% fluent in French now. I love WordPress even more. If you didn’t read up until here, you s*ck. But, then you did, right?

Side notes (2): I call myself a blogger, and a writer too. I hope no one has an objection. I’m in the middle of writing a book (not exactly middle, but still #AmWriting), and I still post on this blog, at least once a month. So you see, just wish me luck. See you in the next post. If you haven’t had enough already.

Bonjour! (Good day in French)😎


[Now those who know that I have used this image before, or wondering if the picture goes well with the theme of the post. Well, please don’t think too much. I was finding a tough time uploading an image to my WordPress app. So, i took a shortcut, and used an earlier one. I’m too smart. Okay. A fresh image next time is guaranteed. Thanks for your time. It’s really appreciated, and you don’t know the happiness you provide me by reading this :’). Bye.]

7 Things That Got Me Mad In 2015

“I might do a #ThingsThatGotMeMad in 2015 myself.” – I thought of this when I saw a post on Google+ by a friend. So, I here I am. I don’t like wasting time, let’s just start by looking at stuff that pisses me off.

Disclaimer: This post could be felt offensive if you are mentioned here. So, please just skip if you think you could be mentioned.


1. Facebook, and Mark Zuckerberg (the whole free basics trap)

Yeah! I mean what can I say more on the topic. India most recently has been divided on many topics – I will give each their due time later, but foremost as an OPEN INTERNET USER, I must say or now Free-Basics is the most ridiculous thing I have come across.

Honestly, Free basics is not a bad thing, that could actually make a difference too, but they way Marky (Mr. Zuckerberg) has put it to fool lots of people, it’s really disgusting. I won’t go to technicalities. Instead, I have a much more professional insight from the side I’m on. Read it by clicking here. I don’t know what you (the reader – love you if you are really reading this, I owe it to you).

2. My school friends

In 2015, I became part of a group on WhatsApp. I thought it would be fun meeting my childhood buddies, part of the awesome years of life. It didn’t take time for the grapes to turn sour. In just few months, we rarely talk, and I’m sure don’t even want to.

I like some of them. For that reason I am still in the group. We never talk, and it is now pretty fine for the group to stay life-less. Okay, we got lives. They do, and surely me too, but it could be cooler if we could be courteous to each other at the minimum, very minimum. INTERNET mannerisms I suppose.

3. Indian Government

I wanted to buy a laptop this year, but couldn’t earn enough, so I am still without a laptop, typing this article on my mobile. I mean why..why can’t our government distribute Laptops for free.

Give them to everyone who passes 12. I mean my fellow intermediates get them in Uttar Pradesh. Okay, maybe that’s impractical. Why not give loans to young people for buying laptops, free of interest. 10 year loans – Say I buy a Laptop for Re 30,000. I pay INR 3000 an year, just 250 a month. If that was possible, I would have bought a Laptop good 2 years ago, and maybe I would have had a self-hosted blog, possibly earning me $10,000 a month.

See, I make a point. Free education would have been a good idea too, I spent to much of my little earned money on my education. Yeah! I don’t even think I should continue, but my dad will kick me out of house if I left college. Talking about college. #sigh

So, if anyone here was looking a serious bickering on serious issues, Sorry: I am not a complete melancholy yet, bruv/bruv’s sis.

3. College

Yes!Yes!Yes! See, I’m not a @WWEDanielBryan fan, actually I kind of am, but the point is that no list such as this could be completed without mentioning my College. Yeah! I hate my college. It’s not that I have gone through ragging in College, or like if the Professors hate me. In fact, my Statistics teacher is as helpful as they come. Alas! I still hate my college. I have not made a single friend there, I rarely talk to anyone, I never visit the canteen – it doesn’t deserve to be called a canteen anyways.

The college library doesn’t have books one could like, the classes are obscure. Honestly, it wasn’t for my Statistics (my honours or major subject) professor, who always has positive words for me, I would have applied for home leave, or something similar.

4. Phone and Telecom Companies

I can’t imagine a 2015 of mine without my Micromax Unite 2 phone, but still it pisses me off. I mean every time I don’t have a charger with me, and the phone goes OFF, I really get mad. Yeah! That’s manners, just because you are a machine, you can’t cut me off mid-chat or while I am writing my thoughts.

Also, the moments when your phone rings early morning, breaking your sleep, and the caller says, “Congrats, You won a lottery of 25,00,000 INR.” Let me buy a lottery coupon before calling, period.

The telecom companies. I have a dual sim mobile. I have two service providers – Airtel and Tata Docomo.

A) Airtel – Your 2G doesn’t work now. Seriously, I mean just because you have introduced 4G in India, it doesn’t make you free from looking after the free chaps who think even 3G is too expensive. BTW, 299 for 2GB 2G internet that won’t even work. REALLY!

B) Tata Docomo – Hey! I love you guys, unlike 2014, TD 2G actually works 24/7. Cheers! I love you guys.

On another note, “How dare you guys send a Pro- free basics message.”

5. State Bank of India

Okay, this is a good bank. Everyone should get an account here. I loved it when I went to the bank, submitted the form, and I was called to the bank, and given a package which consisted of everything the bank had to offer. I was I really was terrified of having to run for Internet Banking, Debit card, Cheque book and all the stuff. It gave me real joy to recieve them all at once.
Wait! My Debit card doesn’t work online. SBI cards doesn’t work on non 3D sites (I don’t know what that means) anyways, but heck my cards does not work anywhere online. I thought the hard part was done, starting an account, but I think my bank adventures are left, and many of them.

6. Grocery Store

Credit to my family for not sending me for the groceries more often. I am not someone who would go to a traditional Indian grocery stall (not shop) and ask what’s fresh, the prices, or anything.

31st December – the day I went to the grocery stall in 2015 only for the 2nd or 3rd time, just to get some spices, and it took precious 30 minutes from my life. Too many women filling the place seeking fresh, green veggies. I hated that, I really did.

7. People on Twitter (many of them)

I hate Facebook, but I have a few contacts only through Facebook, so I still have an account.

Talking of Twitter, I love it, like I love Google+. The fact is that I think Twitter is the best form of Social Media, even more than Google+. There is another fact too, that I still think Google+ is better.

Twitter is so messy. People follow, people unfollow. People send automated messages, and when you reply, they don’t. Too many people are also there just to troll. Yeah! I mean trolling for a reason is at times cool, sometimes deserved, and we need a sense of humour for God sake, but you see there is a very fine. Very fine indeed. Too many times people are just disrespectful. Too many a times they are insulting, and they think they are cool. Again, get a life, period.

Anyways, I do have a life, but at times it’s really cool to bicker sometimes. I hope it made for a good post. If not, you know I am on Twitter too.

Thanks for reading.