7 Things I Can Tell from My 2 Day Job-Experience


I am an aspiring writer and blogger. However, writing is not the only thing I have done in my life. Most significantly I have worked in a RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) for an overwhelming 2 days (12 hours combined). Well, it was a short ride, but not that I learnt nothing from it. I had no monetary benefits, but the experience was worthwhile. The things I learnt could only have been possible, only after doing the job. Here, I open my book:

1. Collecting money for Laptop is not a good enough reason to do a job you don’t like.

Working at an RPO was not my childhood dream, neither did my friend dreamt the same. My friend convinced me to give the job interview. I got lured into it, as the Rs. 8K salary (plus Incentives), would have been enough to get me a Laptop in quick time. The laptop drove me to the interview, and the first two days of job too, but that was it. The initial idea was to only work for about 6 months, but a cousin of mine has made a career of it, earning 6 times my offered salary. So, I thought I could go long, but..

Needless to say, I got no cash from my company, nor any other rewards except an experience to share.

2. Sitting in front of a computer is not the same in every circumstance.

One of the more important part of working in a RPO is, you need to go through an endless number of CVs. The purpose is to find the best employees for your clients. As I stated my cousins works in the same field, so I was aware of what the work was going to be like. But, it wasn’t long before I found out that playing Soccer or Cricket on your PC is never the same as running through a series of unending résumés.

When you love something (say like writing and reading in my case), I with my gadgets could go through the day with ease, but going through job sites, looking at CVs to search for suitable project managers is never the same (a thing I didn’t like).

3. We need to be professional with everything we do.

The two days I went to work were Thursday and Friday, the next working day was Monday – the day when I would have possibly signed my contract, and commitment bond (It meant I couldn’t have left the job for 1 year). Well, I never showed up again to my employer. Why should I go to tell them? “I know I don’t want to do this, so why even care to let them know.” I thought, it was cool to leave your job [at your own terms].

Well, they would have easily found another employee. I have other stuff to do as well. But, who knows? Who has seen the future? I might need a job in the future, and I sure have an employer less. The reason being because I burnt the bridge myself. Even if I would never need them, it was my responsibility to let them know.

Now, I would love to travel back into time, and tell them politely that I was not fit for the job at the point. But, then we all make mistakes, don’t we?

4. Dawn is an awesome part of the day.

Working in a RPO in India is not a 9am to 5pm job, but a 8pm to 4am job (with little variations). So, returning home from work the second day (I got a midnight dispersal, the first day), for the first time in some time, I walked feeling the gentle cold-breeze during the dawn. I had to walk back home, as you don’t get auto-rickshaws (the little tuk-tuks) this early in small towns such as mine, I realized why people meditate, feeling the breeze in the dim light and empty paths (normally so hard to find in India during day time). It was an absolute delight. An experience I would really recommend to have, just to feel the moments inexpressible in words.

5. Talking of traffic…

As I said (or did I), I walked back home both days. I really like to walk. The one thing I found was that my city had more traffic on road at around 1am than 4am.

The First day, while walking back between 00:30hours and 0100 hours, I saw plenty of vehicles. On the streets, it almost felt much earlier. I even saw a group of lads dancing to the DJ in a street of my locality (200 metres from my home), most certainly drunk, possibly celebrating something (maybe my job recruitment. Could be?).

The second day walking back, I saw nothing happening. It was still dark, it was chilly (thankfully) and I felt that everyone was an idiot to miss that, but then I have never went to a morning walk since.

“Early to bed, early to rise. Makes Jack..” It seems nobody remembers, not even me.

6. It’s either one way or the other.

You either love what you do, or you don’t. In my case, I realized I did not want to keep moving on that track, rather another which I thought even though offered dim light, but it was as enthralling as that morning walk. Your family will hate you for being so irresponsible, but eventually they will understand you, support you. If they don’t, one will still have to start taking decisions some day. I just could not spoil my present, just to get something which could provide pleasure in the future.

Life is much better for me writing (and hopefully earning) and sharing all my experiences, telling stories.  I regret it some days, just when I think how important money is, having seen how difficult life can be without enough of it. But, then you don’t know what’s enough. I don’t know if I was right, but I also can’t imagine me doing the job. I can’t imagine me doing anything else than writing, sharing my stories. I made the decision and I will accept the consequences, even though I will keep getting frequent reminders how much more could I have been earning right now. Although, I will also remember those two days with a smile every time.

7. It’s a tough life!


That’s not a depressing statement, rather just shows that I’m worried – kind of. I have always hated the idea of JOBS, and after those 2 days, I really don’t know how it’ll work out in future.

Although, maybe I will find something – but then I’m already a bit too old for still being confused. That’s the reality and I can’t change that, but I’m hopeful still that someday I will be a multibillionaire. Not exactly that – but when I am dying, I just want to have this feeling that “it was worth making death wait.”


7 Things WWE Needs To Do This Wrestlemania Season


Wrestlemania 32 in Texas is the biggest Wrestlemania ever, with WWE aspiring to fill the 100,000 seats at the AT&T stadium. However, the biggest of Wrestlemania has brought with itself the biggest of challenges. Injuries – Many top stars (including WWE’s workhorse John Cena himself) hurt.

It’s a challenge WWE has in hand to tick the correct boxes, and continue the great trend of putting up solid wrestlemania shows (hugely profitable in terms of business) in recent years. With Challenge comes opportunities – and WWE will have to struggle, but if done right they have the talent. Here are 7 things Vince McMahon’s company could do this Wrestlemania season.

7. The New Day should ROCK!

The New Day has been on a role for some time now, and have been one one of the high points of “WWE” programming. It’s fair to say that they will stay as one of the “must-see” parts of WWE programming leading up to WM 32.

While it’s easy to think of a scenario where WWE could book them to loose their belts at Wrestlemania in a three way tag match, but the fact is New Day needs to win. They are hugely ‘over’, but really comic acts get repetitive and boring a bit too soon, and New Day would really need some strong booking to help them stay relevant for long.

It’s still not time when New Day could afford to loose, not at the biggest stage, not if they had to loose to The Usos anyways.

The only thing to spoil the party of the trio could be Vince’s urge to give The Dudleys a run with championship as a ‘heel’ duo.

6. Have Sting play a role leading up to and at Wrestlemania

WWE is rumoured to be lobbying for Batista and Shawn Michaels to play a role at Wrestlemania. There is another Superstar who should appear – Sting. Well, Batista and Shawn showing up for the event would be a huge boost, but if they can’t wrestle (Shawn won’t wrestle, ever) – Rock’s doing the same job of bringing some hype.

Sting, possibly won’t need much persuasion. He may not be able to wrestle (yet fingers crossed), but he can play an important role in some storyline, and this time have a Wrestlemania which ends in a positive note for him, especially when he’s going into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016 as well.

5.  Make “Banks” the Anti-diva


Paige for once looked like being the “CM Punk” the diva’s division has been lacking, but times have changed such that she just lost to Summer Rae at Raw on Feb 15th. It’s amazing how many wrongs ” WWE Creative” does for the rights (although we know that we can’t be made happy). Anyways, Paige hasn’t even been relevant on TV off late, and that’s sad looking at the talent the young wrestler possesses.

Sasha Banks shouldn’t serve the same fate. The extraordinarily talented diva must get some good backing from Vince, and also a proper chance to excel when WWE has the most fans glued to the program – The Road to Wrestlemania.

4. The retirement of Kane and HOF Induction

Glenn Jacobs, aka Kane has been WWE’s most realiable performers for over a decade. He has not had the best matches, but he has been a consistent worker throughout his long career. He’s widely respected as one of the safer competitors in the ring.

However, too many creative blunders over his “gimmick” has made one of WWE’s most iconic charecters to barely relevant now, and time’s correct for the Big Red Monster to retire. He doesn’t have the same “selling” power now as his storyline brother, aka, the Undertaker, but he certainly deserves to hang his boots up at WWE’s biggest event and a HOF induction alongside at the “billed” biggest Wrestlemania. Although, Vince could want to save his HOF induction for a while – again which is fair enough.

3. Ziggler gets a Wrestlemania moment

Dolph Ziggler’s career could have been so much bigger, if WWE was all about wrestling, and “selling”. It isn’t. What does he lack then? Looks. No. Charisma. No. Fan support. Hell no. He lacks creative backup, doesn’t he.

A former World Champion himself, one wouldn’t say he hasn’t got what he deserved. A long time pro-wrestling fan will agree. The fact is “The Showoff” needs more than playing third fiddle in storylines. “Bryan vs. Ziggler” at Wrestlemania 31 didn’t happen. Owens vs. Ziggler should, if Owens is not booked against “The Undertaker” or “Sami Zayn”.

Owens and Dolph have had many irrelevant matches in recent times, but for once it would be great to have a (meaningful) feud and then to see them go one and one at Texas, and also end their long running feud.

Owens now being the IC Champion as well, this feud seems fitting for the upper midcard.

2. Bray Wyatt conquers “The Beast”!


In the two Wrestlemanias, Bray Wyatt has faced arguably the two biggest competitors he could’ve asked for. He lost both. First felling to John Cena, more recently to the Undertaker. He looks booked for a clash with “The Beast Incarnate” himself this year. As unlikely it seems, Wyatt should go over Lesnar this April, if of course WWE doesn’t want to do 0-21 loosing streak with the modern face of “Fear”.

Bray Wyatt is gold with “mic”, good in the ring, and he has a presence, and a character that sets him apart in the roster. If he takes another loss, he will probably never recover from what would be WWE creative’s biggest setbacks during recent memory.

1. Induct Owen Hart into the HOF

It’s a deserving “Hall of Fame” induction indeed. Owen Hart – the original “Airlift” of WWE, was also one of the more beloved superstars, loved by fans and colleagues alike. A tragic accident took him away, but his memories have always stayed.

Don’t really need to speak much about this, but just hope everything falls into place, and Owen Hart is inducted into the HOF at Texas this year.

Thanks for reading, and do let us know of what would you want to see happening in WWE, before WM 32 is history.

[Image credits: Pixabay]

7 Things That Got Me Mad In 2015

“I might do a #ThingsThatGotMeMad in 2015 myself.” – I thought of this when I saw a post on Google+ by a friend. So, I here I am. I don’t like wasting time, let’s just start by looking at stuff that pisses me off.

Disclaimer: This post could be felt offensive if you are mentioned here. So, please just skip if you think you could be mentioned.


1. Facebook, and Mark Zuckerberg (the whole free basics trap)

Yeah! I mean what can I say more on the topic. India most recently has been divided on many topics – I will give each their due time later, but foremost as an OPEN INTERNET USER, I must say Internet.org or now Free-Basics is the most ridiculous thing I have come across.

Honestly, Free basics is not a bad thing, that could actually make a difference too, but they way Marky (Mr. Zuckerberg) has put it to fool lots of people, it’s really disgusting. I won’t go to technicalities. Instead, I have a much more professional insight from the side I’m on. Read it by clicking here. I don’t know what you (the reader – love you if you are really reading this, I owe it to you).

2. My school friends

In 2015, I became part of a group on WhatsApp. I thought it would be fun meeting my childhood buddies, part of the awesome years of life. It didn’t take time for the grapes to turn sour. In just few months, we rarely talk, and I’m sure don’t even want to.

I like some of them. For that reason I am still in the group. We never talk, and it is now pretty fine for the group to stay life-less. Okay, we got lives. They do, and surely me too, but it could be cooler if we could be courteous to each other at the minimum, very minimum. INTERNET mannerisms I suppose.

3. Indian Government

I wanted to buy a laptop this year, but couldn’t earn enough, so I am still without a laptop, typing this article on my mobile. I mean why..why can’t our government distribute Laptops for free.

Give them to everyone who passes 12. I mean my fellow intermediates get them in Uttar Pradesh. Okay, maybe that’s impractical. Why not give loans to young people for buying laptops, free of interest. 10 year loans – Say I buy a Laptop for Re 30,000. I pay INR 3000 an year, just 250 a month. If that was possible, I would have bought a Laptop good 2 years ago, and maybe I would have had a self-hosted blog, possibly earning me $10,000 a month.

See, I make a point. Free education would have been a good idea too, I spent to much of my little earned money on my education. Yeah! I don’t even think I should continue, but my dad will kick me out of house if I left college. Talking about college. #sigh

So, if anyone here was looking a serious bickering on serious issues, Sorry: I am not a complete melancholy yet, bruv/bruv’s sis.

3. College

Yes!Yes!Yes! See, I’m not a @WWEDanielBryan fan, actually I kind of am, but the point is that no list such as this could be completed without mentioning my College. Yeah! I hate my college. It’s not that I have gone through ragging in College, or like if the Professors hate me. In fact, my Statistics teacher is as helpful as they come. Alas! I still hate my college. I have not made a single friend there, I rarely talk to anyone, I never visit the canteen – it doesn’t deserve to be called a canteen anyways.

The college library doesn’t have books one could like, the classes are obscure. Honestly, it wasn’t for my Statistics (my honours or major subject) professor, who always has positive words for me, I would have applied for home leave, or something similar.

4. Phone and Telecom Companies

I can’t imagine a 2015 of mine without my Micromax Unite 2 phone, but still it pisses me off. I mean every time I don’t have a charger with me, and the phone goes OFF, I really get mad. Yeah! That’s manners, just because you are a machine, you can’t cut me off mid-chat or while I am writing my thoughts.

Also, the moments when your phone rings early morning, breaking your sleep, and the caller says, “Congrats, You won a lottery of 25,00,000 INR.” Let me buy a lottery coupon before calling, period.

The telecom companies. I have a dual sim mobile. I have two service providers – Airtel and Tata Docomo.

A) Airtel – Your 2G doesn’t work now. Seriously, I mean just because you have introduced 4G in India, it doesn’t make you free from looking after the free chaps who think even 3G is too expensive. BTW, 299 for 2GB 2G internet that won’t even work. REALLY!

B) Tata Docomo – Hey! I love you guys, unlike 2014, TD 2G actually works 24/7. Cheers! I love you guys.

On another note, “How dare you guys send a Pro- free basics message.”

5. State Bank of India

Okay, this is a good bank. Everyone should get an account here. I loved it when I went to the bank, submitted the form, and I was called to the bank, and given a package which consisted of everything the bank had to offer. I was I really was terrified of having to run for Internet Banking, Debit card, Cheque book and all the stuff. It gave me real joy to recieve them all at once.
Wait! My Debit card doesn’t work online. SBI cards doesn’t work on non 3D sites (I don’t know what that means) anyways, but heck my cards does not work anywhere online. I thought the hard part was done, starting an account, but I think my bank adventures are left, and many of them.

6. Grocery Store

Credit to my family for not sending me for the groceries more often. I am not someone who would go to a traditional Indian grocery stall (not shop) and ask what’s fresh, the prices, or anything.

31st December – the day I went to the grocery stall in 2015 only for the 2nd or 3rd time, just to get some spices, and it took precious 30 minutes from my life. Too many women filling the place seeking fresh, green veggies. I hated that, I really did.

7. People on Twitter (many of them)

I hate Facebook, but I have a few contacts only through Facebook, so I still have an account.

Talking of Twitter, I love it, like I love Google+. The fact is that I think Twitter is the best form of Social Media, even more than Google+. There is another fact too, that I still think Google+ is better.

Twitter is so messy. People follow, people unfollow. People send automated messages, and when you reply, they don’t. Too many people are also there just to troll. Yeah! I mean trolling for a reason is at times cool, sometimes deserved, and we need a sense of humour for God sake, but you see there is a very fine. Very fine indeed. Too many times people are just disrespectful. Too many a times they are insulting, and they think they are cool. Again, get a life, period.

Anyways, I do have a life, but at times it’s really cool to bicker sometimes. I hope it made for a good post. If not, you know I am on Twitter too.

Thanks for reading.

7 Reasons John Cena will win his 17th World-Title


[Image-source: wwe.com]

John Cena is undoubtedly the biggest WWE star of the post-WWE era. He has been the biggest draw since The Rock. After 10 years of dominating the Main-Event scene, and winning 15 WWE World championships, Cena came back to the mid-card in early 2015 and he shut many of his critics with great bouts against many fresh faces.

Although, fans know that it is about time Cena will win his 16th World-title to tie Ric Flair’s record of the most World-title wins. We here give you seven reasons as to why it’s inevitable that Cena will break Flair’s record of 16 World-titles by winning 17 of them.

7. The lack of Main-Event draws

Daniel Bryan is injury-prone. Brock Lesnar is a part-timer and CM Punk is at UFC. As for the guys who are fit and regular Seth Rollins has got all the tools but he can’t yet sell events by himself . Dean Ambrose and Cesaro are ‘over’ but for some reason lack support from the ‘men who matter.’ Romans Reigns is still on his path to convince the fans to accept him as the ‘Face.’

Who is the best draw then? John Cena. He is certainly Vince’s go-to man and this is as big a boost as any.

6. The merchandise-revenues!

John Cena loves kids. Kids love him. They also love the Cena merchandise. WWE loves money. WWE loves the Cena merchandise. For the T-shirts to be sold Cena must win the big price. He is Super-Cena, right! To be the Super-hero he is got to be presented like one and there is no better way to present a WWE superstar than give him the biggest strap.

5. Records are meant to be broken.

Scripted or non-scripted, records are made and records are broken. This is how it should be. No one wants to stick to anything. Life is about moving on, which also happens to be our next point.

4. Life is about moving on.

WWE knows a thing or two about moving on. So does Flair. Flair’s stardom isn’t indebted to the record. Vince knows it too. Vince got the Undertaker’s streak to end because it needed to for the sake of business. Vince will see money in the World-Title angle, so Cena will get his chance to win the 17th and looking at History, Cena will get it done, maybe not in the first attempt itself, but, he eventually will.

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