Day 1 – Quote Challenge: Tim Clark’s Wisdom

The Weekend is busy for me this time, as this guy has been nominated to do a few things. All fun. So, for starters I’ve been nominated by a fellow blogger for a quote challenge. To clear the air, here I have copied the rules.

The 3-Day Challenge rule book:

1. Thank the person who nominated you. [Thanks Mike Senczyszak – Solsbury Hill.]

2. Post for 3 days (not necessarily in a row)

3. 3 quotes per day

4. 3 new Bloggers nominated each day – link to their sites

5. Notify your 3 picks they’ve been tagged


I wanted to do this in a refreshing way. So, I have decided to quote the people I meet/talk/read and learn from.  Day One is dedicated to one such person. Let’s start with the CEO of “Life, Explained”, Tim Clark. Here’s some of his wisdom:

1. About his blogs!

I have been blogging for several years, and have a string of successful blogs. If success is defined as doing something that makes you happy, mine are a smash hit.

Excerpt from his guest post on Adele Archer’s blog.

Love what you do, find happiness in the little things, and you’re successful. Everything else you may earn is a bonus.

2. On evolving Internet, and what he has learned, and all of us should too.

I have more friends now than ever in my life, and most of them I have never met. They are scattered from New York, to New Hampshire, to Germany, to Great Britain, to Kuwait, New Zealand, India, all over the place. It has made me a better person, it has made me understand there are more things that unite us than anybody in power wants to admit. And it should be shouted from the mountain.

Excerpt from his post on Life Explains Aging

The person that Tim Clark is.

3. This world today:

We live in a world filled with madness, hate, bigotry. We are awash in terrible weapons of unimaginable destructive power. We can never use them. We can never eliminate them. And we keep telling ourselves that those two statements somehow make sense together. That we can control ourselves, and each other, enough to keep playing.

Excerpt from his blog Life Explains The End

From knowing him over an year now, I can say Mr. Tim Clark is a person with a lot of gratitude, humbleness, trying to spread happiness. However, it won’t stop him from being honest about the current state of our existence. I have a lot of choices to quote. I continue to meet awesome people, I choose Tim for the first day for always being inspiring, and for lots of #WednesdayWisdom.

I will nominate 1 blogger a day only to avoid Spamming, the person whose words make this post worth reading, so my nomination.

1. Tim Clark – Life, explained

See you everyone, soon with quotes, and much more. Thank you!


Incredible People: Dashrath Manjhi aka The Mountain Man


Late Dashrath Manjhi or the ‘Mountain Man’, was a poor labourer from a small village in the state of Bihar in India. He awe-struck millions of people with a feat, which was to carve a path through a hill, only using a hammer and chisel.

What a man can do for his love? How inspiring can love be? To what extent could one go for his desire to help? If Dashrath Manjhi, a labourer, in the village of Gehlour, Bihar (a state in India) would not have died 8 years ago, he would have replied, “Sky is the Limit.” It’s always easier said than done, but he literally proved the phrase true by his actions.

Mr. Manjhi was married to Falguni Devi. Falguni (then pregnant), one day while crossing a hill to bring water and lunch for her husband who worked as a labour in a field, slipped and injured herself seriously due to falling off from the mountain, ultimately leading to her death. Disturbed by the loss of his love, Manjhi set himself a mission to carve out a proper road through the hill, so that travelling could be easier for the people, and consequently people could also have access to quicker medical facilities. The spark that ignited the day helped him work madly for 22 years, often without food, at times by eating leaves, and drinking dirty water, all to achieve his feat. His struggle led him to single handedly carve out a 360 feet long, 25 feet high, and 30 feet wide road from a mountain.

Though he had cut a protected mountain, which is an offence under Indian “Wildlife Protection Act,” yet his extraordinary feat made him a true inspiration. His name was referred for one of India’s highest civilian honour the “Padma Shree,” and he was given a stately funeral by the Government of Bihar. In 2011, the government officially named the road as the “Dashrath Manjhi Path.”

Manjhi is often even referred to as the “poor man’s Shah Jahan,” while he did not make a “wonder of the world” for his wife, his feat seems far greater, just for the pure grit, and determination, and it is certainly non-debatable unlike its counterpart. A Bollywood movie was released on 21 August, 2015 featuring his struggle, love and determination in life. The movie was titled “Manjhi: The Mountain Man.” It was said that he gave the exclusive rights to make a movie on him, while on his death-bed.

People called him “mad”, but as he said, maybe “God” was with him, and he did the unthinkable, making travelling easier for all the people in his village, and all nearby villages. He also brought the ‘mussahar’ community into light who with respect to living standards are still centuries behind than all of you reading this. More than 98% still die as illiterates, and are forced to work as labours for the higher sections of society in Bihar.

Like all good stories do, Dashrath Manjhi’s story had its fair share of setbacks, villainy, and help, but the poor labourer taught everyone that “impossible” is a word in a fool’s dictionary, and anyways poor Manjhi couldn’t have ever afford a dictionary, until he became the “Mountain Man.”


[Photo Credit: One India]

Incredible People: Rahul Singh


Who is Rahul Singh? Never heard of him before… Is he an alien? A rotten apple? A degraded version of a  60s cruel Hollywood villain… Maybe? Oh, Wait! The post says ‘incredible people’, so this must be a successful man, someone with a lot of fame and name in some part of the world. His name sounds Indian, the pic shows an old man with brown skin, thick specks, weird smile. He must have worked hard all his life, he looks a worn-out individual. Jeez! He is smiling, he must have been well paid for his hard work. Good to see someone getting his dues in his early 40s.

Don’t tell me that you agree with each and everything in the last paragraph, or I have a part time job of acting a vampire (and since I’m not a good actor. I do things real). So, lock your doors if you did agree with anything above because I know a bit of Telepathy too (multi-talented lad). You should know by now who Rahul Singh is, if you have read it thus far. Breaking news: It’s me. Yeah, it’s me. So, you would like to think that I haven’t done this post to brag about myself. But, I have indeed. I have done this post to brag about me. Yeah, I am an arrogant and insane individual.

I am just over 21 years, 4 months while writing the post. I am a bad Mathematician. I love Mathematics. I am a bad writer. I love to write. I am imperfect at whatever I do. But, I am perfect at being imperfect. I am scared of almost everything. Yet, I fear none. I am tired of living my life. Yet, I live like none. I am afraid of failing at times. Yet, I fail like no one ever done. I am not greedy, but not a saint. I am not lusty, but surely humane. So, you know I’m good at rhyming too. I also tell good stories.

Here’s a story. There was once a Blogger, who was a freelance writer too. He was not really arrogant. He was not so crappy. He was anything, but a bad human being. He was a good writer ( as he thought). But, he got rejected everywhere. He couldn’t earn any money. He was sad. He was dejected. He was tired of being rejected (holy-shit! Did I rhyme it again). He was a failure. Complete failure. He thought he should quit. He tried to quit, but couldn’t since he was even worse at everything else in life.

So, he decided to keep writing. Something happened very quick, a thing just hit his mind as he laid flat on his bed. He took his phone and started to write. The topic he choose for an article he would then write on his blog was centering himself. It was titled ‘Incredible People: Rahul Singh’. What brought him such confidence. What brought that arrogance in the boy who tries to be as humble to people as he can be. Well, Ladies and Gentleman! It was not arrogance. A realisation (or realization as liked by the friends from US) that he might not be alive tomorrow. He could be run over by a bus. He could be shot. Hell! He could just loose interest from the world. His autobiography that he wanted to do might never enter the market, forget the ‘Personality of the Year’ awards if he dies (dead don’t write autobiographies, do they?) the next day. So, he thought why not go out there and tell the story now as he is breathing, his brain working. We could really learn from the kid.

Share this if you liked this, not for me. Not for Good Little Indian, but just for the cool kid in the picture. The boy and his autobiography. The message he gives:

It’s an unpredictable life. Live it that way.


WONDERFUL!! Truly wonderful.

Was the message delivered? If yes, do let me know.

Incredible People: Nick Vujicic

Incredible People: Nick Vujicic


I love my life, beacause I have seen my purpose- Nick Vujicic

Imagine yourself without one of your hands. Now imagine a life without one of your legs. It is hard to do so. Right! Living is still possible but what if I tell you to imagine yourself without any of your limbs. ‘I would better want to die’- if this was a possible answer, you aren’t alone with that. For many of us living such a life is worse than death.

What is nightmare for others, is reality for Nick Vujicic. In a world with increasing bitterness. People worried of materials they don’t possess, Nick is a man with no hands, no legs and yet is a preacher of happiness. One of the world’s topmost motivational speakers, he inspires people to live a life without limits. Nick has a very positive and generous outlook towards life and spirituality. It is this optimism of his which has led him to a ‘ridiculously good life’, and even find a love without limits. Him and his wife Kanae Vujicic have been married for several years and have two children together.

Nick is a perfect example of giving meaning to one’s life and striving for success, even if you are laid with setbacks. Nick admits that he had to struggle mentally and physically for a long period of time, as anyone with any disorder would but he fought and found his way to Success. He at the worst of times NEVER GAVE UP. Nick is a person whose whole life could easily been all about sympathy. Nick’s hard work has rather turned it into one that many dream for.

Never look for sympathy. People who do look for it die many deaths before the final time- Good Little Indian

Mr. Vujicic is a proof that you need not be a perfect human to break the proverbial glass barrier. His life tells us that you just need the perfect motivation to do so.

Nick says that he even keeps a pair of shoes in his closet due to his belief in miracles. The miracle might never happen but people with such attitude are a far better companion to be lost in the jungles of Amazon with, aren’t they?

You can visit his You Tube channel by clicking here. Some of his speeches will make your day.

Rahul Singh

Incredible People: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Dreams can be realities. Difficulties could be turned to possibilities, and mortality to immortality.

Such was the life of the 11th and the most celebrated president of Indian history, Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen “A. P. J.” Abdul Kalam. A stalwart in defence technology, a Bharat Ratna and many more accolades which can never be praised enough, and yet this man only wanted to be remembered as a teacher.

late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam(image source:wikipedia)

A great teacher he was indeed, not only a teacher of Science, but one of wisdom, discipline, dedication, nationalism but above all a great teacher of Humanity. Of course, to be a great teacher, one needs to be a great learner, and he was second to none as a student, he got average grades during his school years but was as described ‘a very hard-working student’. He never took a backseat to learning, even when circumstances forced him to sell newspapers during youth, to support his family’s income. He is example of the fact that hard-work never goes in vain, his efforts led him to Madras Institute of Technology, and the rest they say his history.

The ‘Missile Man of India’ help built many missiles but his best work is not in building weapons but in building the country’s future, enlightening the nation’s youth. His dedication to teaching by this excerpt from Wikipedia:

After leaving office, Kalam became a visiting professor at the Indian Institute of Management Shillong, the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, and the Indian Institute of Management Indore ; an honorary fellow of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore; chancellor of the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology Thiruvananthapuram; professor of Aerospace Engineering at Anna University ; and an adjunct at many other academic and research institutes across India. He taught information technology at the International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, and technology at Banaras Hindu University and Anna University.

This is an example of a man who wants to just give, give and GIVE. A true altruist he was, pursued the least of materialistic pleasure, after his recent death, it has been found that his greatest possession was the large collection of books he owned. (Just for fun: Mr. Kalam so far is the only bachelor to be the President of India).

No jokes in stating Mr. Kalam was a people’s President, a league apart, a true gem and a proud Indian. A son he was that the motherland would be proud of. Good Little Indian shares this post as a tribute to the ‘teacher’ Kalam, exactly as he wished to be remembered as.

We have many great things to tell you about Kalam but we will again restrict us to this simple yet strong words from Shri. Kalam

If a country is to be corruption-free and became a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher. – APJ Abdul Kalam.

He had a lot to teach, and he did do a lot of teaching, and this is our effort to present a tribute to a great visionary.

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Rahul Singh(Good Little Indian)