Unrequited Love: It’s about Writing, people.

3 years now; time has raced, hasn’t it? Seems yesterday when I started to blog. Back then, I’d write a post and I would log back into my phone’s Blogger/WordPress app a million times just to check if a new comment had arrived. I consider myself a writer; pardon me for being delusional but everyone who writes is considered a writer in my book. Some just make it bigger than others. I won’t give you 100 reasons for why “some” make it bigger than others. Neither will I mention their hard work, nor all the night’s sleep they’ve missed. This post is not about all that. This ain’t a motivational piece, nor a success story. It’s written to share the story of a writer, an unknown writer, he is not successful, nor has he failed. any guesses for the writer is? Okay, it’s ME. It’s me.

I logged in to check for comments, and every good comment made me happy. I don’t know if that’s passion or not; however, that had me wanting to write more. But, with time, my blogs became a rarity and hence, those wonderful comments. I became inactive on Google Plus, then stopped having conversations on Facebook with most friends, all texts with my blogging mates ceased, and, Twitter – as fun as it was, it became something else, not by any means a showcase of my writing skills. As the visitors to the blog decreased, I lost more interest. With time, I stopped sending those posts to different webzines and sites in hope to get published. Badly lost enthusiasm. Stopped writing my book. No money coming in, no appreciation as well, and, the writer in me was almost lost. Somewhere in that period, I was out of college as well – without a degree.

When you can’t love what you do, you’ll have a hard time. I realized that with time. I often reflect and I feel that having been on the web actively, reading and learning about writing for a good 2 years. I wrote consistently during a certain period. Yet, I didn’t move an inch forward with regards to being a better writer. The command over the language, the vocabulary, all felt stagnant. In fact, when I read and discovered so many talented people, it scared me; it’s unnerving. Do I deserve to be successful? Can I do this better then these people? Should I even be here? Am I good enough? Is my best going to be good enough? You ask yourself questions, and you can’t answer them. It worries you, breaks you, and it hurts, rather badly. I tried to pretend I was still in love with writing. I hoped it was just one of those “writer’s block” but the truth is – it was not – but much more. 

Something happened then, – I started to appreciate unrequited love. How? Life works in strange ways. I also started to understand myself better. How? That’s mysterious, even to me. However, special mention to an episode from the Mahabharata where Krishna talks to Arjuna about doing things without any expectations. While that didn’t create a magical change in me. It helped me rethink things I do. Somehow through all this I found a reason to write, write again. 

I was in no mood to write a blog post anytime soon. Nor had any reason to write. But here I am; writing again and it’s not for all the stats, although all the wonderful comments will still make me smile (See what I did there?). The writer needed to write this piece. I write best when I need to, when it’s my way out. Blogging on a personal level won’t make me rich anytime soon, but it can help me stay sane. I fell in love with writing not because I was looking for lots of fame. Initially, I had no desires and just wrote stuff in a notebook I made for the purpose of writing; I found writing a great hobby. I fell in love with it. Afterwards, I started to dream, dream of being the world’s best writer. I dreamt to be rich by selling books. And, when the reality struck, and the doubts started creeping in, when I realized there were so many people writing much better stuff, and I could only notice my flaws: I stopped loving to write. I wished to be popular. I wished to be rich through my works. But, I lost the love I had for writing. Writing isn’t easy, and as a wise friend told me: creativity couldn’t be rushed. 

When you can’t find a purpose to write (other than dreaming to be rich) and when you don’t find yourself good enough, you’d not be able to do the writer within you, justice. Being an introvert in a small city doesn’t help either. My life starts and ends in a room, and then even the writer can only sit back and worry than explore the world of imagination, and it’s saddening. However, sometimes if you just hang on, you get answers as well.

When somebody falls in love with another person. A person who doesn’t love them back. That somebody has two options. He/She can either own and appreciate their feelings and evolve into a stronger, wiser person and in the process one may well learn to love oneself. There’s a second thing they can do to, but I wouldn’t mention that because the first idea sounds so cool and dignified, and it also doesn’t hurt the person they “love”. The world doesn’t own anything to anyone. 

Love is unconditional and without expectations. When you do anything you love, there should be no desires attached. As a wise man once said, “Never will a man without expectations be hurt.” If I ever like a girl, she’s perfectly entitled to even ignore my very existence. So, when I write, it’s perfectly okay for the writing Gods to avoid reading my crap. It’s perfectly okay for anyone to not read these posts. What’s necessary for me is to write and to try to get people reading them. But, I hope to not forget that I write to get peace, everything else is a bonus. Don’t get me wrong: I am still human.

My duty is to get back on the right track of learning, and grow into the best writer I can be. It’s my job to write the stories I can tell – hopefully in a way different from the rest. I am unique in some way, I have that feeling. I’ll have to search for myself. The news is that I am restarting my journey. I am getting back writing, sending pieces, typing random stuff on my phone. Vomitting “words” in my notebook. Starting to search for freelancing opportunities. Writing a crazy blog post once in a while. Even if my words and I aren’t visible in the virtual, I can safely say I will write, write everyday. The sort of things, I feel, only I write. But, I’d do everything without expecting anything in return. It might be difficult, but I know nothing will break me again. I will write, – that’s sure for this life. If not for anything else, just for the sake of happiness and peace only writing can provide me with. I still dream, dream to be rich, but my goal is to evolve into the best storyteller I can be.

I am in a unique situation. I have been teaching little kids off late; I have no degree yet, but I earn bit; what I earn is peanuts; but I do something. I never sit back and cry, and I’ve no idea what I am going to do next. The only thing I’d probably need now is some peace within. Something will happen for me someday; I won’t give up – what I know I will do. And, as always life will go on.

Have I got my answers? Maybe. Am I motivated to restart? YES! The present says I have my exams soon (I am pursuing a distance learning course now) and I found time for a thing that really makes me feel good: This feeling of having written. Yes, I am a writer; I write. 

[PS: If you get this feeling, that I’m mostly trying to convince myself; you’re a genius. But, I am trying; trying because I know I am much worse at everything else.] 

Lastly, a moment of silence for these words in the pic below.

Thanks for reading, see you in the comments. Good day.


A Friend’s love Story and it’s Side effects: The Story Of My Best Friend Aman!

​”Only once in your life, I truly believe, you find someone who can completely turn your world around. You tell them things that you’ve never shared with another soul and they absorb everything you say and actually want to hear more. You share hopes for the future, dreams that will never come true, goals that were never achieved and the many disappointments life has thrown at you. The things that seem insignificant to most people such as a note, song or walk become invaluable treasures kept safe in your heart to cherish forever. Memories of your childhood come back and are so clear and vivid it’s like being young again. Colors seem brighter and more brilliant. Laughter seems part of daily life where before it was infrequent or didn’t exist at all. Simple things bring them to mind like a pale blue sky, gentle wind or even a storm cloud on the horizon. You open your heart knowing that there’s a chance it may be broken one day and in opening your heart, you experience a love and joy that you never dreamed possible. “

― Bob Marley [Find this and more such quotes here.]

For one of my school friends, the quote has never been truer. Aman Kumar Singh. No other friend (or probably no one knows him better than I do. As I thought so at least.) I remember the day. A December morning it was, he called myself and another friend, Akash, and ordered each of us to meet him at Jubilee park (A famous park, holiday spot in our city of Jamshedpur) at 9 am. Akash and I reached the spot on time. Neither of us have been too interested in the happenings of the world. Akash and I’ve almost lost all materialistic desires except we both have monetary interests, that too, just enough to keep us happy, and a lot more stuff, but we don’t have desires. Okay, sorry. Aman is a dear friend to both of us, and while we never are too excited to meet people in parks, we couldn’t say NO to our friend. He arrived 20 minutes late, as always, but not alone. He arrived with a girl. A girl who he introduced to us as Aanchal. 

While, the reader would probably except me to describe in depth – that day, Aanchal, Aman, and their relationship. I don’t care about that part, you shouldn’t too. But, I’d tell you things which are most interesting. The best of which is that Aman is going to get married, that too, soon, with a GIRL, the SAME girl, Aanchal. Being a best friend to someone is not that easy, you got to listen to secrets, keep secrets, and not share your own secrets. Aman played it really well. I couldn’t have guessed it. He had told us his wishes about living a bachelor’s life in New York. Never having a family, being cool, and then one day, he introduced his girlfriend to us. Akash and I were shocked. So shocked that Akash almost died of laughing right away.

That wasn’t all, Aman – a Bill Gates wannabe, who dreamt of building a brand greater than Apple, who dreamt of having holidays in the sexiest places of the world now just wishes to have a family with one person. He wishes to just take care of his parents as they age. Damn he even wishes to raise kids with his “soulmate”. All of you who know Aman, I understand it’s surprising to you, but don’t be surprised to get an invitation to a friend’s marriage pretty soon. Yes, it’s true. The talks are done. They both have jobs, apparently matured enough. Their parents are ready. Yes, Aman did have the guts to tell his and then Aanchal’s dad about their relationship, and he’s still alive.

However, the story has a little sad side as well. Aman regrets all his flirting. So, being his best friend. I offer my deepest regrets and apologies to all you beautiful girls he’s met on Social Media. All of you he said, ‘baby, I love you,’ to. He’s not going to show up in your messages anymore. To that girl, he promised to travel to Paris with – I am sorry, ma’am, but my friend lies well – he’s got someone else, he’ll travel to Uttrakhand with every year for the rest of his life. Your heart must be broken I know. My deepest condolences. Aman has been the same since childhood. His first crush was on a primary teacher. Seriously.

However, don’t think I am just having fun at Aman’s cost. I really appreciate the changes I’ve seen. I hope my friend can beat his p*rn and alcohol addiction now. I hope he learns a bit of grammar. I deeply hope he would remember all of his friends after marriage. We care for him. I will keep his summer trip to Dehradun with Aanchal a secret. Don’t worry, my friend. I wish him great luck in life. If you’re Aman reading this: Stop staring at girls like you’ll eat them. And, never again utter “Gorgeous” when you pass a “beautiful” girl. You may get a good mob beating someday. Lastly, I’d never tell that friend about your crush on his girlfriend. Aanchal wouldn’t even know what jokes you tell on her, behind her backs. What was that girl’s name? Aneesha? Shreya? Anyways, Akash is proud of you.

And, hello reader, if you’ve come thus far, and you have read everything about my friend till now, there’s this thing you need to know, you’ve been fooled. Of course, I was lying, and my special apologies to all the Aanchals alive. I had to take a name. Wishing you fool a good day. Do comment if you’ve something to say. Make Aman great again, but he’s already a great man, who isn’t a p*rn or alcohol addict. Take care. Write to you again. 

The Gurmehar Kaur Story! This nationalism debate.

​Note: The tweet embedded below is an example of how not to tweet on sensible topics.

I’d like to tell you that I am yet to see Gurmehar Kaur’s video and there’s a fair chance I wouldn’t see it in my life, I’ve not even seen Gautam Gambhir’s video in support of Freedom of Expression because that needs to be respected. I haven’t seen what ministers said on TV debates on the issue. My level of ignorance is so high I can’t even give the full forms of NSUI and AISA. I have almost stopped watching news for the last few months and I only watch a news channel when my dad takes the remote and I am present in front of the TV. But, I’ve been almost forced into following this story through Twitter and then I had to say something. [I intended to see Gurmehar’s video few minutes back but there’s a reason I haven’t and once you read this post. You’ll understand why.]

First things first: Do I have the right to speak on the issue? I can’t do an open heart surgery but I have gone to school long enough to not be called barely literate. Even if I weren’t that, it wouldn’t have made a difference, because we live in a democratic nation where everyone has the right to express what they feel is right irrespective of their educational qualifications.

What do I think about those ‘alleged’ rape threats on Gurmehar? There’s this thing. 99% of the times those people are irrelevant and barely enjoy abusing people through Social Media. If Gurmehar got those threats, I am sure Gurmehar isn’t the first person to face that sort of thing especially because it’s quite easy to get away with things when there’s no solid laws for the internet space. But, if that person is identified, he should be punished to set an example for every other abuser. 

What do I think about Celebs speaking out on these issues? I’d like to tell you that I loved Virender Sehwag’s tweet. It made me laugh. It wasn’t an attack, it wasn’t about threatening a girl, it wasn’t about ridiculing anyone! I don’t see it that way, I hope Gurmehar didn’t too because I think we live in a tense world and every attempt to non insulting humour should be applauded. Let’s be fair that wasn’t in any way an insult to Gurmehar and I feel there’s something wrong with our nation that he had to clarify things. AIB is okay, Kapil’s puns on various celebs is okay. So, why shouldn’t this be? The person is trying to bring laughter.

[Side notes: To protest against Trump allegedly creating problems for our IT industry, I’ll restart using the second “u” in humour.]

Of all other Celebs that I’ve seen speaking on the issues, everyone deemed to be on the extremes, and while I respect their opinions, I’d like to think many of ‘em should look at both sides of spectrum before commenting, many young ears listen to what they say.  But, I really love these “Stars” not shying away from issues; them speaking up does a lot to spread awareness.

Student Politics! Is it necessary?​ Do we need student unions at all? Why can’t gov have an organization that deals with student affairs from all centralized universities directly if that was the main objective of having these unions? The body can have an online presence where the students could raise their issues directly! Do we have a body like that? Ban all political activities from College campuses. From what I’ve seen in the last few years is that it’s a bane rather than a boon. I could be completely wrong here, but I would still ask is student politics necessary? I see the point of having active citizens and probably “leaders of tomorrow” but can’t we have any other way. I ask this question because of coming across a tweet from a very well respected journalist. 

I’d really like you readers to give me opinions on this by commenting below, but hey, I am not done!

Is Indian media doing a good job? From what I’ve learnt spending time on the Internet, Rajdeep Saredesai and Abhisar Sharma hate everything with “Modi” in it. Rumors (oh.. rumours) go that they don’t even like Aussie Tom Moody for obvious reasons. Arnab Goswami and Sudhir Chaudhary are the “nationalist” faces. Barkha Dutt and Rana Ayyub appears to be a great believer in the “Bad publicity is good publicity” theory. If you’ve spent time on the web, you already knew all of this. This is what the general thinking is! NDTV is referred to as pro ISI, ABP pro leftists, ZEE news – pro BJP and so on. Who is to be blamed? People? No, it’s the journalists and the channels themselves. It’s okay to be a nationalist. No love greater than that for your motherland. It’s okay to be a liberal; Freedom of Liberty is hands down THE most important fundamental of democracy! But, This tweet below by Rana Ayyub:

 You still wonder why I ask the questions I am asking? I have a blunt opinion on this, and no I don’t call most of them journalists anymore. There’s a familiar other term I call them – TROLLS!

Opinions on Gurmehar Kaur’s “after video went viral” battles: I admire her courage. Many of us can’t find that courage or just aren’t interested enough. Props to her for that. But, it ends here. 

I have complaints too. People supporting Gurmehar and Gurmehar herself has used the term “A Martyr’s daughter” on several occasions, and I object to that. You can’t be right just because your father or anyone in your family was. RT’ing tweets from specific people, meeting specific people as reported from few big media houses wouldn’t do her much support. I hope she didn’t use “I am a Martyr’s daughter and I…” rather than “I am Gurmehar Kaur and I stand against … so and so.” Again, all I think personally.

We Indians have to learn about it, our political parties need to know about it. Just because Rajiv Gandhi was great, I won’t vote for you anymore because dead men can’t change this nation. Just because Congress was corrupt you don’t have the licence to be too because we don’t live in the past anymore. I hate references or things to people from our past on any subject whether it’s criticising Nehru or Aurangzeb or anyone, reason being that they don’t affect our present anymore. History is essential to study the present, I agree, but it has NO more relevance of its own. Another startling thing to me is family references. A Don’s child is not necessarily a Don, but a martyr’s son/daughter is assumed to be a brave soldier by birth. One of the two statements needs to be false.

One can’t be paid enough for being a soldier, we will always be grateful for everyone who gives up their lives for us. It doesn’t even matter if the soldier dies in Kargil or in a Fidayeen attack, – a martyr is a martyr. However, nobody, not even his family has the right to use his martyrdom. I’ll consider it disrespectful to the soldier.

I don’t have a problem if Gurmehar Kaur joins a political party in future and gains success. I like people with ambitions. We’ve seen young, well built man riot for reservation in the past few years. We still live in a time when journalists and politicians live in 2002, 1984 and many such dates when commoners badly want to move on. We have seen leaders who want to send everyone to Pakistan. I hope for the best but I wouldn’t care less if she was to become the face of some political party. But, I also can’t disagree that she has made a difference to some extent. Made someone like me explore a topic I don’t necessarily like to. We may disagree on everything, but unlike a Kanhaiya Kumar or a Hardik Patel – She has my respect. She has handled the whole affair with class. Applaud her for that.  Time will tell what this “Gurmehar Kaur” would bring to the table. Bye.. no, wait!

Gurmehar Kaur has given us lots to talk of recently and is another example of how big Social Media is. It just takes the guts to go out of the norm and express something people want to react on, something people can’t stop themselves from getting you into their minds. This should be a lesson for all content creators on how to take up a hot topic and express your views creatively. You don’t know when you become the next “talk of the town”. Gurmehar wanted it or not, she’s the newest sensation, and here to stay for some length of time. Owns a verified Twitter account in the quickest possible time, and if she chooses too, keep your eye on your TV sets when a certain Gurmehar Kaur shows up in a news debate. This is a lesson for everyone looking for fame. Keep creating content.

Happy breathing. What do you think about this picture below? Bye! 🙂

Things A Single Should Do Over Social Media

Social Media can be “not so great” if you’ve not got another person you can share your problems with. It can be a best friend too, but then friendships aren’t as exciting these days. While, I am a single myself I can relate to every person who wants to fast forward through February. Don’t worry people, I stand with you and am proud of you for getting past this extremely torturous month. The very little I can do, I will do. Give you ideas about being a lot cooler. One is to not drag introductions. So, here we go.

1. Troll couples on Social Media. 

This is an extremely cool way to pass time. If you’re unhappy, make everyone else feel the pain. There are lots of ridiculous, atrocious, head paining, horribly offensive stuff on the web. You just need to choose ‘em one by one and share them through your various Social Media accounts. Something like, “There’s life, there’s death, and then there’s getting into a relationship with someone who hates sex” is a good start. You can only make your posts worse from here.

It’d be a huge hit, especially on Twitter! Nobody would realize your pain. So what are you waiting for? Ah, 5 more points … I see.

2. Brag about being single!

If you see the glass “half full” even when it’s empty. I am apologetic for my previous point. You don’t need to change yourself, but what you can do is as effortless, and as annoying – to everyone else. It’s all about you. Why care about people!? So, start bragging about how cool being single is. Tell everyone you don’t need anyone in life. None to complete you because you’re a solved Algebraic expression. As clear as it gets. Start with: “India’s Prime minister is ‘single’. India’s greatest President was single. Salman Khan is virgin. Patrakar PopatLal is too and I am the coolest thing since the ‘Ice age’. Priceless.

3. Advice: Nothing beats a Single giving Relationship advices!

Find happiness sadistically. Don’t mind hearts being shattered or relationships being broken to make yourself laugh. Lots of people come to me for relationship advises, and I on almost all instances spend hours trying to get people to “walk out” of their relationship. If you’re to tell me how your boyfriend and girlfriend didn’t pick up a call of yours, I’d give up my life trying to prove how big an unpardonable CRIME that is, and why you should dump that ignorant, mean idiot! 


Friend: Buddy, I think he might be cheating on me.

Your advice should be: Ah, according to the University of Oxford if you think your partner is cheating on you, dump them. History suggests that 99. 9% times they are cheating. Having known your boyfriend he has nothing in him to suggest he’d be in the 0.1%. Spice it up!

4. Disgrace Tinder, TrulyMad and ALL dating sites!

Nothing makes you look cooler than everyone knowing you’re single and you don’t have a Tinder account! It’s okay if you’ve one, but that girl or boy you’re tweeting to doesn’t need to know that. Go a step further and start posting about how dating sites are ruining the essence of relationships. How you’ve lost trust in relationships because everyone is selfish. Probably add up a fake High school love story for extra flavours. Tell everyone how your partner cheated on you. How you’ve kept people who’ve loved you at one hand distance. Let them know that you don’t care about what people think and say. (Wo)Man, you’re in for being a total bad@ss!

5.) Flirt!

If everything else is hard, and you can’t stop yourself, and being single is as difficult as “being human” for you. Add that Tinder ain’t working as well. Flirt. Twitter is a great place to start. Everyone understands your pain. Start with posting about being “friendzoned” or “brozoned” or maybe tweet a simple “Ah, I am so lonely. I don’t want to live anymore.” Something like a “Truth or Dare” game where you just tell them how good you feel about them and how they are like sneezing – do clarify that they too stop your heartbeat and they are as awesome as the next Avengers movie. Say anything you like and think to be convenient. Of course, you don’t have to pay anything. Flatter the next person till they say, “Baby, I love you. You sound better than my gramophone“. Destiny could work wonders. Things like “I know I am not good enough for you” and “Bae, you make me cry” are even better. Good luck.

6. Meditate! Exercise! Gain!

Not everything needs to be about Social Media. If you’re not on any Social Media, which has minimal possibility. You can do better things than just killing your time on the web.Not that it’s lame, I do it 24×7. Still you can do boring stuff outside it. One of ‘em is getting healthier. Health is wealth as you know, and what better than giving your body – time. We’re living increasingly bad lifestyles and aging is due to be much worse than previous generations. So exercise! Not just your muscles, but also your brain, and if possible also your heart – Nothing philosophical, I am talking about doing cardio exercises you fool. 

Fact: Exercising makes you lot happier. I’d love to give you a link to find more about this, but I am already exhausted from my hours of Twitter Yoga. 

Here’s a WTF image to go with a WTF post! Captions needed?

Thanks for reading, waiting to hear from you, friend! Keep smiling!


​That awkward moment when you’re reading a sports article, scrolling down, and suddenly appears “10 movies where they really did IT!” With sponsorships and ads, one always expects these kind of stuff, but I always find it funny. Not that I’m tough to make laugh. Something as simple as “Awwwwwwww” makes me smile. This “Awwwwwwww” thing is fantastic though. So, fantastic that I’ve a joke. It’s getting old too soon, but I’ll crack it here. Hold your breath, here’s the joke:

Q.)What did the mad dog say to the man on street?

A.) Bhawwww bhawwww! 

Ain’t it an “awwwwww” inspiring joke? Letting the joke go, and being serious, I’d like to confess something. Something that I was reminded of just moments ago. Something I didn’t even have in my mind, when I started writing this post. Yes, this blog is so random. 

The confession: I met her for the last time today, or at least the second last time. The words will go unsaid. All those advises about expressing yourself, never living a life with “What IF’s,” go in vain. I have never been good with saying what I feel, and it’s unfortunate but that’s the way I am. This was probably the closest I got to what people call love, what’s even sad is that it was probably the only time I thought I would tell someone what I feel. But, life goes on, as they say. People will come and go, although I fear she’d never be replaced. The funny part is that I part with her, as unknown to her, as I was, when we met the first time even after being “friends” for so long.

This is getting a bit tough to write, so I wouldn’t describe anything, or even talk about it anymore. I wanted to confess it on the blog. To sum up, now she’s gone, gone forever. Unaware of “everything”. As this fool moves on with life.

I feel terribly sad know, even if this confession is a work of fiction. Somebody give me a tissue paper please. Have a good day friends. Waiting for your “Awwwww’s”. Thanks for reading! After this, if this is the last time you read my blog, I don’t blame you. The world is full of lies and sadistic humour. Love you all. Really. 

Describe this pic below.

​#AWARENESS-WEEK: Smile more!

The Article has originally published by me (Me? Twitter: @RahulSingh_I) for the awareness week on Google Plus. You can check out more about it by visiting the page “People For People“. I and some more young people over on Google+ started the idea to create awareness on topics such as depression or Cyber bullying. At times, providing you with Life Hacks or just something to make you smile. Do check out the page, if you’re on Google Plus.
While, this has only been a humble start, it’s been a great experience for some of us working as a team. Hopefully, we can do good things. You can too. Comment your views. But, read this first. And, SMILE
There’s nothing better than seeing someone smile – a person you care for, even better if you’re the reason behind it. All of us can’t be Charlie Chaplin. Having a great sense of humor is not everybody’s cup of tea, neither all of us can be the “hero” who brings a smile to everyone’s face. But, we can all try. Presenting to you 25 very simple ways to bring a smile to a person’s face.

1.) The easiest. Crack a bad joke. Extraordinarily bad. I’d give you an example:

Q.) What did the Shirt say to the trouser?

A.) Awwwwwwww

Okay, not this bad. Moving on…

2.) Gifts. An unexpected gift is a sure shot idea to make someone happy. Gift your best friend tissue papers. Bring pizza home, gift me a million dollars. Gifts always work.

3.) Give compliments to your loved ones. Something as simple as “you’re a dear friend/sibling,” anything complementary.

4.) Smile, say hello to strangers. A random smile at a stranger can make someone’s day. People need good vibes, be the one to provide ‘em.

5.) Say “Thank you” for the little things done right. We always complain when loved ones mess something up, but never thank them for the millions of times they do it right. Be grateful. Say, “Thank you!”

6.) You’ve tons of virtual friends, if you think someone needs a smile. Give them a reason. There are lots of great GIFs, cat pics, memes and everything on the Internet. Forward something with a personal touch.

7.) One for the kids. Gift them chocolates, play games with ‘em. Tell ‘em stories, however horrible the stories are. Give a kid some time, it would just not make him happy, but give you peace and happiness as well.

8.) To add to 7, discover the kid within you. Give yourself attention and enjoy your moments. You don’t know how many people will smile just because you’re smiling.

9.) Play pranks, a successfully played prank will make everyone happy, a failed one will get people mad with laughter. Something as simple as telling people, there’s a bomb in the house will work, although you may risk being kicked out.

10.) You should never look back, buy if you do, pick a tale from the past and see the magic. Start as: “You know dad, your favorite watch you lost in 2004. You yelled at me the day before. So, I flushed it to avenge. Ain’t it funny?” Okay, next…

11.) Do a random act of kindness. There’s no greater good in the world as doing something for someone, selflessly. Be kind, the world needs it. Let someone feel good.

12.) Ask your friends over for a game on Weekend. Whatever sport you play, everyone needs a break, see to it that your pals get one.

13.) Crack jokes on your wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, or best friends, these jokes always end up in laughter. [PS: See to it that the targeted person doesn’t see it. Stay safe.] 

14.) Forgive people for their mistakes. If someone regrets it, don’t make ‘em feel down. Forgive and smile at the lesson both of you’ve learned. 

15.) Tell your significant other that you love ‘em. 

16.) More to gifts. Give an anonymous gift to someone. Something, a loved one always wanted. Keep it anonymous. Let the person live in imagination.

17.) Laugh out loud at something funny when things go quiet in a family gathering, etc. Chances are people will catch up soon.

18.) Be nice to waiters/ waitresses. Give ‘em kind words or tips. Thank them. 

19.) Write something for the people you love. A little note or anything. Draw a picture for them. Send ‘em pictures from the past. Talk/chat to people around you. Show them their worth. Make the day better for them in every little way you can.

20.) Help elder people. Whether you know them or not. Help strangers with carrying bags or holding the door. “Be remembered for good.”

21.) Lend something to a friend/sibling, they know you only share with people you trust. 

22.) “Good mornings”, “Good nights” are underrated. Everyone appreciates having people care for ‘em. Sometimes, it’s cool letting them know you’re there. 

23.) Laugh at yourself, others will follow suite. I forgot to mention, I’ve some grey hair showing up. Save me God! Don’t laugh you fool.

24.) Play along with good stories. Some tales about you are worth being incorrect. If only, they make people laugh, and don’t harm anyone involved. Go another step ahead, and tell a good lie about yourself. By the way, I found 2 gold biscuits under my bed.

25.) Tell a good joke. Example:

Q.) What’s big, round and is pretty HOT? 

A.) Sun. Okay.

Bonus. 26.) Always remember to wear a smile! 😄
Credits for article and information: @RahulSingh and @LaraA.

I was waiting to use this image someday. While, I had a great image to go along with post. I will use this wonderful edit of mine. 

Do share your views, and make people happy. Great day!

New Year! 

The first day of 2017 couldn’t go without Good Little Indian wishing all its readers a happy and prosperous 2017. Going through all Internet memes, and numerous posts on Social Media, this writer is sad to know that 2016 wasn’t so good for so many people. But, hey, you’re alive, and, being alive is much more than one can ask for. Many great people left us this year, but it happens every year, and will continue to happen as such; the circle of life. 

I was pretty excited to see 2017 arrive. So excited, I started wishing everyone about 30 minutes too early on Twitter, and did so until the hour hand of the clock had ticked to 2 late light. I have never been to a new year party, and has no plans for this life, so it takes some effort to get myself excited, but I do so successfully each time, umm.. I did so this time at least. The plan’s pretty simple, wish anyone that appears on the timeline. Anyone, that tweets “happy new year” gets a wish in return to be precise, or sometimes if I just want to wish someone, or otherwise, or something like that… the plan’s pretty simple regardless. Worked out fine. Although as one may feel spamming people saying “Happy New Year” isn’t cool by Twitter standards, but life’s about enjoying ourselves.
This post is important for myself. Finally something written other than tweets. Have had a tough time off late, haven’t written anything recently, things have gone wrong last year, and with the rising Sun in the New Year, am pretty optimistic about giving it another shot, admittedly ‘cause that’s the least one can do. Ironically, The Sun hasn’t been out today, it’s cloudy, but that doesn’t make a difference, does it? It will be out soon.

I don’t have plans for 2017, plans never work out for me, but I do have things I’d like to do, and hope it turns out great in the end.

My little cousins are wrestling here inches away from me, so I suppose I’d have to stop and stop more people nearby. So, happy new year everyone. I wish you this year’s a blessing for you. Great wishes for the day, year, and beyond.