​That awkward moment when you’re reading a sports article, scrolling down, and suddenly appears “10 movies where they really did IT!” With sponsorships and ads, one always expects these kind of stuff, but I always find it funny. Not that I’m tough to make laugh. Something as simple as “Awwwwwwww” makes me smile. This “Awwwwwwww” thing is fantastic though. So, fantastic that I’ve a joke. It’s getting old too soon, but I’ll crack it here. Hold your breath, here’s the joke:

Q.)What did the mad dog say to the man on street?

A.) Bhawwww bhawwww! 

Ain’t it an “awwwwww” inspiring joke? Letting the joke go, and being serious, I’d like to confess something. Something that I was reminded of just moments ago. Something I didn’t even have in my mind, when I started writing this post. Yes, this blog is so random. 

The confession: I met her for the last time today, or at least the second last time. The words will go unsaid. All those advises about expressing yourself, never living a life with “What IF’s,” go in vain. I have never been good with saying what I feel, and it’s unfortunate but that’s the way I am. This was probably the closest I got to what people call love, what’s even sad is that it was probably the only time I thought I would tell someone what I feel. But, life goes on, as they say. People will come and go, although I fear she’d never be replaced. The funny part is that I part with her, as unknown to her, as I was, when we met the first time even after being “friends” for so long.

This is getting a bit tough to write, so I wouldn’t describe anything, or even talk about it anymore. I wanted to confess it on the blog. To sum up, now she’s gone, gone forever. Unaware of “everything”. As this fool moves on with life.

I feel terribly sad know, even if this confession is a work of fiction. Somebody give me a tissue paper please. Have a good day friends. Waiting for your “Awwwww’s”. Thanks for reading! After this, if this is the last time you read my blog, I don’t blame you. The world is full of lies and sadistic humour. Love you all. Really. 

Describe this pic below.


7 thoughts on “Awwwwwwww…

  1. Rahul! C’mon…don’t be like that…give us the real gist of this “she” that’s got you confessing on the blog…ahahahaa! In fact, I dare to say that you saying that she’s a work of fiction is a guise…you’re hiding something! c’mon spill!

    Allow me to be a “mhenga”(wise one) for just one second…a cause that you believe in? is a cause worth fighting for…to the death…awwwwww! Isn’t that such a sweet thought…yeah! sweet as long as it continues to remain just that: a thought…hihii!
    Seriously though…here’s the tissue paper…as you move on to fight for that cause that you believe in…go on… ^_^

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  2. Haha! Rahul, I deeply regret…that I didn’t see this post soon enough, early enough to take advantage of your need to confess mood while it was still happening…I know that right now? No matter how much I taunt you, you shall never confess…so I shall digress while it’s still honourable to do so ^_^

    Such a lovely post though…as is your norm…I’m not sure yet, why I still laugh at these jokes that you’re always attempting to crack…but while I try to figure that out?

    Happy blogging…keep writing and we’ll keep reading.

    Ps. I added your blog to Bloglovin’ so that it’d be easier to keep up with your posts…I hope you don’t mind…(too late by the way, if you mind, hehaa!)
    Please feel free to visit their site and claim your blog, using their app just makes it easier for me to get updates of fresh posts on the all the blogs that I’m following.
    Enjoy the week ahead…have a fab one 🙂

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