New Year! 

The first day of 2017 couldn’t go without Good Little Indian wishing all its readers a happy and prosperous 2017. Going through all Internet memes, and numerous posts on Social Media, this writer is sad to know that 2016 wasn’t so good for so many people. But, hey, you’re alive, and, being alive is much more than one can ask for. Many great people left us this year, but it happens every year, and will continue to happen as such; the circle of life. 

I was pretty excited to see 2017 arrive. So excited, I started wishing everyone about 30 minutes too early on Twitter, and did so until the hour hand of the clock had ticked to 2 late light. I have never been to a new year party, and has no plans for this life, so it takes some effort to get myself excited, but I do so successfully each time, umm.. I did so this time at least. The plan’s pretty simple, wish anyone that appears on the timeline. Anyone, that tweets “happy new year” gets a wish in return to be precise, or sometimes if I just want to wish someone, or otherwise, or something like that… the plan’s pretty simple regardless. Worked out fine. Although as one may feel spamming people saying “Happy New Year” isn’t cool by Twitter standards, but life’s about enjoying ourselves.
This post is important for myself. Finally something written other than tweets. Have had a tough time off late, haven’t written anything recently, things have gone wrong last year, and with the rising Sun in the New Year, am pretty optimistic about giving it another shot, admittedly ‘cause that’s the least one can do. Ironically, The Sun hasn’t been out today, it’s cloudy, but that doesn’t make a difference, does it? It will be out soon.

I don’t have plans for 2017, plans never work out for me, but I do have things I’d like to do, and hope it turns out great in the end.

My little cousins are wrestling here inches away from me, so I suppose I’d have to stop and stop more people nearby. So, happy new year everyone. I wish you this year’s a blessing for you. Great wishes for the day, year, and beyond.


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