India, Pakistan, Terrorism, War, and some Chinese talk (Opinion of an Indian Guy!)

I am myself wondering why I would write this blog post. I am in no way qualified to speak on a matter as serious as this, and I’m not going to offer any expertise anyways. No political Interest, no knowledge of foreign policies, and no knowledge of “war”. However, being on Social Media – I just couldn’t ignore the present India versus Pakistan dynamic.

India is a complicated place, as I have understood in my 22 years of life. We are united, and then we are divided. We are 1 nation, and somewhere, we are also 29 states and 7 Union Territories. We are 1.3 billion Indians, but then we also Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and everything else. It’s safe to say, that we have, or we find more reasons to have internal disputes than any other nation. But, thankfully we are a democracy, we appreciate diversity, and with all troubles, we are at all times, together. There are two things specific that unites every Indian in every stretch of imagination – Cricket and Pakistan.

In the last 10 years of myself watching news channels, I have not gone through a calendar year without a terrorist attack in India. Every time, all the investigations give results pretty much the same – just with different names. I’d be honest, I don’t really care about remembering those names either. I think I have heard it one million times at least – “The terrorists came from across the borders.”

The problem starts here. Pakistan won’t accept, and to be fair to them, it’s not something one wants to accept – being home to terrorists. But, then there are stories of I. S. I.  (Pakistan’s intelligence) organizing terrorist camps, and the Pakistani military grooming terrorists, and things are more complicated. I can’t still try to figure out: Why should a nation groom terrorists? It’s not that they don’t suffer. Terrorists kill more people in Pakistan than they can dream of in India, they won’t even spare kids. Pakistan’s economy is nuisance, and they risk being in a situation similar to that of “Syria” in the future.

I consider Pakistan a “Terrorist State”, and my problem is that we loose soldiers, and common people in attacks that are caused due to our neighbor being double faced to handling terror. Yeah, it’s pretty mind boggling that people find phrases called “good terrorism”. I understand Pakistan finds India a “soft state”, but haven’t we fought enough wars yet? Even with another war, we’ve a clear winner, but the problem is that there will be destruction on both sides. A nuclear war is the last thing the world needs to see, but it’s a thing I see Pakistani ministers talk a lot of on account of sending warnings to India on possibilities of war. I find it weird because even in that scenario, it’s easier to wipe off 180-200 million people than 1.3 billion people. That’s a gross fact to put forward, but it’s an unfortunate reality.

If you’re a neutral person reading this, I don’t know what you feel, but recently, very recently – I see genuine hate develop between the two nations. Pakistan has never been a “best friend”, but people have always had a soft side for them, easily demonstrated by some of the love their cricketers, singers, actors get here, but that’s diminishing, and in my opinion it’s Pakistan’s “terrorism” thoughts to be blamed.

I have memories of 1999 – when India fought Pakistan in Kargil – I was 5 then. I am 22 now, and not much has changed seemingly, when Indian media is going full blown on “war” mode. Every Indian on Social Media wants war with Pakistan. Going through Pakistan’s media reports on the web tells me that they sniff conspiracy against Pakistan, and things are stagnant on the issue.

How are things going to get better? Not many ideas. India and Pakistan are always going to have some issues – especially with the prospect of a war sometime, that “hate” factor wouldn’t disappear, but increase. Another problem with a war is that win or loose, everyone looses more than they gain. War is also not a solution as well, unless one of the two nations cease to exist, and if that happens, that’s a problem for everyone involved.

I’ve been an admirer of our epics, and the one thing that they teach is that war is the last option. I personally think that neither of the two nations have reached a stage where they have no other option than going into war.

What do we do now to change the Indo-Pak scenario without war?

Talk..!! Talk harsh. I don’t know if it’s possible , but get the Pakistan military involved too. From what I’ve understood Pakistani politics, the army chief has more say than Pakistan’s Prime Minister himself. Talk about POK, talk about Jammu and Kashmir too, because if terrorism from our neighbor hurts people anywhere, it’s our nationals in Kashmir. I know the idea of talking sounds cowardly, but I have got my reasons for diplomacy over war.

We have everything going right for us in terms of our economy. Our Prime Minister has spent the entire first half of his tenure trying to get more investments in India. While the western world has long time back seen its Internet boom, India still provides an ocean of opportunities in that regards. In short, if we go into a fight with Pakistan, we can’t win, because our growth will suffer regardless of what happens. 

Do I support the Surgical Strike? Hell yeah. Nothing has got me as excited in recent times than the news of Indian paratroopers killing Pakistani terrorists in Pakistan did. I’d love another one of those too, and our Commandos are good enough to do that. But, what thereafter? A 3rd strike? A 4th? Can we kill all the terrorists like that? Can we finish terrorism in Pakistan without Pakistan willing to do that? No, India has to talk.. India has to get Pakistan involved. I don’t know how the top tier works, but the Pak government, the Pak Army has to be convinced that they’re better served killing Pakistani terrorists than Indian soldiers. The former has no problems killing children at schools, the latter lives to secure an ocean of people. I have no problems saying that I personally find the United Nations “laughable” as a “democratic” world organization, and neither China, nor U. S. A. can do much in solving Indo-Pak problems, they’ve their own issues. It’s got to be solved between us, and for that both nations have to talk, and in a way they haven’t done in the last 69 years.

Should all bilateral businesses be brought to a halt till then? Should Pakistani actors not be allowed in India? Should India and Pakistan not play Cricket against each other? It’s pretty simple, when I’d fight with someone at school, we don’t know each other until the tension cease to exist. How will the tension cease to exist? We’ll have to talk our way out. 

The biggest problem with war is that missiles won’t care if there are little children – negligent of all the hate stuff, dreaming in their own worlds playing – where It’s going to go off. Indian, Pakistani or from anywhere, do those Godly creatures deserve to die? We would be fighting a war against “enemies”, but what if withIn the enemy camp exists a creature that wants peace?

There is little chance that any Pakistani will ever read this, honestly 3-4 people will read this completely (1 of ’em being myself), but if you’re from Pakistan, and you read this. Do ask yourself a question – In the most ideal circumstances for you, you beat us in war without one loss, none of us Indians exist, Kashmir is yours. What then? Would terrorism let you grow? Are your policies formidable enough to help you move forward? The answer is a resounding NO. It’s one thing adding up a nuclear weapon one after another, it’s another thing being a superpower. More importantly, will Pakistan be a “happy nation” thereafter? The answer again seems negative. Why does Pakistan need more land? Pakistan can’t really capitalize on the land it has, and fair enough to say that it has a large area for a land of 180 million or so. In fact, so much that it has “donated” land to China for something unknown to me. Dragons are naughty, aren’t they?

Coming to China. It’s reasonable that they support Pakistan in international forums like they do, even if it’s using the VITO to help a terrorist. Really, if I were China I’d be like: 

Pakistan: Hey mate, this is our dude, he’s a good guy. Stop him from being banned in the U. N. 

Me (as China): Dude, that guy is a terrorist!

Pakistan: But, we give you our land.. remember!

Me (as China): OMG! How did I forget? Silly me.. Almost done, babe.

It’s normal that many Indians hate China in this situation. Many have now made it a point to stop using Chinese products. But can we avoid everything Chinese? Impossible! At least for now. We can’t tell everyone to throw their China made phones, etc. It’s not practical. My own Micromax, an Indian company I’m writing this on, was made with Chinese parts in China earlier. I won’t throw this phone. iPhones are too expensive.

 The solution here is “Make in India”. I think every consumer has the right to buy the best product in the market, and Indian youth should take this a challenge to provide Indians with products that are a better alternative to Chinese products. It will take time, but this is the way we can solve problems. The best way to solve our current problems is to become the nation we are destined to become. India is a big nation, and India has to act as a world leader. I want to live in an India that is “terror-proof”. I want to continue being proud of the fact that India never “starts a fight”, and I want to continue living in an India, that continues building hospitals, dams, schools in countries such as Afghanistan. In our nation, we have many battles ahead – as our honourable Prime Minister has sometimes said before too – we have poverty to fight; We still have prejudices and stereotypes to fight too; We are into a stage where India grows everyday, where our nation fights the problems everyday, where people come up with solutions, until that proverbial “last person” lives a good life. It’s difficult, but possibile.

I hate to see our Soldiers die, but I am very sure that even if the most disastrous war happens, doesn’t matter if we aren’t exactly 1.3 people alive, there shall continue to exist a Hindustan, but I am one of those that wants to see on the world map – A Pakistan too, hopefully a Pakistan without the Hafeez Saeed, and many more hypocritic people who can somehow manipulate young minds to fight against people who aren’t too different. It has been said time and again that there are more happier Muslims in India than the total population of Pakistan, but “that dude” wouldn’t get it of course. 

Signing off. Do let me know your own views in the comments section. Eagerly Waiting. And yeah… whatever I said here.. keep it between us.


18 thoughts on “India, Pakistan, Terrorism, War, and some Chinese talk (Opinion of an Indian Guy!)

  1. What else one could expect from an Indian. That is not neutral analysis. Your opinion is highly biased. And come to Pakistan sometime, its not going to turn into Syria. You better care about your own land. You kill kashmirirs like animals and call us terrorists?


    1. Hmm, what were you expecting? I am an Indian, and I talk like one. Come to India sometime, and you’d see that we do care about our nation, and I surely wasn’t even trying to bring out any neutral analysis. Personal blog, personal thoughts. You may agree, you may disagree. Good day!


      1. Amidst all, people actually have a voice here. It’s Ironic still that Muslims have increased the most in numbers in India in the last decade. Our greatest President Sir APJ Abdul Kalam is a Muslim. We have in fact got more Muslims than Pakistan. At present, Bollywood’s most loved actor is a Muslim, aka, Salman Khan. Yes, discrimination, prejudices exist. But, reality check.. we’re moving forward. Taking tough decisions, cleaning house. More people getting educated. We recently had a Kashmiri youth top an entrance for an administrative office. 10-15 years from now. I love what my country will be. I love our chances. I don’t mean to argue too, but, I do like the side I am on, mate! 🙂


      2. That’s what we are prepared for aren’t we? Patriotism injected into us through text books and media. However, I give my best wishes to so called efforts for minorities, women, and low casts in India.


      3. I am still “humanity first”. Here I’m the one that knows that his country is not perfect. I am just saying the we have more things right than wrong, not many can say that. We are Democratic, and always making efforts to get things better. Need I say any more?


  2. Interesting article Rahul…when you’re living on the other side of the world…you never really get to hear about some of these things…

    I love deeply though, all the insight that you’ve given as a solution to the problems you’ve discussed. My challenge for you…read that as “my dare for you”…committing to making a difference as an individual…you’ve already partly done that my engaging your mind to the problems by blogging, I’d say though…think more deeply about what you said about the “Make in India” plot. With a brain as smart as yours…I believe you have a great part top play in the “Make in India” idea.

    Lovely article, thanks as always…for sharing ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. All of us have a role to play at different levels. The border issues doesn’t seem to be getting solved at any time soon. But, it’d be cool if both sides can get ahead. Till then, both sides can keep claiming about their “righteousness”. 😀

      Don’t know what the future holds. Me, being an introvert doesn’t help my cause for being an entrepreneur. But, I do have things to do, and always hoping I will make a difference in some way!

      BTW, Thank you for your comments. Always great to have a person with great intellect stopping by, people smarter than self. 🙂


      1. So true…I wish too as you had discussed, that leaders would always pick the reasonable solution: conversation, that war would be the very last choice, when everything else fails…oh well, it is what it is, huh?
        Most welcome though…I’ll keep visiting this space as often as I can…
        In the meantime? I shall be happy to humour self, in carrying this title that you just awarded me “I got great intellect…I’m smarter than Rahul” Hehaaa!
        Hmmm…it does sound great said out loud…whether that is true or not is a story for some other day!
        Enjoy Monsieur, and merry Christmas btw! ^_^

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