100 Things I need to tell YOU – The First 25.

Good little Indian is here to let you know all the things you need to know. You may agree, you may not, but life and writing is about expressing. So, Let’s start with my “life” list.

0. My Twitter handle is @RahulSingh_I

1. Your ability to catch a rare Pokémon shouldn’t be mentioned in your CV.

2. Teaching is easy unless one has to teach.

3. Tweeting is easy unless you’ve set yourself “Re-tweet” goals.

4. There is only ONE you in this universe.

5. This universe also has only ONE me.

6. “When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade.” We hear this a lot, but it’s entirely up to you to choose what you want to do with the lemons.

7. If you dreams aren’t big enough. Great. Fulfil them anyways, and start dreaming again.

8. When you feel tired mentally, you need sleep, friends or exercise. There are just no better medicines.

9. If you think EVERYBODY hates you, start loving yourself.

10. If you have things you can’t share, but they need to be shared. Start writing FICTION.

11. “I want you to know this Mom, I love you.” I see TOO many posts saying these kind of words these days. Factually, there is a pretty slim chance that you’ve your mom in your Twitter or G+ list. Got that?

12. It’s okay if you message first.

13. It’s not okay to tell an Internet friend that you’ll be together forever when you get hurt if they don’t choose your edit as the best.

14. Please give credits. Showing someone else’s hard work as yours is hypocritic.

13. Read blogs. It’s okay if you never come back here, but there are more people than ever sharing their wisdom, and it’s completely worth it.

14. Using the words Sl*t, f*ck, b*tch unnecessarily doesn’t make you look cool.

15. Stop using too many exclamation marks. Just STOP!

16. Don’t expect friends to be perfect, unless you can type 60 words in a minute without any error.

17. Stop claiming you’ve enough reasons to die. If you could meet all of the 7 billion wonders, you would understand what I just said.

18. If you can’t find peace and happiness in a child’s smile. No Church or Temple or Mosque is worth going to.

19. Try having an unconditional optimistic attitude for 21 days. If you aren’t more positive after 21 days. Start again, and so on.

20. Be brutally honest and you risk yourself being killed. However, honesty is always the best policy.

21. I removed 80% of friends on Facebook. It doesn’t help. Subtracting people from your lives is overrated.

22. Play badminton, go swimming, jog when possible, and there’s a great chance you’d remain healthy even when you don’t quit eating your favorite food ( Coming from an unhealthy guy, this can be ignored).

23. If you can’t laugh at this joke. There’s something wrong.

Q. What did the back say to the eye ?
A. You can’t see me!

I told you, there’s something wrong… with the joke.

24. Life doesn’t owe you anything except death, and you’ll find that it never cheats on that account.

25. It’s easier said than done. I can, and will say a lot more things. The need is for me and you to act as well.

Thanks for reading, and do reply with what you’ve to say.


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