I can’t give a reason but…

1. I un-friended about 80% of my friends on Facebook.

Most of the organisms that had to leave were as I am hoping studied in the same school as me. Some, known faces too, but sometimes I don’t need a reason. The fun part is that after having removed many people, I decided to just minus people who haven’t replied to my messages, not that I message a lot, but I did find 3-4 former classmates to help go. One a pretty face as well, but rules are rules. I do feel bad now, but it was indeed fun while it lasted. In some ways, it wasn’t.

2. I decided to go ahead with a few “cheap” jokes.

#ShortWomenAppreciationDay and #TallWomenAppreciationDay trended on Twitter during the first week of September. As usual, I decided to go ahead with jokes that absolutely weren’t too funny in hindsight. The tweets have now been deleted, but I will tell you what I had tweeted:

(Disclaimer: 100% accuracy isn’t guaranteed.)

Tweet 1 (For Tall women): “OMG! You’re so tall, you’re like a Giraffe’s neck.”

Tweet 2 (For short women): “OMG! You’re so cute. You look like my neighbor’s cat.”

Tweet 3 (For medium height women): Light needs no medium to travel. Why do you exist?

While I actually thought, tweets 1 and 2 were funny, and not insulting, but I realized tweet 3 went extremely wrong. I have never been too big on deleting tweets. So, I did another tweet: “If you’re wondering about my recent tweets. I am just trying to act controversial and become famous.”

Though, a friend let me know that they were really more insulting than funny. So, I deleted ’em.

I still think the first two could’ve been funny. Maybe. Still, I don’t know why I would tweet ’em, but I wrote ’em here to apologize. Just to make myself feel better.

3. My phone’s not 4G.

India is crazy about free 4G internet for the next 3 months with Reliance Gio, but as it turns out – my phone doesn’t support 4G. I didn’t even know until now. So, I guess I’ll do with 2G for now. That doesn’t make me too sad either. Slow internet has its own charm.

4. I decided to let my elder cousin play Wrestling and Baseball on my phone… on career mode.

I had been undefeated as a Wrestler for at least 50 fights straight. He lost, that too when the opponent had only about 30% energy opposite to 100% of my character. Not wanting to loose another match, I shifted him to Baseball. He won the friendly game 5-0. Confident, I decided to let him play a game in the league format. Hoping, he’d help me add up to another win. He lost 16-4.

5. Everyday the desire to be a billionaire grows.

While wanting to be rich is nothing too strange of a thought. I want to be rich, but I hate extroverted tasks. I don’t want cars, or Air Conditioning, or I don’t even dream of having an island, or anything flashy, but I want to sit back and see myself topping Forbes’s lists, and I want to donate lots of money. Then, again… who’s working on my account?

5. I will upload this screenshot.

Error 22! Screenshot didn’t upload.

6. I couldn’t do a proper Teacher’s day tweet..

I have had some awesome teachers in my life during school. However, this Teacher’s day I would still refer to TIME as my favourite teacher. It saddens me, but this is the way how things stand.


2 thoughts on “I can’t give a reason but…

  1. Well I m really sorry for being harsh with u. I didnt want to hurt u, if possible forgive me…Don’t get upset with whatever I say.I just go insane sometimes. Sorry

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Neither was I hurt, nor were you harsh. Though, I didn’t mean it that way. No running from it was offensive, and kind of thank you for letting me know and not making it a big issue. I am grateful. 🙂


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