100 Things I need to tell YOU – the 4th 25 about “love”


Life, love and more in the 4th part of this list article series. I would like to thank Google for existing and helping me shoot at war without having any first hand experience with guns. You’d understand this reference later. Now, please READ.

[You can get the third list about a “life without limits and suicides here.]

0. All the posts combined has 104 points in total. Yet, I have named it 100 things I need to tell YOU for some reason.

0.1 The theme of this “set” is love, hate and mistakes. Now we have a total of 105 points. (Don’t expect me to talk a lot about hate though.)

1. Love yourself.

2. Want your first love to not go wrong? Fall in love with yourself.

3. Love your education, career and money because they won’t get up on you one morning and decide to leave you. [This stuck on my mind from a tweet I read few days before. I apologize for not being able to give proper credit.]

4. In a survey, 88% of women said “money” to be a “very important” part of relationships, and it’s the number one cause of disputes as well. [Article: 10 fascinating facts about modern relationships.]

5. It’s okay to fall in love with your phone. Actually, it’s not okay, but I understand your trouble.

6. It’s normal to fall in love, but you should be strong enough to stand up and walk out of it.

You weren’t expecting that, were you? But, I LOVE humour. You should LOVE a good laugh as well. Makes life much easier. It reminds me that…

7. Love your life. It will stay with you till death.

8. Love and appreciate friendships.

Here’s a short incident from my own life, when I was hanging out with my 2 best friends recently.

F1 to F2: Dude, why are you so sad?
F2: ’cause she is out of town for a couple of days.

F1 (laughs): You won’t be this sad, even when I die.
F2: Honestly, yeah.

Me to F1: I think you shouldn’t have asked that, feels bad.

Myself and F1 had a good laugh about it, and F2 tried to justify his thoughts; sadly we knew he wasn’t kidding as well. It’s okay.

Thoughts: Everyone of you have a priority list, but if you’ve good friends. Appreciate them.

9. It’s easier to hate, but it kills you subtly.

10. You’ll make mistakes in life. You can fall in love with the wrong person, you may waste precious amount of time in life trying to hate somebody. The best thing is to learn and move on.

11. Never hate people who help you better yourself.

12. I read a heck lot of “love” posts on the web for this topic, like this one on Thought Catalog.

What I learnt: “love” related posts gets a good number of page views, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It was fun reading many of ’em but at times people get a bit too “cheesy”.

13. Love bites can kill you. Here’s a recent story.

Hickey Kills Teenage Boy: Blood Clot, Stroke Caused By ‘Love Bite’ From Girlfriend

14. This is how a “cute” kid answered the question of “What is love?”

I guess my best way of explaining what I think love is would be like the solar system. There are a bunch of planets that can represent people. And then of course gravity holds them together. And gravity is sort of like love. No matter how far apart people are, love can hold them together

An excerpt from this article at The Guardian.

15. We are not the only faithful species, but Wolves, swans and many more in the animal kingdom find a mate for life.

16. Heart break is not just a metaphor.

17. Forgive loved ones for the mistakes, they’re humans too.

18. Love and appreciate diversity. Not all roses are red, but all are beautiful.

19. Loving, and being loved back are two different things completely independent of each other.

20. Smile is the most attractive feature. Bring the best smiles out of people, and never forget to smile yourself even during hard times. Your smile could be someone’s only happiness.

21. “I had a boyfriend for a week.” Not me.

An international friend recently let me know about her one week’s “virtual” relationship. This was a fun conversation lasting an hour with many a laughing “emoji”. It’s an example of love not lasting “forever” and ending without any heartbreaks.

I don’t know why I would mention this thing, but both of us found it funny. It doesn’t actually qualify as “true love” in any sense. It doesn’t qualify as love either. Naughty young people.

22. The answer to hate is not hate, it’s not love either. It’s apologizing for the inconvenience and moving on.

23. I am 22, and have always been single, and I hope that doesn’t make this whole post invalid.

I do LOVE my life, my family, friends and this universe. So, I do have a point with all this, from what I understand.

24. There’s always a voice you like to hear, a face you like to see, and some people you genuinely respect and like for who they are, and keep doing so even when they are gone from your lives, and even with the memories getting blurred with time.

25. Then you’ll also have people who’ll not enter to leave, but to stick by you through all this “drama” of life. If you’ve found yours, good luck. If you’ve haven’t – I don’t care. I haven’t either.

Thank you for reading, and this is the most fun I’ve had writing a list. I hope you have fun reading this too. If not, I would LOVE you for forgiving me.


100 Things I Need to Tell YOU – The Third 25

Life advises, inspiration and more stuff is to be served. Enjoy yourselves. I have already told you 50 things of the 100, and here are 25 more, not counting the zero.

0. Live a life without limits.

1. You’re not supposed to be right all the time.

2. All things having life will always have imperfections, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to attain perfection.

3. If your only goal is money, you may end up unhappy most probably.

4. Don’t preach stuff you don’t know about. There’s a reason I don’t talk about making money online, even though I’ve a great desire to do so.

5. Not everyone needs to agree with you.

6. Never spend time criticizing a person, unless you are getting paid, or the person requests for it.

7. To the readers: Never judge a book by its cover. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, am repeating again.

To the content makers: A great book cover is a must.

8. Stop complaining about all the people un-following you on Social Media. By posting such stuff, you’re giving more people reasons to bid you farewell.

On a related note, I checked out all the un-follows I got on Twitter today, and it hurts, but it’s okay.

9. If you have too many people blocking you, you ain’t using Social Media in the most productive way.

10. Having a dictionary app on the phone helps.

11. It’s “Bay of Bengal” on the world map above the Indian ocean, and not the “BAE of Bengal”.


12. Be generous.

For the next 100 days, make it a point to give praise and approval to those who deserve it.

[Credit: Lifehack’s article 60 Small Ways to Improve Your Life in the Next 100 Days]

13. On the day of this post being written, a friend of mine who’s into his final year of B.Tech, met with an accident. His bike skit, and he’s got multiple injuries to boast off, and a “thrilling” moment to remember as well. In his own words, he was inches away from being run over by a bus, he saw death.

It’s an unpredictable life.

14. Life is precious, and is worth the struggle. Always.

15. “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” [Source: Internet]

16. Life can anytime get better. Have faith. Here’s an example of a person who shares the 7 things she learned after her failed suicide attempt.

I am grateful I survived. I am grateful for my second chance at life. I am content with knowing that if I die tomorrow I will do so being at peace with what I have done and accomplished. I am even more fulfilled knowing that I do not want to die tomorrow.

Read her story at thoughtcatalog.c om by clicking here.

17. “Should I kill myself, or have a cup of coffee?” – Albert Camus

18. Laugh at yourself, accept your flaws.

19. Crack silly jokes. Which reminds me of a question I needed to ask.

Q. What did the moon tell the Sun?

A. Baby, you’re so hot. I wish you liked night outings.

20. Ask for help. Find people who are willing to help.

21. Make it a habit to ignore negative posts/talks on Social Media. Yes, ignorance is bliss. Many people use Social Media to rant, and vomit all the trash. If there’s lesson and wisdom coming along, okay. Otherwise, push the mute button.

22. Read and hear motivational stuff, be around positive people. Fill your stock of “reasons to live”. In the darkest night, you shouldn’t struggle to find your “hope”.

23. Stay optimistic, have self respect, confidence, and wit. However, always stay humble.

24. There’s no dead person who changed the world.

25. I can go on saying, and I am not “depression proof” as well. I am not a survivor either, and no expert for sure.

Life has been kind to me, and give it a chance always, there’s every reason, it will be kind to you.

Thanks for reading. Another part to come, will see you soon with it. Till then, let me know what you feel about this set of 25.

100 Things I need to tell YOU – the second 25.

Good Little Indian has more things to say, and so they have another list. Clicking on this link takes you to the first list of 25 of the “Things I need to tell you.” Happy reading, and wishing this makes a difference to you in a good way.


0. Within you is a universe, as great as the one you live in.

1. “Globally, about one-third of food is wasted: 1.6bn tonnes of produce a year, with a value of about $1tn.” [Report: The Guardian]

2. Nearly 1/2 of the world’s population — more than 3 billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day. More than 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty — less than $1.25 a day. [Report: dosomething.org]

3. A guy in his 30’s jumped off a bridge. Later a note was discovered from his apartment, where he lived alone. It said:

I’m going to walk to the bridge. If one person smiles at me on the way, I’ll not jump.

[Report: The NewYorker]

4. Never judge or be rude to people you don’t know. You don’t know about their struggles. ~ Anonymous

5. Be a good friend, before wanting that good friend. All your friends doesn’t need to know about your problems, they have enough of their own. Sometimes, help first.

We need to share our problems with friends, and all of us do. Make sure they are doing alright before you let them know about your recent breakup. Unless of course, your friend can find that funny. Such friends do exist, all my friends know one such person.

6. “I like to think nobody cares about me, I really do. I hate that I can’t forget all those childhood memories of my mom feeding me half asleep. I hate my dad for paying for all my needs, for taking me to all those fairs. I hate my Grandpa, granny, uncles, brothers, sisters for not ignoring my existence. I hate my best friends for being so genuinely awesome, and caring, and all of my Internet buddies too. I hate everyone.”

Bizarre? Okay, I hate none of them. If you know people care about you. Great. If you think no one cares about you. My best wishes to you to find the people who do.

9. “I need to start loving myself,” a friend mentioned on Twitter today. You, yes YOU reader – love yourself.

Even after all my failures, all my flaws, every bit of negativity I have. All things I claim to not have. All fears that exist within. I would never want to be anyone else. I know, there’s just ONE me. You know that too.

10. Be the friend to people, you have always dreamt to have.

11. Respect people.

12. I will keep writing until the last person on earth tells me not to. Unfortunately, I am that last person in my list. Sorry, just can’t help.

13. When you say that you hate everyone. Keep in mind that this writer is a part of “everyone” as well, and has done absolutely nothing to deserve your hate.

The next time you say, “I hate everyone,” you better message and apologize to me. You can find me on Twitter (@RahulSingh_I) by following this link, and on G+ by following this link.

14. Appreciate the little things in life.

15. This quote I came across reading Shiv Khera’s book, You Can Win:

Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the striving and tolerant of the weak and wrong. Because some time in our lives we would have been all of these ourselves.

16. This..

Last year, I was visiting Delhi and one fine day I forgot my cell phone in an auto. By the time I realized that my phone wasn’t with me, I was hyperventilating and dialing my number again and again in the hope that somebody would pick up.

Apparently, after a while, when the auto driver stopped at a red light, somebody told him that there was a phone ringing in his auto. He then picked up my call and came all the way back to where he dropped me to return the phone. It was one of the kindest things anyone had done for me.

Excerpt taken from ScoopWhoop’s article, “11 Real-Life Incidents Of People Helping Complete Strangers“.

17. An eye for an eye would make the whole world blind.

All of us have heard this, haven’t we? Not difficult to understand as well.

18. Appreciate diversity.

19. When someone criticizes you, – listen. There’s a great chance that you may end up bettering yourself as a person. However, never forget that it’s YOUR life.

20. Listen to your HEART, and your BRAIN.

21. Attitude MATTERS. The right attitude can change the world for better.

22. Gratitude is the key to happiness.

23. Be thankful for the food that’s served, there are way too many people sleeping hungry tonight.

24. There are no “ugly” faces. There are just eye defects.

25. There’s a chance you couldn’t be alive to see the next sunrise. Leave nothing to regret.

If you’ve something to add to this list, or just want to say hi. Do let me know by commenting. I’d be grateful. Thank you.

100 Things I need to tell YOU – The First 25.

Good little Indian is here to let you know all the things you need to know. You may agree, you may not, but life and writing is about expressing. So, Let’s start with my “life” list.

0. My Twitter handle is @RahulSingh_I

1. Your ability to catch a rare Pokémon shouldn’t be mentioned in your CV.

2. Teaching is easy unless one has to teach.

3. Tweeting is easy unless you’ve set yourself “Re-tweet” goals.

4. There is only ONE you in this universe.

5. This universe also has only ONE me.

6. “When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade.” We hear this a lot, but it’s entirely up to you to choose what you want to do with the lemons.

7. If you dreams aren’t big enough. Great. Fulfil them anyways, and start dreaming again.

8. When you feel tired mentally, you need sleep, friends or exercise. There are just no better medicines.

9. If you think EVERYBODY hates you, start loving yourself.

10. If you have things you can’t share, but they need to be shared. Start writing FICTION.

11. “I want you to know this Mom, I love you.” I see TOO many posts saying these kind of words these days. Factually, there is a pretty slim chance that you’ve your mom in your Twitter or G+ list. Got that?

12. It’s okay if you message first.

13. It’s not okay to tell an Internet friend that you’ll be together forever when you get hurt if they don’t choose your edit as the best.

14. Please give credits. Showing someone else’s hard work as yours is hypocritic.

13. Read blogs. It’s okay if you never come back here, but there are more people than ever sharing their wisdom, and it’s completely worth it.

14. Using the words Sl*t, f*ck, b*tch unnecessarily doesn’t make you look cool.

15. Stop using too many exclamation marks. Just STOP!

16. Don’t expect friends to be perfect, unless you can type 60 words in a minute without any error.

17. Stop claiming you’ve enough reasons to die. If you could meet all of the 7 billion wonders, you would understand what I just said.

18. If you can’t find peace and happiness in a child’s smile. No Church or Temple or Mosque is worth going to.

19. Try having an unconditional optimistic attitude for 21 days. If you aren’t more positive after 21 days. Start again, and so on.

20. Be brutally honest and you risk yourself being killed. However, honesty is always the best policy.

21. I removed 80% of friends on Facebook. It doesn’t help. Subtracting people from your lives is overrated.

22. Play badminton, go swimming, jog when possible, and there’s a great chance you’d remain healthy even when you don’t quit eating your favorite food ( Coming from an unhealthy guy, this can be ignored).

23. If you can’t laugh at this joke. There’s something wrong.

Q. What did the back say to the eye ?
A. You can’t see me!

I told you, there’s something wrong… with the joke.

24. Life doesn’t owe you anything except death, and you’ll find that it never cheats on that account.

25. It’s easier said than done. I can, and will say a lot more things. The need is for me and you to act as well.

Thanks for reading, and do reply with what you’ve to say.

I can’t give a reason but…

1. I un-friended about 80% of my friends on Facebook.

Most of the organisms that had to leave were as I am hoping studied in the same school as me. Some, known faces too, but sometimes I don’t need a reason. The fun part is that after having removed many people, I decided to just minus people who haven’t replied to my messages, not that I message a lot, but I did find 3-4 former classmates to help go. One a pretty face as well, but rules are rules. I do feel bad now, but it was indeed fun while it lasted. In some ways, it wasn’t.

2. I decided to go ahead with a few “cheap” jokes.

#ShortWomenAppreciationDay and #TallWomenAppreciationDay trended on Twitter during the first week of September. As usual, I decided to go ahead with jokes that absolutely weren’t too funny in hindsight. The tweets have now been deleted, but I will tell you what I had tweeted:

(Disclaimer: 100% accuracy isn’t guaranteed.)

Tweet 1 (For Tall women): “OMG! You’re so tall, you’re like a Giraffe’s neck.”

Tweet 2 (For short women): “OMG! You’re so cute. You look like my neighbor’s cat.”

Tweet 3 (For medium height women): Light needs no medium to travel. Why do you exist?

While I actually thought, tweets 1 and 2 were funny, and not insulting, but I realized tweet 3 went extremely wrong. I have never been too big on deleting tweets. So, I did another tweet: “If you’re wondering about my recent tweets. I am just trying to act controversial and become famous.”

Though, a friend let me know that they were really more insulting than funny. So, I deleted ’em.

I still think the first two could’ve been funny. Maybe. Still, I don’t know why I would tweet ’em, but I wrote ’em here to apologize. Just to make myself feel better.

3. My phone’s not 4G.

India is crazy about free 4G internet for the next 3 months with Reliance Gio, but as it turns out – my phone doesn’t support 4G. I didn’t even know until now. So, I guess I’ll do with 2G for now. That doesn’t make me too sad either. Slow internet has its own charm.

4. I decided to let my elder cousin play Wrestling and Baseball on my phone… on career mode.

I had been undefeated as a Wrestler for at least 50 fights straight. He lost, that too when the opponent had only about 30% energy opposite to 100% of my character. Not wanting to loose another match, I shifted him to Baseball. He won the friendly game 5-0. Confident, I decided to let him play a game in the league format. Hoping, he’d help me add up to another win. He lost 16-4.

5. Everyday the desire to be a billionaire grows.

While wanting to be rich is nothing too strange of a thought. I want to be rich, but I hate extroverted tasks. I don’t want cars, or Air Conditioning, or I don’t even dream of having an island, or anything flashy, but I want to sit back and see myself topping Forbes’s lists, and I want to donate lots of money. Then, again… who’s working on my account?

5. I will upload this screenshot.

Error 22! Screenshot didn’t upload.

6. I couldn’t do a proper Teacher’s day tweet..

I have had some awesome teachers in my life during school. However, this Teacher’s day I would still refer to TIME as my favourite teacher. It saddens me, but this is the way how things stand.