“Death is a beautiful woman!”

I see you in the mornings. I see you during nights. I see you in pitch dark. I see you in light. Unlike, everything else, I know I’ll get you. O beautiful woman, I know I’ll get to hug you. For you aren’t a mirage, you ain’t false. You’re purer than my mom’s care for me. You’re beautiful, you’re serene. However long is the wait. I rest assured, you’ll bring me peace. My heart says you’ll cure my pains. You’re my eternal heal. My wounds, my soul awaits you. Eagerly life awaits to kiss you. Myself awaits to feel your tender love. My soul awaits…

People mistake you an enemy, but wise know thy as a friend. Us fools see you as an ending, but only the lucky ones understand, you aren’t an ending, but another beginning. Help me turn the cycle of my life, my soul awaits…

I wonder if another life awaits me after another. I wonder why I exist. My heart doesn’t tell me why it beats. Neither does I know for the reason I breathe. A wise man let me know you’re beautiful. I will go by his words, and see you as a beautiful woman sitting in front of me. When my quest for respect is over. When I’m satisfied with lessons in life. I will be happy to be in your arms, O death!

However, it’s not my terms you act on. But, here’s a request. If thy want to embrace me today, give me another day to play. For my desires are incomplete, dear death. Let mine beat some more, please death. Let me live once more, before I die, dear death.

I was thinking of you death, and I realized how wrong I’d been living. If you give me another chance, I will be better. Until then, “Thank you” death. My soul awaits…

I don’t know what kind of post this is, but I thought I should share. Rahul Singh thanks you for reading. The title idea came after reading an answer by the author of The Alchemist. You all know him, right?



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