Knowing it’s time to CHANGE…

Time – it always goes on, and everything changes with time, but it’s not “TIME” that causes the change, rather one’s actions that do.

You (the reader) must have gone through different phases in your life. I know that’s a stupid statement. Of course, any person goes through the ups and downs life has to offer. No matter how hard one tries, the mind is a mess. We can pretend about “living in the present” all we want, but both “worries of the future” and “stories of the past” do get a place in our lives. The successful possibly don’t let these thoughts affect their inner peace and not affect their work. On the flip side, ones struggling as me just can’t always let the thoughts not overpower the present. Again, that’s an assumption.

I’ve never been depressed. Never have wanted to kill myself, never thought of giving up on my passion. Rather, I’ve learned to deal with failures, keep a sense of humour, and be thankful for everything I have been gifted. The recent post “Seriously struggling” was actually meant to be serious rather than the mess it turned out. However, I was confused on what I needed to be serious about, hence it panned out the way it did.

CHANGE – I know the answer now, change is the answer. Recently, I’ve been trying to change. Be different. Think different. Act different. When you want to change the output, you must change the input. Personally, on a “work satisfaction” level, the past year has easily been the worst in my life. Life’s pace has taken a step down, and that has for the first time has got Rahul worried (keep this a secret, please). 2016 has been worrisome, not because I haven’t become a millionaire, but because I haven’t improved in any way from where and what I was in 2015. If not, my confidence has taken a hit, but then those around me thought it to be over confidence. So, maybe being more cautious ain’t all that bad.

What should Rahul do, now? If you think I’m going to say something revolutionary about CHANGE here. I have one word for you – “SORRY”. I know it’s time to do things differently, but am yet to figure out what exactly all I say mean.

Leave daily life aside. I thought of changing the way I present myself on social platforms. Act professional. Not make unnecessary jokes. I tweeted:

Starting over was given a thought as well, but that meant loosing out on people I’ve gained in the last year. So, that thought was let pass through. Try to act what I’m not doesn’t work either, if you know what I mean.

At the end, there’s just one solution I seem to have. Finding my way, that reflects myself, and spreads my word. I know saying this is a let down after the long build up, but this blog is more so the LIVE interpretation of the thoughts that fill my mind rather than anything else. For present, I’m confused, just like this post, but then I have a book coming through sooner than later, and that fills me with excitement.

The last word: This is a message to all of ’em that read my posts. Most of you being writers and bloggers yourselves know the importance and happiness of being read. My readership has been on the way down ever since 2016 hit shores, but thankfully some of you for some reasons have kept reading. I have got something to say to you: Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Knowing it’s time to CHANGE…

  1. I suppose it’s normal to evaluate where life is going and is a good goal to make positive changes. I think about this sometimes, that it can be tricky to both have self acceptance and also try to improve yourself. I agree that you should be true to yourself and not try to fit some other mold. Anyway, don’t be rough on yourself. Now, I am wondering what your book is about? What genre?

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