Seriously Struggling

Hello Reader, I’m here with another story from my excessively incredible, hopefully not too soon ending, simultaneously boring and interesting, rolling and coasting, at times still, LIFE.

If you’re a first timer here, I have Twitter, Google+ and a post on myself to help you understand me better. If you’re one of my regular kind readers, It’s not bad keeping up to date with friends, so you can check too.

As the title of this post suggests, this is a serious post. Although, I hate being serious, but can’t help myself from getting serious in sometimes even “not too serious” situations. I feel seriousness is the ability to… Seriousness is like… Um.. Seriousness is.. Seriously, being serious is so tough. So, let’s seriously drop the serious topic. I will tell you about something more interesting.

Recently, my phone – my friend, and my proudest material possession next to my spectacles – went through a tough phase. It’s owner was curious, and the poor “Micromax Unite 2” had to pay for it. Not getting too serious, can tell everyone now that after praying, repairing (oh, sorry, not repairing, the correct word is treatment) and anxiousness, it’s back to it’s friend. All this makes this kid happy. Though, I think phone companies should provide lifetime warranties, but that’s not my concern anymore. I’m getting rich soon. When and how is a secret.

[Here’s a top secret: At school, my catchphrase was, “I am a rich man.” I really loved it, and the line got my friends irritated too, so it was worth saying, always.]

Now, “rich” reminds me of a friend who once loved money to death. The same friend I always mention without disclosing his name in my blog posts. I like to have fun on his cost. So, for updates. The friend is going to marry by the end of 2017, or the beginning of 2018. He had always been outspoken on his unwillingness to marry someone and stuff, but see how different life and people can turn out. Anyways, I didn’t ask him for too many secrets, but he’s going to marry his girlfriend because the girl’s parents want her married soon, and the two want to marry each other, and if so they got to talk to their parents, and then the parents will have to agree with them, and then the other family, and then the parents will see if the other person is fit for their kid. If everything occurs well, and both the families can be “friends”, I get to have free food. Really, there are obstacles, and serious ones in their path, but that’s none of my business. If they do marry, I’ll have free food for a day at a party, otherwise my mom cooks well.

[Side notes: sorry mate! ]

I think I have shared enough secrets for this time, see you in another post.

This ain’t a quote, but an image. SERIOUSLY.

This post is brought to you by the “Cool kid born in a hot month”. This one’s getting a bit cheesy now, but I like cheese. Anyways, if you didn’t read this, well..

Thanks for reading!


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