An Unique Blog Post (without picture): FRIENDS

Dear Readers,

My name is Rahul Singh, and I’m the owner of this “” blog. Now, it is our my (enough pretending that I have a team, the truth is that I am just one person maintaining this blog. What? You already knew that. Fine.)… As I was saying, it is my blog, and like to keep things varied. Hence, it is a privilege of mine to attempt a unique blog post.

If you’re wondering how is this unique. Well, I haven’t even tried to upload an image for the post, killing all the chances for this post to make it to PINTEREST or InstaGram and I am using the italic font, that’s a rarity on the blog too, and I have “Dear Readers” written at the top in bold italics too, I don’t do that often.

If all of the things above don’t make this post unique. Well, just be happy that I’m at least not ranting ’bout my life or Duolingo, and neither I’m trying to make up a story like “See, hear and Am Silent”. This thing reminds me of something. A friend of mine commented on the story that he didn’t understand what I was trying to express.. I met him the other day, and if I was probably 2 inches taller, and a bit more boxer-like, be sure he would have a broken nose. For the all people wondering that commenting is his right, and I should appreciate his reply. Well, if you’re a friend of mine, you loose the right to criticize me on public platforms. Just hit me anywhere in private, and I don’t mean to be used as a punching bag here. I have a S-A-W-F-T nose. Anyways, if I really like you, and I call you a friend, take this paragraph as a warning… Yeah, I know being a good friend to me can be difficult sometimes. Just deal with it, and curse your destiny for finding me.

I understand I ran the gauntlet again, and probably have made this post as any other of mine, but then I am not making this unnecessarily long, that’s a breather for you people. Isn’t it? Thank you.

Your sincerely,
Rahul Singh

[PS: If you’re wondering why I would embed links to “Rahul Singh” twice. One is for G+, and the other is for Twitter. You weren’t wondering!? Anyways, you see.. I’m smart.]

One last bit, if you’re a friend of mine reading this (which is again pretty possible, nobody else shows up here), I want to let you know that I haven’t had a great number of friends, I haven’t got the gum to keep people stick with me. If you have stuck, I really appreciate your friendship. I am thankful to you, and if you need me, never hesitate me in contacting me up. Thank you, again.


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