Social Media Struggles: FIGHTS.

A Fun Fact: I asked people through various mediums if I should share this post. The answer I got from a good percentage was “NO”. Now, the question arises if that’s because you are all tired of the nuisance talked here or you’re afraid of this post ruining your mood, and I loosing followers. As for the former, I don’t blame you. For the latter, however, a gentleman blogging for over 10 years had a good advice for me, and he said, “People don’t get offended, they choose to get offended.” True? I bet you. So, I’m hoping you’ll take the lightheartedness of this post. Now, the post.

The last few weeks have been interesting, not because of #Brexit or Messi’s retirement. I’m not even talking about WWE suspending one of it’s “faces” Roman Reigns for Wellness policy violations. I am no more going to talk about my friend as well. The friend who’s going to marry next year, but has certain obstacles, and if they aren’t removed, he might have an “ex” come 2018. Anyways, my friend doesn’t like me having fun at “their” cost, and wants me to discontinue with “marriages” being mentioned in my blog posts.

A good friend as I am, the word “marriage” is banned on this blog from this post itself. Actually not this, but from the next post onwards.

The weeks have been interesting not because something’s happened. In fact, nothing has been achieved during the period, but great thoughts. This post is to share one of them with all my readers, or teenage readers specifically.

I have noted on social media, a new way to fight, and then patch up with “friends”. All of us must have come across many duos on Social media who are “BFF” on Monday, and are both happy to get “b*tchy”, “sh*tty”, “hypocritic” double faced people out of their lives on Tuesday. For the icing on the cake, they are back together on Wednesday, and describe it as “the happiest” event of their lives.

Really? No apologies shared. No post showing the gradual slow transformation of the heart, no real signs even to show that you’re missing them. Just the Jet propelled transformation of the friend from “SOULmate to CRAP to GAWD”. This ain’t how good stories work, player.

Well, I know some of you might object to that because you know the apologies, etc do take place privately. Now a question: Shouldn’t your issues be a private thing as well? What are private messages for? Unless, you need it to get attention, or really have the desire to insult friends in public of course. Once you insult, no matter how many shout outs you give them stating that they’re BAE, and bring sunshine, and you will kill everyone who doesn’t follow. How are your followers supposed to forget the comments made earlier? Don’t they have good enough reasons to mute/ignore you?

What one writes on “their space” doesn’t represent anyone else but THEM.

This is getting harsh, but here’s a tip, if you ever come across such a situation with an internet friend, learn to ignore, for when you’re friends again, you’ll have less to regret. “Being friends again” is not a taunt, but I find it a plus, because it’s too short a life to hold grudges. However, “friends should be good and less,” always say the wise (wo)men.

I have seen enough edits saying, “When YOU and I have problems, it needs to remain between YOU and ME. No one else.” Need I say more?

The first thing my blogging mentors taught me was, “when you don’t have something nice to say, say something nice anyways.” I hate how I’m breaking the rules, but the same people don’t want me to hide my opinions within.

This post ain’t meant to offend anyone, just something I’ve noticed on G+ a lot. Quite honestly, a part of me enjoys such stuff, only if the two sides are extravagantly smart. A recent Twitter fight by two clearly witty people in my circles in fact brought out two of the best one liners. This war wasn’t brutal, but rather childish, but I liked the two lines quoted below:

My heels are higher than your standards.


My phone’s battery lasts longer than your relationships.

And, I was surfing across the web, and I came across this..

You’re so full of sh*t, you can pass for toilet.

[Side notes: Both of you whom I have anonymously quoted. I’m sorry. But, this is how it can pan out when you have a writer in your circles.]

For bonuses, please people stop doing posts with “I’m disgusting, selfish, retarded” and all that stuff written, because at some point people start taking you seriously. If that’s not enough a problem, sooner or later, your subconscious self starts taking it seriously as well, and that’s where real problems begin.

There could be better ways to talk about this topic, but as you already know “honesty is the best policy”. The last time I had advises for teens, I was attempted to be trolled by one, the post shared by half a dozen, but… I’m not an easy person to troll. Anyways, I appreciate those attempts if a link to the blog or a link to any of my S.M. accounts goes along with those posts, if anyone wants to try.

Thanks for reading, and your opinions are heartily welcomed, as I’m completely aware that I am a human, and can be wrong.



Note to future Self.

Dear future self,

Feeling awkward reading this? No, you’re smiling, right? Please, don’t make a joke of out it – I’m afraid you will, – but this is the younger version of you, writing to you. I don’t know what kind of gadgets you use, but I’m using a smartphone that I know won’t be too smart by your time. Still, my Micromax is a proud possession. Ah! Well, you are me too. Why am I clarifying matters? You must understand me well enough, old man. “Old man” – Does it hurt? But, again you’re the wiser “me”.

I hope you’ve still a bit of black among the grey, and still have vision in your eyes. Are you still as cool as your past “me”? So, if you still have got the memory, you must have by now most of your life story. I hope you still have jokes at the back of your head, and hoping mom is still there to look after you, thinking her son is mad, though please don’t make her run for everything, like I do currently. I hope Dad’s still fit, but also hoping he doesn’t need to worry about bringing the bread home by your time. Do you talk to ’em regularly? If you don’t, please do. They are nice people. What about my brothers, sisters, nieces. How do they look by then? Hoping the ” old women” are alive still. Maybe, I’m asking too much, but I’m used to seeing them daily. I am using “hope” too many times, but you must know me well. If forgotten, let this be a reminder to you, that “hope” was once the fuel you lived by. Still living in a joint family? Don’t laugh for it being a stupid question, was just curious. Can you blame me? Not many people have that privilege. Often worries me, the unpredictability of life.

My past, present and most of my future are memories to you. My problems are your lessons. My questions, your knowledge; Mistakes, your wisdom. Are you wise? Sorry! Not offending, but is my “future’s self” happy with me? Is he happy with what the 22 year old Rahul did for him? I ask for your pardon if you aren’t, but even if laziness hurts my cause, your younger self always soaks in every pinch of wisdom, nature and its inhabitants offer.

Nobody is wise enough. In fact, the person wise enough has enough to support his cause for a fool. Surely, my future self ain’t fooling. But, did you study more than I? Did you get a college degree? Are you unhappy with me dropping out? No. Thanks. I knew my future self will do it for me. Must have been a distance learning program, right? Who am I kidding, I’ve already entered one. Forgiveness is expected, and you know how I am.

I hope you didn’t have to work for somebody else. In case, if you had to, I hope you lasted more than 2 days. Is that blog post still there? Do you blog still? Is internet still the same? Kids must have a hard time finding usernames on Social Media. What’s the world’s population. 10 billion? Seems perfect. Can only imagine people competing for survival with such population. I shiver at the thought that another world war has cursed mankind. More bombs dropped, more of nature’s creation destroyed. Sadness covers my soul at the thought, an unknown fear arises.

Is fear your most thought about word too? Are you afraid of ghosts as well. Do you feel someone is going to show up on your way to toilet alone, when darkness resides? Are you afraid of death? Do you have a reason to live? My biggest fear is getting up someday, and having a feeling of not being worthy of the breaths. I wonder how old men think.

On a lighter note, do you curse me for not exercising and keeping fit. I know you do, this guy wants to keep fit, and wants to care about you, and has desires to do everything to keep his senior self fit, but you know me well. There are just always better things to do. Ah! How’re your childhood friends? Do you blame your younger self for having so few friends? I get a feeling that those couple of friendships will last a lifetime. Even if we can’t always be together. I will keep ’em in my writings and within. Do you even remember your friends? Don’t snap, old age has it’s concerns. If you do remember, you must not be too unhappy, I helped you with more people through the web.

Please, don’t get agitated. Few important queries are yet to come. The younger “you” considers himself a writer, a blogger, and many things to achieve he doesn’t share. Has the older me achieved “success”? What does success means to you? I hope you’ve earned the money to spend though. Wisely.

Another question, and one mom would be pretty interested in. Are you married? Don’t laugh at it, but just wondering if I am a person who needs someone in life. The order I grow, the more I realize I do. So, did I marry? If yes. Arranged or l*ve? (Can you use the word more precisely?). Kids? Let it be there, but I seek something more in life. You know what it is. Do you? Have I changed with time?

Lastly, I know you reflect, I can feel you turning the page backwards a lot. Excited my heart’s to know if you’re satisfied with what you did, and the person you have become? If not.. Have you given up? The best thing about my life is – I always have a problem. Problems remind me of myself being alive. Tasks are given a try, failing and passing happens, but my brain always ends up with something to share. Do you have stories to tell? Do you help people? Are you generous? Above all – Are you still alive?

The problem is that no FAX can help me with your reply too soon, but I’ll wait for the day. I’m in no hurry. I respect time and life. So, asking for forgiveness, and accepting gratitude for the things you still smile at. A part of you can only write so much.

I can actually write more. Cricket, pro wrestling and much more haven’t been touched, but I won’t bother anymore. Though, is still the “realness” of pro wrestling debated? Is still a popular art? Heck, I forgot to ask Is Rahul Dravid still your favourite cricketer? Is the wall standing tall. I am crazy, ain’t I? Are you? Anyways, good luck.

Your lovingly,
Your younger self.
21st June, 2016.

Seriously Struggling

Hello Reader, I’m here with another story from my excessively incredible, hopefully not too soon ending, simultaneously boring and interesting, rolling and coasting, at times still, LIFE.

If you’re a first timer here, I have Twitter, Google+ and a post on myself to help you understand me better. If you’re one of my regular kind readers, It’s not bad keeping up to date with friends, so you can check too.

As the title of this post suggests, this is a serious post. Although, I hate being serious, but can’t help myself from getting serious in sometimes even “not too serious” situations. I feel seriousness is the ability to… Seriousness is like… Um.. Seriousness is.. Seriously, being serious is so tough. So, let’s seriously drop the serious topic. I will tell you about something more interesting.

Recently, my phone – my friend, and my proudest material possession next to my spectacles – went through a tough phase. It’s owner was curious, and the poor “Micromax Unite 2” had to pay for it. Not getting too serious, can tell everyone now that after praying, repairing (oh, sorry, not repairing, the correct word is treatment) and anxiousness, it’s back to it’s friend. All this makes this kid happy. Though, I think phone companies should provide lifetime warranties, but that’s not my concern anymore. I’m getting rich soon. When and how is a secret.

[Here’s a top secret: At school, my catchphrase was, “I am a rich man.” I really loved it, and the line got my friends irritated too, so it was worth saying, always.]

Now, “rich” reminds me of a friend who once loved money to death. The same friend I always mention without disclosing his name in my blog posts. I like to have fun on his cost. So, for updates. The friend is going to marry by the end of 2017, or the beginning of 2018. He had always been outspoken on his unwillingness to marry someone and stuff, but see how different life and people can turn out. Anyways, I didn’t ask him for too many secrets, but he’s going to marry his girlfriend because the girl’s parents want her married soon, and the two want to marry each other, and if so they got to talk to their parents, and then the parents will have to agree with them, and then the other family, and then the parents will see if the other person is fit for their kid. If everything occurs well, and both the families can be “friends”, I get to have free food. Really, there are obstacles, and serious ones in their path, but that’s none of my business. If they do marry, I’ll have free food for a day at a party, otherwise my mom cooks well.

[Side notes: sorry mate! ]

I think I have shared enough secrets for this time, see you in another post.

This ain’t a quote, but an image. SERIOUSLY.

This post is brought to you by the “Cool kid born in a hot month”. This one’s getting a bit cheesy now, but I like cheese. Anyways, if you didn’t read this, well..

Thanks for reading!

An Unique Blog Post (without picture): FRIENDS

Dear Readers,

My name is Rahul Singh, and I’m the owner of this “” blog. Now, it is our my (enough pretending that I have a team, the truth is that I am just one person maintaining this blog. What? You already knew that. Fine.)… As I was saying, it is my blog, and like to keep things varied. Hence, it is a privilege of mine to attempt a unique blog post.

If you’re wondering how is this unique. Well, I haven’t even tried to upload an image for the post, killing all the chances for this post to make it to PINTEREST or InstaGram and I am using the italic font, that’s a rarity on the blog too, and I have “Dear Readers” written at the top in bold italics too, I don’t do that often.

If all of the things above don’t make this post unique. Well, just be happy that I’m at least not ranting ’bout my life or Duolingo, and neither I’m trying to make up a story like “See, hear and Am Silent”. This thing reminds me of something. A friend of mine commented on the story that he didn’t understand what I was trying to express.. I met him the other day, and if I was probably 2 inches taller, and a bit more boxer-like, be sure he would have a broken nose. For the all people wondering that commenting is his right, and I should appreciate his reply. Well, if you’re a friend of mine, you loose the right to criticize me on public platforms. Just hit me anywhere in private, and I don’t mean to be used as a punching bag here. I have a S-A-W-F-T nose. Anyways, if I really like you, and I call you a friend, take this paragraph as a warning… Yeah, I know being a good friend to me can be difficult sometimes. Just deal with it, and curse your destiny for finding me.

I understand I ran the gauntlet again, and probably have made this post as any other of mine, but then I am not making this unnecessarily long, that’s a breather for you people. Isn’t it? Thank you.

Your sincerely,
Rahul Singh

[PS: If you’re wondering why I would embed links to “Rahul Singh” twice. One is for G+, and the other is for Twitter. You weren’t wondering!? Anyways, you see.. I’m smart.]

One last bit, if you’re a friend of mine reading this (which is again pretty possible, nobody else shows up here), I want to let you know that I haven’t had a great number of friends, I haven’t got the gum to keep people stick with me. If you have stuck, I really appreciate your friendship. I am thankful to you, and if you need me, never hesitate me in contacting me up. Thank you, again.