Memories. Frustration. Humour. Lessons.

May, 2017 will mark my two years in blogging. May, 2025 will make my blogging journey 3650 days of awesomeness. Can you imagine how awesome 2065 will be?

May 3rd, 2015. 3 school friends meet. 3 school friends with big dreams, and desires. We plan to build up a website, but being technically inefficient, we settle for blogging. We randomly play a game, choose letters, and the name for the blog is picked as Screwup Bureau. We have a lot of fun over 3 months, but 1 day our blogging ‘journey’ together comes to an end. While, I would save the details, can safely disclose that a lot was learned. And, thankfully the friendships remained.

It was ‘fun’ 3 months. We saw days, we got no more than 4-5 views. And, then there was a day we got 1945 views (I still get pretty excited with the number, knowing sites get millions and billions of views). We accumulated over 10,000 views in the last 20 days we were together (as I said.. excitement). I will reach great heights with blogging one day (fingers crossed), and I really have try hard to solve problems, but the stars are yet to align.  So, I don’t know when that day will be, but the day will come. I can surely say if the day’s in 2016, 2017, 2018 or whenever. The day will come. I need not worry about the future though ’cause the present fills me with nothing but gratitude.

Last May, I barely knew about blogging, and literally never understood how social media worked. By present standards, will come as a surprise to many of you, but I didn’t have a phone until I was 20 years and 6 months old. I had a laptop pretty early, but no INTERNET. So, I used it for playing games. Mainly Cricket – I would spent hours playing EA sports ’07 Cricket on the laptop. It pleased me heartily. While, this May – I am pleased with my learning process. I have a lot to learn yet, and I have barely done anything in practical. Yet, I’m happy.

Blogging is great, a passion. However, for bonuses – 1 thing I really felt was that I had never made enough friends. I look into my Facebook daily to see if there are messages from ‘former’ mates. There never are. I look back, and see that I was a loner (as everyone puts it). So, can’t blame people too. I barely find people interacting with my stuff there, so it definitely doesn’t please me, nor I have many people on WhatsApp spamming me. To their credit, there ain’t much effort put on my part as well, actually there is – but too little I guess. But, coming here on G+, I got something – knowledge. Talking to people, interacting, hearing generous stuff, and seeing people with great motivation for whatever they did, and not just pretending stuff. I would like to think, I have changed a great deal in the last few months.

For anyone who knows me and is wondering why would I delete G+ then. The honest answer is, “I was p*ssed off. Just frustrated with myself, and something had to play the victim”. Week(s) later, me thinks it was unwise to delete the account, but I don’t regret. I can always restart, and I am a mistake wiser. Sometimes, you also just got to sacrifice stuff to gain something new. I desperately also needed a break from everything.

The purpose has always been to learn. And, I forgive myself more at present. To put it straight, I am in a corner in life, where I stand without a degree. In a world filled with people with elite qualifications, all that I have as a qualification is that I try hard, and am a learner. I have left college, though I will still persue my ‘education’ with correspondence. Hopefully. All this written work for me is my hope. I just want to be better at what I do. And, In the last couple of days I have added 2 more chapters to my novel. I am job searching as well – the chances of getting one is pretty slim ’cause I reject half, and the other half rejects me (the former is a half-lie of course, the latter is 75% true).

The final note on my SM presence, specifically G+ is that I will be back sooner than even I expect of myself. It’s just me, but if I haven’t said goodbye, I haven’t even left.

As far as learning, and all the other things go. I am not too disappointed. I find myself a good self-tutor and with a curious brain, so satisfaction and dissatisfaction go ‘hand-in-hand’ for me. Quite honestly, I get frustrated with myself a lot these days, ’cause all the things you tend to avoid do catch up. However, I learn quick and that’s what helps me move heads up. And, also being humorous (maybe) is the best gift God’s presented. I am thankful. Just if Rahul could get as “cool” as he pretends when in kinship.

However, now I don’t regret the 100s of friends I did not make in the past, but I appreciate the 2-4 I did. People, who check often to see I’m alive, or even when they don’t, I know they care.

Some things in my life, especially careerwise have been on a downslide ever since I entered this decade, but now I like the person I see in the mirror. I also like the person, that gets off the bed early (not always, but it’s okay), like he did when he was 5, 6 or 7. I still procrastinate, but I am embracing change more, and I am putting my efforts to make myself a person that knows self.

Everything, that happens adds layers to your life, and if you’re a writer – it leaves you with another story to tell. But so much I have that can’t be expressed. An author should never be short of words, but I am.

[Side notes: I really need to speed up on vocabulary building.]

If it aint your first time here, you know what I do when I’m short of material. I go to unpredictable territories. Why change good habits? So, going an absolute different route. I would like to tell you the last “confessions” post is the favorite post of mine on this blog. Though, it’s pretty low on the ‘most viewed’ list.

On another unrelated news, the Duolingo app recently downgraded my fluency to 8% from 12%. Though it’s back to 10% now.

The last book I read was ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’. Really in love with these positive books. Up next is “The Alchemist”. Will let you know, what it teaches.

And, as I always say. I don’t care if you share this, or even if you like it or not, but if you aren’t reading this – YOU ****. You read it again, didn’t you?

To all my G+ peeps – if I reactivate this profile today, tomorrow, or the day after. Just don’t feel weird. You can still ignore me. Don’t do that for long though, it hurts. Peeps, just pretend that I’m a different person.

PS: It’s useless to put your birthdays on G+ or Twitter profiles. Nobody notices. Some actually do, but why let facts destroy good rants. Hope you aren’t too bored. Good luck.


If you read this complete. Keep the sanity alive, and do you know why I would use this kind of pic? Nothing else is working (this ain’t the original picture which was to show up, and had “Happy birthday, Rahul” written on it.)

Fact: 6% of my friends on Facebook said “happy birthday”, and you know why I get pissed off. I understand we don’t talk, but just say ‘happy birthday, mate!’. It doesn’t take a lot. As Chris Jericho puts it – I-D-I-O-T-S. IDIOTS.

If you have read it thus far, but don’t feel like commenting, or sharing, or even the easiest task of rating this. Relax. I don’t care, anyways. Really. Maybe. Who knows?

Keep smiling, keep checking. Wish me ‘happy birthday’ anytime you meet me. I won’t be offended.

PS-2: The Alchemist was supposed to be “next”, but in between writing this post on a Wednesday evening, and hitting the publish on a Thursday afternoon, I got my hands on “The Story of My Life” by Helen Keller. If you haven’t read the book, go read. It’s amazing, and thank me later.

See you in the next post. Thank you!

The post brought to you by “The COOL guy born on a hot month”, who is also a self-proclaimed “Good Little Indian”, and a “universally appreciated and loved” dude – ME (Rahul Singh, if you didn’t know)