7 Things WWE Needs To Do This Wrestlemania Season


Wrestlemania 32 in Texas is the biggest Wrestlemania ever, with WWE aspiring to fill the 100,000 seats at the AT&T stadium. However, the biggest of Wrestlemania has brought with itself the biggest of challenges. Injuries – Many top stars (including WWE’s workhorse John Cena himself) hurt.

It’s a challenge WWE has in hand to tick the correct boxes, and continue the great trend of putting up solid wrestlemania shows (hugely profitable in terms of business) in recent years. With Challenge comes opportunities – and WWE will have to struggle, but if done right they have the talent. Here are 7 things Vince McMahon’s company could do this Wrestlemania season.

7. The New Day should ROCK!

The New Day has been on a role for some time now, and have been one one of the high points of “WWE” programming. It’s fair to say that they will stay as one of the “must-see” parts of WWE programming leading up to WM 32.

While it’s easy to think of a scenario where WWE could book them to loose their belts at Wrestlemania in a three way tag match, but the fact is New Day needs to win. They are hugely ‘over’, but really comic acts get repetitive and boring a bit too soon, and New Day would really need some strong booking to help them stay relevant for long.

It’s still not time when New Day could afford to loose, not at the biggest stage, not if they had to loose to The Usos anyways.

The only thing to spoil the party of the trio could be Vince’s urge to give The Dudleys a run with championship as a ‘heel’ duo.

6. Have Sting play a role leading up to and at Wrestlemania

WWE is rumoured to be lobbying for Batista and Shawn Michaels to play a role at Wrestlemania. There is another Superstar who should appear – Sting. Well, Batista and Shawn showing up for the event would be a huge boost, but if they can’t wrestle (Shawn won’t wrestle, ever) – Rock’s doing the same job of bringing some hype.

Sting, possibly won’t need much persuasion. He may not be able to wrestle (yet fingers crossed), but he can play an important role in some storyline, and this time have a Wrestlemania which ends in a positive note for him, especially when he’s going into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016 as well.

5.  Make “Banks” the Anti-diva


Paige for once looked like being the “CM Punk” the diva’s division has been lacking, but times have changed such that she just lost to Summer Rae at Raw on Feb 15th. It’s amazing how many wrongs ” WWE Creative” does for the rights (although we know that we can’t be made happy). Anyways, Paige hasn’t even been relevant on TV off late, and that’s sad looking at the talent the young wrestler possesses.

Sasha Banks shouldn’t serve the same fate. The extraordinarily talented diva must get some good backing from Vince, and also a proper chance to excel when WWE has the most fans glued to the program – The Road to Wrestlemania.

4. The retirement of Kane and HOF Induction

Glenn Jacobs, aka Kane has been WWE’s most realiable performers for over a decade. He has not had the best matches, but he has been a consistent worker throughout his long career. He’s widely respected as one of the safer competitors in the ring.

However, too many creative blunders over his “gimmick” has made one of WWE’s most iconic charecters to barely relevant now, and time’s correct for the Big Red Monster to retire. He doesn’t have the same “selling” power now as his storyline brother, aka, the Undertaker, but he certainly deserves to hang his boots up at WWE’s biggest event and a HOF induction alongside at the “billed” biggest Wrestlemania. Although, Vince could want to save his HOF induction for a while – again which is fair enough.

3. Ziggler gets a Wrestlemania moment

Dolph Ziggler’s career could have been so much bigger, if WWE was all about wrestling, and “selling”. It isn’t. What does he lack then? Looks. No. Charisma. No. Fan support. Hell no. He lacks creative backup, doesn’t he.

A former World Champion himself, one wouldn’t say he hasn’t got what he deserved. A long time pro-wrestling fan will agree. The fact is “The Showoff” needs more than playing third fiddle in storylines. “Bryan vs. Ziggler” at Wrestlemania 31 didn’t happen. Owens vs. Ziggler should, if Owens is not booked against “The Undertaker” or “Sami Zayn”.

Owens and Dolph have had many irrelevant matches in recent times, but for once it would be great to have a (meaningful) feud and then to see them go one and one at Texas, and also end their long running feud.

Owens now being the IC Champion as well, this feud seems fitting for the upper midcard.

2. Bray Wyatt conquers “The Beast”!


In the two Wrestlemanias, Bray Wyatt has faced arguably the two biggest competitors he could’ve asked for. He lost both. First felling to John Cena, more recently to the Undertaker. He looks booked for a clash with “The Beast Incarnate” himself this year. As unlikely it seems, Wyatt should go over Lesnar this April, if of course WWE doesn’t want to do 0-21 loosing streak with the modern face of “Fear”.

Bray Wyatt is gold with “mic”, good in the ring, and he has a presence, and a character that sets him apart in the roster. If he takes another loss, he will probably never recover from what would be WWE creative’s biggest setbacks during recent memory.

1. Induct Owen Hart into the HOF

It’s a deserving “Hall of Fame” induction indeed. Owen Hart – the original “Airlift” of WWE, was also one of the more beloved superstars, loved by fans and colleagues alike. A tragic accident took him away, but his memories have always stayed.

Don’t really need to speak much about this, but just hope everything falls into place, and Owen Hart is inducted into the HOF at Texas this year.

Thanks for reading, and do let us know of what would you want to see happening in WWE, before WM 32 is history.

[Image credits: Pixabay]