Incredible People: Rahul Singh


Who is Rahul Singh? Never heard of him before… Is he an alien? A rotten apple? A degraded version of a  60s cruel Hollywood villain… Maybe? Oh, Wait! The post says ‘incredible people’, so this must be a successful man, someone with a lot of fame and name in some part of the world. His name sounds Indian, the pic shows an old man with brown skin, thick specks, weird smile. He must have worked hard all his life, he looks a worn-out individual. Jeez! He is smiling, he must have been well paid for his hard work. Good to see someone getting his dues in his early 40s.

Don’t tell me that you agree with each and everything in the last paragraph, or I have a part time job of acting a vampire (and since I’m not a good actor. I do things real). So, lock your doors if you did agree with anything above because I know a bit of Telepathy too (multi-talented lad). You should know by now who Rahul Singh is, if you have read it thus far. Breaking news: It’s me. Yeah, it’s me. So, you would like to think that I haven’t done this post to brag about myself. But, I have indeed. I have done this post to brag about me. Yeah, I am an arrogant and insane individual.

I am just over 21 years, 4 months while writing the post. I am a bad Mathematician. I love Mathematics. I am a bad writer. I love to write. I am imperfect at whatever I do. But, I am perfect at being imperfect. I am scared of almost everything. Yet, I fear none. I am tired of living my life. Yet, I live like none. I am afraid of failing at times. Yet, I fail like no one ever done. I am not greedy, but not a saint. I am not lusty, but surely humane. So, you know I’m good at rhyming too. I also tell good stories.

Here’s a story. There was once a Blogger, who was a freelance writer too. He was not really arrogant. He was not so crappy. He was anything, but a bad human being. He was a good writer ( as he thought). But, he got rejected everywhere. He couldn’t earn any money. He was sad. He was dejected. He was tired of being rejected (holy-shit! Did I rhyme it again). He was a failure. Complete failure. He thought he should quit. He tried to quit, but couldn’t since he was even worse at everything else in life.

So, he decided to keep writing. Something happened very quick, a thing just hit his mind as he laid flat on his bed. He took his phone and started to write. The topic he choose for an article he would then write on his blog was centering himself. It was titled ‘Incredible People: Rahul Singh’. What brought him such confidence. What brought that arrogance in the boy who tries to be as humble to people as he can be. Well, Ladies and Gentleman! It was not arrogance. A realisation (or realization as liked by the friends from US) that he might not be alive tomorrow. He could be run over by a bus. He could be shot. Hell! He could just loose interest from the world. His autobiography that he wanted to do might never enter the market, forget the ‘Personality of the Year’ awards if he dies (dead don’t write autobiographies, do they?) the next day. So, he thought why not go out there and tell the story now as he is breathing, his brain working. We could really learn from the kid.

Share this if you liked this, not for me. Not for Good Little Indian, but just for the cool kid in the picture. The boy and his autobiography. The message he gives:

It’s an unpredictable life. Live it that way.


WONDERFUL!! Truly wonderful.

Was the message delivered? If yes, do let me know.


24 thoughts on “Incredible People: Rahul Singh

  1. This is great – very nice to meet you Rahul :). Did you study mathematics? Just wondered as you mentioned it. (I don’t believe you are bad writer after reading this ;)…so I expect you might be a good mathematician too 🙂 ). Mir xx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The reason I asked, is because I love writing, and I studied Mathematics at university. My course had a few modules of statistics – I was very bad at those! I admire anyone who can make sense of it 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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