7 Reasons John Cena will win his 17th World-Title


[Image-source: wwe.com]

John Cena is undoubtedly the biggest WWE star of the post-WWE era. He has been the biggest draw since The Rock. After 10 years of dominating the Main-Event scene, and winning 15 WWE World championships, Cena came back to the mid-card in early 2015 and he shut many of his critics with great bouts against many fresh faces.

Although, fans know that it is about time Cena will win his 16th World-title to tie Ric Flair’s record of the most World-title wins. We here give you seven reasons as to why it’s inevitable that Cena will break Flair’s record of 16 World-titles by winning 17 of them.

7. The lack of Main-Event draws

Daniel Bryan is injury-prone. Brock Lesnar is a part-timer and CM Punk is at UFC. As for the guys who are fit and regular Seth Rollins has got all the tools but he can’t yet sell events by himself . Dean Ambrose and Cesaro are ‘over’ but for some reason lack support from the ‘men who matter.’ Romans Reigns is still on his path to convince the fans to accept him as the ‘Face.’

Who is the best draw then? John Cena. He is certainly Vince’s go-to man and this is as big a boost as any.

6. The merchandise-revenues!

John Cena loves kids. Kids love him. They also love the Cena merchandise. WWE loves money. WWE loves the Cena merchandise. For the T-shirts to be sold Cena must win the big price. He is Super-Cena, right! To be the Super-hero he is got to be presented like one and there is no better way to present a WWE superstar than give him the biggest strap.

5. Records are meant to be broken.

Scripted or non-scripted, records are made and records are broken. This is how it should be. No one wants to stick to anything. Life is about moving on, which also happens to be our next point.

4. Life is about moving on.

WWE knows a thing or two about moving on. So does Flair. Flair’s stardom isn’t indebted to the record. Vince knows it too. Vince got the Undertaker’s streak to end because it needed to for the sake of business. Vince will see money in the World-Title angle, so Cena will get his chance to win the 17th and looking at History, Cena will get it done, maybe not in the first attempt itself, but, he eventually will.


[Image-Source: wwe.com]

3. He is the ‘WWE’ guy

Ric Flair won his championships at various promotions while John Cena has won everything to his credit at the WWE. Ric Flair was not the ‘WWE’ star, in-fact, the more wonderful stuff from his career lies outside Vince McMahon’s promotion. While, this shows his uniqueness and versatility to adapt. The fact is that WWE World Heavyweight Championship is more the ‘WWE’ championship than ‘world’ championship. So, clearly Cena has an upper-hand here, being the ‘WWE’ guy (champ) all the way.

2. The Future is now

Flair’s record and his distinction as a 16-times World Champion has been used enough. He can’t wrestle anymore. Cena can Wrestle! And he can occasionally for many years to come too. Say, 10 years from now, Cena, then, no-more the WWE regular star comes back to confront the WWE Champion, reminding him of his legendary credentials, which builds up to a rivalry and an instant classic (in a perfect world, at-least). WWE gets more money. Cena looses to put the Champ over, and returns back to whatever he is doing then. WWE moves on with another star. Fans are entertained. Everyone is happy. This is what Vince would want. Just so simple.

Also, the kids now will be grown-ups a decade from now and a returning Cena would create more buzz than a returning Flair. So, the fact is Cena needs the record more. Even if he doesn’t need it, from a business point of view keeping it on Flair would be far less sensible than on Cena.

1. News-Flash: Cena deserves it!

Keeping this simple and short. Hate him or love him, Cena does deserve it. He has literally carried the company on his back for a decade. There has not been another as dedicated top star in the organization. He is a role-model for many. The copybook WWE Face. When Cena decides to walk into the realms of Sunset, make no mistake, he will be a minimum “17 time World Champion.”


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