I love my life, beacause I have seen my purpose- Nick Vujicic

Imagine yourself without one of your hands. Now imagine a life without one of your legs. It is hard to do so. Right! Living is still possible but what if I tell you to imagine yourself without any of your limbs. ‘I would better want to die’- if this was a possible answer, you aren’t alone with that. For many of us living such a life is worse than death.

What is nightmare for others, is reality for Nick Vujicic. In a world with increasing bitterness. People worried of materials they don’t possess, Nick is a man with no hands, no legs and yet is a preacher of happiness. One of the world’s topmost motivational speakers, he inspires people to live a life without limits. Nick has a very positive and generous outlook towards life and spirituality. It is this optimism of his which has led him to a ‘ridiculously good life’, and even find a love without limits. Him and his wife Kanae Vujicic have been married for several years and have two children together.

Nick is a perfect example of giving meaning to one’s life and striving for success, even if you are laid with setbacks. Nick admits that he had to struggle mentally and physically for a long period of time, as anyone with any disorder would but he fought and found his way to Success. He at the worst of times NEVER GAVE UP. Nick is a person whose whole life could easily been all about sympathy. Nick’s hard work has rather turned it into one that many dream for.

Never look for sympathy. People who do look for it die many deaths before the final time- Good Little Indian

Mr. Vujicic is a proof that you need not be a perfect human to break the proverbial glass barrier. His life tells us that you just need the perfect motivation to do so.

Nick says that he even keeps a pair of shoes in his closet due to his belief in miracles. The miracle might never happen but people with such attitude are a far better companion to be lost in the jungles of Amazon with, aren’t they?

You can visit his You Tube channel by clicking here. Some of his speeches will make your day.

Rahul Singh


4 thoughts on “Incredible People: Nick Vujicic

  1. What an amazing man and as you say, it is incredibly how people learn to cope with their disabilities. I have a grandson, almost 10 years old now, who has cerebal palsy and it breaks my heart to watch him sometimes. Although he has arms and legs, they are useless to him, with the exception of one hand that can manage to hold a baby’s drinking bottle. He is wheelchair bound and does not speak, however he is one of happiest and giggly children that I know and I love him to bits. Obviously it is a struggle for his parents and none of us know what goes on in his mind, but I guess he knows no different and seems to enjoy his allotted life.

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