The 9/11, 26/11 and many more!


Osama-Bin-Laden was an extraordinary brain, with an IQ of 140 or more. It was a genius who devised that plan to kill many, to destroy the US economy but there is so much an intelligent person lacking wisdom can think.

Hello! This is Rahul Singh with an article for Good Little Indian on a very sensitive matter. I was 7 at the time of 9/11. The date etched in billions of minds. The date that shook just not the United States but the whole world.

I, however, was unaware of all the inhumane destruction, possibly playing Cricket somewhere with my friends. I was unaware of all the sorrow. All the grief and trouble it caused, all the lives that were lost. There is something else I remember from then. One of my elder cousin-brothers, while talking to one of his friends said something like, “He amazingly survived,” followed by¬† “These guys know to fight back.” I don’t know if here I have used the exact same words. I didn’t even know then, what the conversation was about. I was lost in my beautiful world.

Fast forward to 2008, the English cricket team leave a series midway to return to England. The reason being 10 men had attacked Mumbai. Many a Indian civil died, many foreigners who were in India for its beauty fell victim to some strange wrath. Many soldiers lost their lives and by the time 9 of the 10 bizarre-minded people were killed, and one arrested, many innocent lives had fell victim to inhumanity.

A leap of another 4 years, I am walking on a road with the other founder of Good Little Indian, Aman Singh. 9/11 was the centre of discussion. 3 years after that I can still remember us talking of the cursed event and its main culprit. Osama-Bin-Laden was an extraordinary brain, with an IQ of 140 or more. It was a genius who devised that plan to kill many, to destroy the US economy but there is so much an intelligent person lacking wisdom can think. He did succeed in killing many people but he failed to realise that few things just can’t be killed. One of them is HOPE. The militants were successful in destroying the Twin-towers but they never understood it was not the towers that made America, it was America that made the towers. They failed to realise that patriots can be killed PATRIOTISM can’t.

I clearly remember the news of England flying back home. I being an Indian, then 14 years old was disheartened. Not because a Cricket-series had to end abruptly but because our guests had to leave for safety-reasons. Just few-weeks passed, when the English team returned, it was not just to complete a Cricket-tour but to send a message to everyone that Terrorism might cause obstacles, but there was one thing which was above all. When I thought foreign-people would remember the fear, the destruction, I heard a gentleman give an interview to thank the Indian soldiers to help them survive. Just when you looked at your nation worrying to find it in pieces, you realised the nation was more united than ever.

Writing this post, at age 21, if you could have asked me to describe US, 9/11 would never have been a part of it. Putting life to my words, if you had asked me to describe India, the 2008 Terrorist-attacks could have never been a part of it. If you ask me now to describe this world, I would only put forward the word HUMANITY.

Now, I know what my brother was referring to, and he was so true in his interpretation. It is so funny Terrorism seeks to destroy but unknowingly it always concludes to unite. The memories of the victims become eternal, so do the bravery of the Soldiers. The world stands for them. The world prays for them. While, the guys who call themselves the chief destroyers die many deaths, until another soldier frees them of their existence. Until then, while the world moves together united with hope. The beasts hide in their cave, miserably, ALONE.

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7 Reasons John Cena will win his 17th World-Title



John Cena is undoubtedly the biggest WWE star of the post-WWE era. He has been the biggest draw since The Rock. After 10 years of dominating the Main-Event scene, and winning 15 WWE World championships, Cena came back to the mid-card in early 2015 and he shut many of his critics with great bouts against many fresh faces.

Although, fans know that it is about time Cena will win his 16th World-title to tie Ric Flair’s record of the most World-title wins. We here give you seven reasons as to why it’s inevitable that Cena will break Flair’s record of 16 World-titles by winning 17 of them.

7. The lack of Main-Event draws

Daniel Bryan is injury-prone. Brock Lesnar is a part-timer and CM Punk is at UFC. As for the guys who are fit and regular Seth Rollins has got all the tools but he can’t yet sell events by himself . Dean Ambrose and Cesaro are ‘over’ but for some reason lack support from the ‘men who matter.’ Romans Reigns is still on his path to convince the fans to accept him as the ‘Face.’

Who is the best draw then? John Cena. He is certainly Vince’s go-to man and this is as big a boost as any.

6. The merchandise-revenues!

John Cena loves kids. Kids love him. They also love the Cena merchandise. WWE loves money. WWE loves the Cena merchandise. For the T-shirts to be sold Cena must win the big price. He is Super-Cena, right! To be the Super-hero he is got to be presented like one and there is no better way to present a WWE superstar than give him the biggest strap.

5. Records are meant to be broken.

Scripted or non-scripted, records are made and records are broken. This is how it should be. No one wants to stick to anything. Life is about moving on, which also happens to be our next point.

4. Life is about moving on.

WWE knows a thing or two about moving on. So does Flair. Flair’s stardom isn’t indebted to the record. Vince knows it too. Vince got the Undertaker’s streak to end because it needed to for the sake of business. Vince will see money in the World-Title angle, so Cena will get his chance to win the 17th and looking at History, Cena will get it done, maybe not in the first attempt itself, but, he eventually will.

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Incredible People: Nick Vujicic

Incredible People: Nick Vujicic


I love my life, beacause I have seen my purpose- Nick Vujicic

Imagine yourself without one of your hands. Now imagine a life without one of your legs. It is hard to do so. Right! Living is still possible but what if I tell you to imagine yourself without any of your limbs. ‘I would better want to die’- if this was a possible answer, you aren’t alone with that. For many of us living such a life is worse than death.

What is nightmare for others, is reality for Nick Vujicic. In a world with increasing bitterness. People worried of materials they don’t possess, Nick is a man with no hands, no legs and yet is a preacher of happiness. One of the world’s topmost motivational speakers, he inspires people to live a life without limits. Nick has a very positive and generous outlook towards life and spirituality. It is this optimism of his which has led him to a ‘ridiculously good life’, and even find a love without limits. Him and his wife Kanae Vujicic have been married for several years and have two children together.

Nick is a perfect example of giving meaning to one’s life and striving for success, even if you are laid with setbacks. Nick admits that he had to struggle mentally and physically for a long period of time, as anyone with any disorder would but he fought and found his way to Success. He at the worst of times NEVER GAVE UP. Nick is a person whose whole life could easily been all about sympathy. Nick’s hard work has rather turned it into one that many dream for.

Never look for sympathy. People who do look for it die many deaths before the final time- Good Little Indian

Mr. Vujicic is a proof that you need not be a perfect human to break the proverbial glass barrier. His life tells us that you just need the perfect motivation to do so.

Nick says that he even keeps a pair of shoes in his closet due to his belief in miracles. The miracle might never happen but people with such attitude are a far better companion to be lost in the jungles of Amazon with, aren’t they?

You can visit his You Tube channel by clicking here. Some of his speeches will make your day.

Rahul Singh