‘Good Little Indian’ hits the web, and its first post is about Independence, the struggle for independence of India. Confused? Don’t worry, we will explain ourselves right here.

Chetan Bhagat( the rock-star writer) recently did an article titled ‘Anatomy of an Indian troll…, and reading it gives a certain impression that it was an effort to create a bit of fuss and drama amongst the Internet community , and  quite clearly the effort did not go in vain. The article tore the house down. While Mr. Bhagat used his right to express via Times of India, the twitteratis have their own microblog to express themselves, and well to say Chetan Bhagat got trolled on Twitter would be an understatement.

Chetan Bhagat did have his fair share of valid points about the trolls, but as Indians, many found it defaming the nation. Quoting an excerpt from the article which states,

Deep down they know that Hindi-speaking Hindus are among India’s poorest. They also know that India is a third world country with third rate infrastructure and few achievements on the world stage in science, sports, defence or creativity.

This blog is titled Good Little Indian, and the blog’s contributors are all people with English not as their first language, but that doesn’t make us the poorest, in fact, what is poverty? Ain’t narrow-mindedness poverty. This also happens to the be the centre of this article.

One wonders why Mr. Bhagat will do such an article, but then he has his beliefs, but through the article, what he has done is made us realise that all the while we have been making a mistake, the mistake of celebrating the Independence day, when truly we shouldn’t be. Good Little Indian has a point to justify itself as well.

Our freedom fighters Chandrasekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Netaji SC Bose and everyone who gave their lives for this INDIA, for them the Independent India was not just an India free from British rule, but an India where tradition will meet technology, where dreams will meet opportunities, where freedom will meet courtesy.

A land proudly called our motherland, isn’t it ironic that its daughters suffer as much insecurity, like women in India do. Everyone who earns a livelihood on this great land or any other part, do they have the right to belittle their nation by any means. It is a regular sight to see people troll, but reading this piece from Chetan Bhagat, makes you question yourself of independence, doesn’t it?

A country where banning of porn-sites (right or wrong) causes greater concern, than farmers committing suicides, surely you got to say, we are not free, but critically enslaved in our own selfishness.

At least Mr. Chetan Bhagat has a voice, but clearly there are too many people who keep quite even when the times demand for raising their voices. India has always been a HOPE driven country, and if it is people of Delhi coming out for its daughter in 2012 or even say Net Neutrality in 2015, we do make ourselves heard, but somehow, just not enough.

This Independence Day, if everyone wakes up truly as an INDIAN and not as a Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Sikh, well than we would truly earn the Right to celebrate Independence Day, if not we will have to earn it first.

Rahul Singh( Good Little Indian)


6 thoughts on “A Dream for Independence

  1. Rahul, thank you for sharing this thoughtful, provocative reading.

    I enjoyed how well it was technically written. But more importantly, I appreciate the subject and how you effectively you presented your thoughts about it. It’s enlightening and moving.

    Please continue writing. I’m looking forward to experiencing more of what you have to say.

    Liked by 1 person

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