Independence, Anniversary, Quotes, Black Cat , Blue Sea Awards – I Can WIN, not really!

Just if I weren’t this busy, I would exactly know when I started this blog, but most probably it was on 15th August, 2015. Hence, this home of my ramblings is an year old. Yay.


Another great update is that there is an award due, and I have a chance to win. How did I get in? Well, this was a long process, and I’ve beaten 99,453 other WordPress blogs and made it to the final four. There are US $5,000 to be won. Sounds good, right? Too good to be true, and you know it.

Still, I assume there’s competition going on, and a fellow blogger on WordPress has been kind enough to nominate me for it. You can find the fellow blogger in “This side of the world.”

The thing with this world now, you don’t play without the rules. The rules here are:

1. Anybody nominated can nominate up to seven other bloggers. Anybody nominated answers three questions. The questions you ask while nominating can be any three questions.

2. If any of the questions asked are offending or simply do not want to be answered, the nominee does not have to answer them to earn the award.

Question – Answer Time. Here I go:

Question. What is the silliest funny memory from your childhood?

Answer. If you want me to share how I accidentally helped my friend to a few stitches on his head, all the spectacles of mine I broke or the beatings I took from my mom. All the tears I let flow in public, and some other embarrassments. I am not sharing anything. No way.

Question. If you have a day to enjoy everything at Mall for free, at which section youโ€™re most likely to be?

Answer. Malls? I will probably ask my mom or my younger brother or anyone to take my place, and do what they wish to. I will quietly return home.

Question. You wake up and you find that the world has turned into your favorite movie/novel fantasy. What would it be and why?

Answer. I have never been able to choose a favourite novel. I like a movie called 3 idiots, in which the protagonist uses a vacuum cleaner, and “All is Well!” for a successful child delivery. Won’t it be too bizarre in the real world?

[Disclaimer: It was necessary to upload the image of the award on this post. Since, I didn’t. I think, I’ve been disqualified. Huh.]

Now that I don’t have a chance to win an award. I won’t nominate anyone as well. Why let friends win prizes, you can’t? Sadistic me.

Before I went to hibernation, I had to complete a 3 day quote challenge. The occasion is of Independence, GLI is an year old, and am writing. So, why not write 3 quotes relative to the scenario?

For descriptions, read this.

Quote 1:

When I discover who I am, Iโ€™ll be free. ~ Ralph Ellison

Quote 2:

Merciless criticism and independent thinking are the two necessary traits of revolutionary thinking. ~ Bhagat Singh

Quote 3:

To be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others. ~ Nelson Mandela

I wrote a piece called “A Dream Of Independence“. If you want, please read and reply to it. If not, reply to this. No? Then, pay me through PayPal. Every million is appreciated. Thank you so much.

“Death is a beautiful woman!”

I see you in the mornings. I see you during nights. I see you in pitch dark. I see you in light. Unlike, everything else, I know I’ll get you. O beautiful woman, I know I’ll get to hug you. For you aren’t a mirage, you ain’t false. You’re purer than my mom’s care for me. You’re beautiful, you’re serene. However long is the wait. I rest assured, you’ll bring me peace. My heart says you’ll cure my pains. You’re my eternal heal. My wounds, my soul awaits you. Eagerly life awaits to kiss you. Myself awaits to feel your tender love. My soul awaits…

People mistake you an enemy, but wise know thy as a friend. Us fools see you as an ending, but only the lucky ones understand, you aren’t an ending, but another beginning. Help me turn the cycle of my life, my soul awaits…

I wonder if another life awaits me after another. I wonder why I exist. My heart doesn’t tell me why it beats. Neither does I know for the reason I breathe. A wise man let me know you’re beautiful. I will go by his words, and see you as a beautiful woman sitting in front of me. When my quest for respect is over. When I’m satisfied with lessons in life. I will be happy to be in your arms, O death!

However, it’s not my terms you act on. But, here’s a request. If thy want to embrace me today, give me another day to play. For my desires are incomplete, dear death. Let mine beat some more, please death. Let me live once more, before I die, dear death.

I was thinking of you death, and I realized how wrong I’d been living. If you give me another chance, I will be better. Until then, “Thank you” death. My soul awaits…

I don’t know what kind of post this is, but I thought I should share. Rahul Singh thanks you for reading. The title idea came after reading an answer by the author of The Alchemist. You all know him, right?


Day 1 – Quote Challenge: Tim Clark’s Wisdom

The Weekend is busy for me this time, as this guy has been nominated to do a few things. All fun. So, for starters I’ve been nominated by a fellow blogger for a quote challenge. To clear the air, here I have copied the rules.

The 3-Day Challenge rule book:

1. Thank the person who nominated you. [Thanks Mike Senczyszak – Solsbury Hill.]

2. Post for 3 days (not necessarily in a row)

3. 3 quotes per day

4. 3 new Bloggers nominated each day โ€“ link to their sites

5. Notify your 3 picks theyโ€™ve been tagged


I wanted to do this in a refreshing way. So, I have decided to quote the people I meet/talk/read and learn from.  Day One is dedicated to one such person. Let’s start with the CEO of “Life, Explained”, Tim Clark. Here’s some of his wisdom:

1. About his blogs!

I have been blogging for several years, and have a string of successful blogs. If success is defined as doing something that makes you happy, mine are a smash hit.

Excerpt from his guest post on Adele Archer’s blog.

Love what you do, find happiness in the little things, and you’re successful. Everything else you may earn is a bonus.

2. On evolving Internet, and what he has learned, and all of us should too.

I have more friends now than ever in my life, and most of them I have never met. They are scattered from New York, to New Hampshire, to Germany, to Great Britain, to Kuwait, New Zealand, India, all over the place. It has made me a better person, it has made me understand there are more things that unite us than anybody in power wants to admit. And it should be shouted from the mountain.

Excerpt from his post on Life Explains Aging

The person that Tim Clark is.

3. This world today:

We live in a world filled with madness, hate, bigotry. We are awash in terrible weapons of unimaginable destructive power. We can never use them. We can never eliminate them. And we keep telling ourselves that those two statements somehow make sense together. That we can control ourselves, and each other, enough to keep playing.

Excerpt from his blog Life Explains The End

From knowing him over an year now, I can say Mr. Tim Clark is a person with a lot of gratitude, humbleness, trying to spread happiness. However, it won’t stop him from being honest about the current state of our existence. I have a lot of choices to quote. I continue to meet awesome people, I choose Tim for the first day for always being inspiring, and for lots of #WednesdayWisdom.

I will nominate 1 blogger a day only to avoid Spamming, the person whose words make this post worth reading, so my nomination.

1. Tim Clark – Life, explained

See you everyone, soon with quotes, and much more. Thank you!

101 Reasons you should follow me on Twitter

LOOK filling up a blog post with 101 reasons is a great task, and so is reading it. I wouldn’t want to waste your time. You should follow me on any social media, but for now 101 reasons to follow me (@RahulSingh_I) on Twitter. The reasons are:

1. The most obvious “I Follow back.”

2. I Tweet. Not a good enough reason? Well, people love to un-follow inactive accounts. So, It’s not too bad reasoning. If that’s not enough…

3. I retweet. If you look at my account you’ll find out that I RT good tweets, and actually anything that interests me.

4. If RT-ing is a reason. “Heart-ing” or “liking” should be too. Especially, if I like you. I favourite almost everything.

5. I don’t send automated DMs. If you’re on Twitter, and don’t thank me for not acting a robot. You aren’t active enough.

6. I won’t share Instagram images on Twitter. Heck, I don’t have an Instagram account.

7. I don’t share a blog post more than once. If you don’t want to read my writings, you just need to ignore once. Like a second, and the post won’t haunt you ever again. I won’t mind that as well. Plus, there’s a fair chance that following me for years, you might never see a blog post of mine. Twitter’s too quick, too much happening, always.

8. I don’t tweet about politics. Is that a plus? Okay.

9. I don’t follow any politician besides whoever is the President or PM of India. Out of respect.

10. I don’t tweet about Kim Kardashian.

11. I ignore really horrible tweets such as this:

Link? Error 404: I just told you I ignore them.

12. Neither do I RT something like this..

13. Nor anything like this.. I would not want to risk tweeting or RT-ing something that asks me to try to beat up a man build like a Tank. You shouldn’t too. Follow me for this million dollar advice for free.

14. Nor this…

I tweeted this myself. Why God why?

15. Nor this.. (I didn’t RT this, but quoted it. Ain’t this tweet cool?)

16. I will tweet with the coolest GIFs soon..

17. I don’t follow “News Anchors”.

18. I have blocked a famous politician on Twitter. No names, but that’s a moral achievement. I get to mute a politician. WOW. I should be followed for doing this.

19. I find the best inspirational quotes. Though that’s not too hard.

20. I RT tweets with the coolest facts and tips.

21. I have over 1600 cool people following me. So you can too. Okay, I’m not bragging too much, that’s just because I Follow back.

22. I won’t unfollow you unless you’re tweeting objectionable content.

23. I don’t block people, unless you’re here to insult a “nation” or “race”.

24. Again, I tweet a lot, but I won’t irritate you. Really, promise. Kind of.

25. Just follow me so you can wish me a happy birthday on 22nd May every year (Honestly, I have a birthday that falls on May 22 every year. Isn’t that amazing?).

26. I reply to every non automated message.

27. If you’re a blogger or do anything content related, I will see, read and RT your stuff.

28. I don’t make unnecessary jokes. I can come up with a reason for everything I vomit. The reason is because I overate. See.. vomit, overeating. Okay, sorry. Next..

29. My Twitter is the door to a great brain. It’s the reflection of everything that goes in my head. It must be a privilege to read my thoughts in 140 characters or less. Should it be?

30. I contribute to trends. I can come up with something for any hash-tag. Ain’t I cool?

31. Example for Point 30.

32. And another..

Nobody RT’d this tweet

33. Me at my best. I have rocking advices.

34. The way I translate…

35. I’m the height of being optimistic and defy the rules. Okay.

36. If you’ve ever wanted people to ask questions. I’m your guy.

37. I don’t do sponsored tweets..

38. Never will I tweet something like this.. again

38. As weird as I can be, I’m no more a teen. So, I won’t be making “The world s*cks” tweets. I pledge:

39. I know who Muhammad Ali was is.

Not giving a link to the profile here, but a girl tweeted that Ali was a great footballer, better than Ronaldo and Messi. She got more than 8K RTs for this. Later she claimed to confuse Ali with Pele. All this when the world was paying tributes to the legend.

40. I never bother myself with being part of “#IStandWith__” movements. People should understand that everyone is equal before the law. No matter how well they sing, how cute they look, or how much people love ’em.

41. I may crack a joke on you, but only to cheer you up, or if I know you well.

42. I never tweet anything to spread hate. Most tweets are like:

43. I don’t even talk about “love”. Things have got too cheesy these days.

44. I ignore all extremists. Everyone normal active Twitter user should be paid for that.

45. I don’t unnecessarily RT celebrities. That’s not bad though, it’s really cool to RT anything one wants, but seeing celebrities being RT-ied for stupid stuff makes me jealous. Anyone like me? Follow me.

46. If you like Cricket. I don’t make too many Cricket tweets these days, but I know my game. See, my Cricket tweets with typos gets RTs too. I’m just too cool.

47. Not following Tennis can’t stop me from Tweeting about it. Murray fans here?

I won’t embed a tweet here. Just asking you Tennis fans: How many Grand-Slams does Murray has in him? Will Federer win another?

48. Same with Soccer. Ronaldo or Messi?

49. Every 4 years you’ll see me Tweeting about Olympics.

50. I wish Happy Birthdays. (Mine is on 22nd May)

51. I always have something for a #Flashback

52. I promote people.. including myself.

After this list article, I don’t think I needย  anything to prove it.

53. I provide #MondayMotivation

54. #WesnesdayWisdom

55. #ThursdayThoughts or sometimes Tuesday ones too.

56. #FridayFeelings

57. Sometimes, everything at once.

58. I promote people everywhere. I will promote this person for interacting with all my stuff because I use the like option for all her tweets too. Anyways..

59. This dude too for the same reasons.

A shout out on the blog for the RT and edits man.

60. This person as he replies to my tweets.

61. I will promote your stuff. Look I gave you enough evidence as well now.

62. I troll my best friend there.

63. I have an “Incredible People” section on this blog, and if you have something astonishing about you. Let my millions of readers know you. But, follow me and DM me first.

[SIDE NOTES: Million of readers aren’t there, but I’m positive.]

64. I will help you find YouTubers. Not the Internet celebrities, but the hidden gems. Here’s one:

65. And poetesses..

66. And bloggers too..

67. And I know Fitness Gurus.

Don’t disturb him while he’s working out, here’s a silent link.

68. And writers obviously

69. My friend’s list includes aliens sharing insane stuff as well..

70. I too have a book coming..

71. Even if you don’t like reading, follow me because I won’t force you to read me.

72. If you still hate me, just follow and mute me. I like my numbers on Twitter.

73. I got more than 100 RTs once. That shows I’m rad. Just follow me for this alone.

74. I don’t cry for being single, not on Twitter for sure.

75. I don’t even talk about relationships and why everyone should break up.

76. My amazing He – She tweets.

77. People with blue ticks follow me. Okay.

78. I myself have a blue tick coming up, and you would love a celebrity following you. Do you?

79. This one’s a great reason: I need you. I treasure you. I’m desperate, and I don’t measure you.

80. I don’t really know what #78 means, but I’m cool, and I can rhyme things up. Follow me for that.

81. I have got health tips.

Stay happy. Laugh more, and stop seeking health tips from me. You’ll be fine.

82. I am a master at ruining stuff.

83. Unlike many, whether you like 1D or any other band. I still like and respect you. Though I still like to have fun.

84. I take puns on me in a light hearted manner.

85. I will give you birthday reminders (on 22nd May specifically).

86. I like all responsible Twitter users tweet on #WorldWaterDay #WorldEnviornmentDay and everything (Not necessarily I do anything about it in real life).

87.ย  I don’t pretend doing cool things I don’t do.

88. I have got Math tips.

89. I have also got Twitter tips. You just need to ask.

I need Twitter tips as well though.

90. If you’re a girl. Keep calm, the chances of “I” flirting is really minimal.

91. If you’re a boy, the chances of myself flirting are even lesser.

92. Follow me because there’s no one else like me.

93. I have got tons of gratitude and respect, and people with thousands of followers like the way I think.

94. Sometimes I give shout-outs as well..

95. Follow me because you’re on Twitter, and you don’t have to pay for following people. Okay.

96. I have infinite wisdom you can miss out on, like all the people on Quora.

97. Like infinite wisdom..

What? Was this tweet not supposed to be linked here?

98. RTs are not endorsements. I don’t know why people say this. An RT is a… RT. I like this line though. RTs are not endorsements.

99. I’m not always serious, but I can be. I have opinions, and I share ’em publicly. If you appreciate this follow me.

100. Pro-wrestling fans out there. Follow me. I would love to talk about it.

LESNAR won..

101. Aren’t 100 enough? If not, reread point 1.

Thank you, and sorry.ย 

This post was presented to you by Rahul Singh (@RahulSingh_I).


Again, 22nd May… every year.

Read, and share.. Not just on Twitter. Thank you.

Knowing it’s time to CHANGE…

Time – it always goes on, and everything changes with time, but it’s not “TIME” that causes the change, rather one’s actions that do.

You (the reader) must have gone through different phases in your life. I know that’s a stupid statement. Of course, any person goes through the ups and downs life has to offer. No matter how hard one tries, the mind is a mess. We can pretend about “living in the present” all we want, but both “worries of the future” and “stories of the past” do get a place in our lives. The successful possibly don’t let these thoughts affect their inner peace and not affect their work. On the flip side, ones struggling as me just can’t always let the thoughts not overpower the present. Again, that’s an assumption.

I’ve never been depressed. Never have wanted to kill myself, never thought of giving up on my passion. Rather, I’ve learned to deal with failures, keep a sense of humour, and be thankful for everything I have been gifted. The recent post “Seriously struggling” was actually meant to be serious rather than the mess it turned out. However, I was confused on what I needed to be serious about, hence it panned out the way it did.

CHANGE – I know the answer now, change is the answer. Recently, I’ve been trying to change. Be different. Think different. Act different. When you want to change the output, you must change the input. Personally, on a “work satisfaction” level, the past year has easily been the worst in my life. Life’s pace has taken a step down, and that has for the first time has got Rahul worried (keep this a secret, please). 2016 has been worrisome, not because I haven’t become a millionaire, but because I haven’t improved in any way from where and what I was in 2015. If not, my confidence has taken a hit, but then those around me thought it to be over confidence. So, maybe being more cautious ain’t all that bad.

What should Rahul do, now? If you think I’m going to say something revolutionary about CHANGE here. I have one word for you – “SORRY”. I know it’s time to do things differently, but am yet to figure out what exactly all I say mean.

Leave daily life aside. I thought of changing the way I present myself on social platforms. Act professional. Not make unnecessary jokes. I tweeted:

Starting over was given a thought as well, but that meant loosing out on people I’ve gained in the last year. So, that thought was let pass through. Try to act what I’m not doesn’t work either, if you know what I mean.

At the end, there’s just one solution I seem to have. Finding my way, that reflects myself, and spreads my word. I know saying this is a let down after the long build up, but this blog is more so the LIVE interpretation of the thoughts that fill my mind rather than anything else. For present, I’m confused, just like this post, but then I have a book coming through sooner than later, and that fills me with excitement.

The last word: This is a message to all of ’em that read my posts. Most of you being writers and bloggers yourselves know the importance and happiness of being read. My readership has been on the way down ever since 2016 hit shores, but thankfully some of you for some reasons have kept reading. I have got something to say to you: Thank you.

Social Media Struggles: FIGHTS.

A Fun Fact: I asked people through various mediums if I should share this post. The answer I got from a good percentage was “NO”. Now, the question arises if that’s because you are all tired of the nuisance talked here or you’re afraid of this post ruining your mood, and I loosing followers. As for the former, I don’t blame you. For the latter, however, a gentleman blogging for over 10 years had a good advice for me, and he said, “People don’t get offended, they choose to get offended.” True? I bet you. So, I’m hoping you’ll take the lightheartedness of this post. Now, the post.

The last few weeks have been interesting, not because of #Brexit or Messi’s retirement. I’m not even talking about WWE suspending one of it’s “faces” Roman Reigns for Wellness policy violations. I am no more going to talk about my friend as well. The friend who’s going to marry next year, but has certain obstacles, and if they aren’t removed, he might have an “ex” come 2018. Anyways, my friend doesn’t like me having fun at “their” cost, and wants me to discontinue with “marriages” being mentioned in my blog posts.

A good friend as I am, the word “marriage” is banned on this blog from this post itself. Actually not this, but from the next post onwards.

The weeks have been interesting not because something’s happened. In fact, nothing has been achieved during the period, but great thoughts. This post is to share one of them with all my readers, or teenage readers specifically.

I have noted on social media, a new way to fight, and then patch up with “friends”. All of us must have come across many duos on Social media who are “BFF” on Monday, and are both happy to get “b*tchy”, “sh*tty”, “hypocritic” double faced people out of their lives on Tuesday. For the icing on the cake, they are back together on Wednesday, and describe it as “the happiest” event of their lives.

Really? No apologies shared. No post showing the gradual slow transformation of the heart, no real signs even to show that you’re missing them. Just the Jet propelled transformation of the friend from “SOULmate to CRAP to GAWD”. This ain’t how good stories work, player.

Well, I know some of you might object to that because you know the apologies, etc do take place privately. Now a question: Shouldn’t your issues be a private thing as well? What are private messages for? Unless, you need it to get attention, or really have the desire to insult friends in public of course. Once you insult, no matter how many shout outs you give them stating that they’re BAE, and bring sunshine, and you will kill everyone who doesn’t follow. How are your followers supposed to forget the comments made earlier? Don’t they have good enough reasons to mute/ignore you?

What one writes on “their space” doesn’t represent anyone else but THEM.

This is getting harsh, but here’s a tip, if you ever come across such a situation with an internet friend, learn to ignore, for when you’re friends again, you’ll have less to regret. “Being friends again” is not a taunt, but I find it a plus, because it’s too short a life to hold grudges. However, “friends should be good and less,” always say the wise (wo)men.

I have seen enough edits saying, “When YOU and I have problems, it needs to remain between YOU and ME. No one else.” Need I say more?

The first thing my blogging mentors taught me was, “when you don’t have something nice to say, say something nice anyways.” I hate how I’m breaking the rules, but the same people don’t want me to hide my opinions within.

This post ain’t meant to offend anyone, just something I’ve noticed on G+ a lot. Quite honestly, a part of me enjoys such stuff, only if the two sides are extravagantly smart. A recent Twitter fight by two clearly witty people in my circles in fact brought out two of the best one liners. This war wasn’t brutal, but rather childish, but I liked the two lines quoted below:

My heels are higher than your standards.


My phone’s battery lasts longer than your relationships.

And, I was surfing across the web, and I came across this..

You’re so full of sh*t, you can pass for toilet.

[Side notes: Both of you whom I have anonymously quoted. I’m sorry. But, this is how it can pan out when you have a writer in your circles.]

For bonuses, please people stop doing posts with “I’m disgusting, selfish, retarded” and all that stuff written, because at some point people start taking you seriously. If that’s not enough a problem, sooner or later, your subconscious self starts taking it seriously as well, and that’s where real problems begin.

There could be better ways to talk about this topic, but as you already know “honesty is the best policy”. The last time I had advises for teens, I was attempted to be trolled by one, the post shared by half a dozen, but… I’m not an easy person to troll. Anyways, I appreciate those attempts if a link to the blog or a link to any of my S.M. accounts goes along with those posts, if anyone wants to try.

Thanks for reading, and your opinions are heartily welcomed, as I’m completely aware that I am a human, and can be wrong.


Note to future Self.

Dear future self,

Feeling awkward reading this? No, you’re smiling, right? Please, don’t make a joke of out it – I’m afraid you will, – but this is the younger version of you, writing to you. I don’t know what kind of gadgets you use, but I’m using a smartphone that I know won’t be too smart by your time. Still, my Micromax is a proud possession. Ah! Well, you are me too. Why am I clarifying matters? You must understand me well enough, old man. “Old man” – Does it hurt? But, again you’re the wiser “me”.

I hope you’ve still a bit of black among the grey, and still have vision in your eyes. Are you still as cool as your past “me”? So, if you still have got the memory, you must have by now most of your life story. I hope you still have jokes at the back of your head, and hoping mom is still there to look after you, thinking her son is mad, though please don’t make her run for everything, like I do currently. I hope Dad’s still fit, but also hoping he doesn’t need to worry about bringing the bread home by your time. Do you talk to ’em regularly? If you don’t, please do. They are nice people. What about my brothers, sisters, nieces. How do they look by then? Hoping the ” old women” are alive still. Maybe, I’m asking too much, but I’m used to seeing them daily. I am using “hope” too many times, but you must know me well. If forgotten, let this be a reminder to you, that “hope” was once the fuel you lived by. Still living in a joint family? Don’t laugh for it being a stupid question, was just curious. Can you blame me? Not many people have that privilege. Often worries me, the unpredictability of life.

My past, present and most of my future are memories to you. My problems are your lessons. My questions, your knowledge; Mistakes, your wisdom. Are you wise? Sorry! Not offending, but is my “future’s self” happy with me? Is he happy with what the 22 year old Rahul did for him? I ask for your pardon if you aren’t, but even if laziness hurts my cause, your younger self always soaks in every pinch of wisdom, nature and its inhabitants offer.

Nobody is wise enough. In fact, the person wise enough has enough to support his cause for a fool. Surely, my future self ain’t fooling. But, did you study more than I? Did you get a college degree? Are you unhappy with me dropping out? No. Thanks. I knew my future self will do it for me. Must have been a distance learning program, right? Who am I kidding, I’ve already entered one. Forgiveness is expected, and you know how I am.

I hope you didn’t have to work for somebody else. In case, if you had to, I hope you lasted more than 2 days. Is that blog post still there? Do you blog still? Is internet still the same? Kids must have a hard time finding usernames on Social Media. What’s the world’s population. 10 billion? Seems perfect. Can only imagine people competing for survival with such population. I shiver at the thought that another world war has cursed mankind. More bombs dropped, more of nature’s creation destroyed. Sadness covers my soul at the thought, an unknown fear arises.

Is fear your most thought about word too? Are you afraid of ghosts as well. Do you feel someone is going to show up on your way to toilet alone, when darkness resides? Are you afraid of death? Do you have a reason to live? My biggest fear is getting up someday, and having a feeling of not being worthy of the breaths. I wonder how old men think.

On a lighter note, do you curse me for not exercising and keeping fit. I know you do, this guy wants to keep fit, and wants to care about you, and has desires to do everything to keep his senior self fit, but you know me well. There are just always better things to do. Ah! How’re your childhood friends? Do you blame your younger self for having so few friends? I get a feeling that those couple of friendships will last a lifetime. Even if we can’t always be together. I will keep ’em in my writings and within. Do you even remember your friends? Don’t snap, old age has it’s concerns. If you do remember, you must not be too unhappy, I helped you with more people through the web.

Please, don’t get agitated. Few important queries are yet to come. The younger “you” considers himself a writer, a blogger, and many things to achieve he doesn’t share. Has the older me achieved “success”? What does success means to you? I hope you’ve earned the money to spend though. Wisely.

Another question, and one mom would be pretty interested in. Are you married? Don’t laugh at it, but just wondering if I am a person who needs someone in life. The order I grow, the more I realize I do. So, did I marry? If yes. Arranged or l*ve? (Can you use the word more precisely?). Kids? Let it be there, but I seek something more in life. You know what it is. Do you? Have I changed with time?

Lastly, I know you reflect, I can feel you turning the page backwards a lot. Excited my heart’s to know if you’re satisfied with what you did, and the person you have become? If not.. Have you given up? The best thing about my life is – I always have a problem. Problems remind me of myself being alive. Tasks are given a try, failing and passing happens, but my brain always ends up with something to share. Do you have stories to tell? Do you help people? Are you generous? Above all – Are you still alive?

The problem is that no FAX can help me with your reply too soon, but I’ll wait for the day. I’m in no hurry. I respect time and life. So, asking for forgiveness, and accepting gratitude for the things you still smile at. A part of you can only write so much.

I can actually write more. Cricket, pro wrestling and much more haven’t been touched, but I won’t bother anymore. Though, is still the “realness” of pro wrestling debated? Is still a popular art? Heck, I forgot to ask Is Rahul Dravid still your favourite cricketer? Is the wall standing tall. I am crazy, ain’t I? Are you? Anyways, good luck.

Your lovingly,
Your younger self.
21st June, 2016.